Fun Things To Do At A Teenage Sleepover

Need fun things to do at a teenage sleepover? Includes fun sleepover ideas, teen sleepover themes, fun games at sleepovers — including what to do at a high school sleepover to make fun party memories and keep teens from getting bored! If you’re wondering what do 15 year olds do at sleepovers (or 16 year old teens), these teen fun-filled slumber party ideas are for you!

fun things to do at a teenage sleepover diverse group of teen girls laughing at a slumber party

Fun Things To Do At A Teenage Sleepover Party

Here’s how to have fun and make memories for an epic teen slumber party!

30 Best Things To Do At Teenage Sleepovers

Sleepover Games and Activities for Teens:

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  1. Do TikTok Challenge contest / silly sleepover pictures challenge
  2. Play classic Truth or Dare
  3. Have a Photo scavenger hunt (with party prizes!)
  4. Do a video game marathon
  5. Complete a Zombie Escape Room (trending activities to do at a sleepover)
  6. Set up an Insta booth and take theme sleepovers pictures
  7. Play Teen board games (see teen game list)
  8. Have a talent show to showcase special skills – not just singing and dancing (give out funny ribbons like weirdest skill, funniest act, etc.)
  9. Play Spin the Nail Polish (popular teenage girls sleepover games)
  10. Sing karaoke
  11. Play Never Have I Ever game (popular sleepover girls game)
  12. Host Dungeons and Dragons
  13. Play Would Your Rather Teen Version
  14. Add in some outdoor recreation (trampoline camping, creepy cemetery zombie walks, water fights, etc.)
  15. Play Girl Talk game
  16. Have an Influencer talent show
  17. Play Ghost games
  18. Have a pizza bar where teens create and make their own pizzas
  19. Dress up like favorite influencers or movie characters
  20. Play sleepover pranks
  21. Make an all-nighter bucket list and see who completes it
  22. Put a twist on a classic game and play charades based on favorite teen TV shows (Wednesday Addams, Euphoria, The Owl House, etc.)
  23. Have a glow dance party
  24. Do a Spa night theme / Makeover Party / Spa Birthday Party with facials, nails and more
  25. Laugh with a Blindfolded Makeover or other fun sleepover makeup games (hysterical games for girls at a sleepover!)
  26. Have an Art and craft table
  27. Host a Nailed It! baking or decorating contest
  28. Have a Water balloon fight (outdoors, of course)
  29. Watch favorite teen sleepover movies (host a film night or watch scary movies / watch a movie)
  30. Create a list of 100 things to do at a virtual sleepover and connect with friends who couldn’t make it!

MORE FUN SLEEPOVER IDEAS FOR TEENS: Don’t miss the full list of details for fun ideas for teen sleepover activities below! Keep scrolling for full list of teen girl sleepover ideas and dude sleepovers (many of these are great for tween sleepover ideas, too).

Whether you’re wondering what to do at a sleepover age 16 or things to do at sleepovers for 15 year olds (or even a small party like things to do with your cousin at a sleepover), this will help with sleepover things to do! (Huge list of what to do when at a sleepover that will keep them having fun!)

And, these work for fun things to do at a sleepover for teenage girl or teen boy sleepover!


Euphoria Sleepover Party

Fun Senior Sleepover Ideas

Wild Teen Summer Games You Probably Haven’t Played (Teen Outdoor Party Ideas)

So, what do teenagers do at sleepovers?

Let’s get to our list of fun things to do during a teenage sleepover and themes for what to do at sleepovers (fun for theme birthday slumber party ideas and fun games to play at sleepovers, too!).

Here are fun things to do at a sleepover for 13 year olds and up — from girls games for sleepovers to things for fun dude challenges at a sleepover.

What to do at a sleepover age 13 and up (things to do at a sleepover teens) - super fun things to do in a sleepover for teenagers 2 TEEN GIRLS HAVING A SPA SLEEPOVER SITTING ON BED AND PAINTING NAILS

What do teenagers do for fun at a sleepover? (Creative Sleepover Activities Ideas)

11 Fun Themes for Teenage Slumber Party Ideas

What do teens do on a sleepover or what are awesome high school sleepover ideas?

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with one thing to do at a sleepover for teenagers because, well, there’s lots of eye-rolling. That’s way we’ve put together a wide range of things to do in a sleepover. Go with the party theme we’ve listed or pick and choose different ideas from different themes.

PRO TIP: Before hosting a sleepover, brainstorm with your teen about party themes and party activity ideas so everyone is on the same page and you can set expectations. Be sure you plan for late night activities in your ideas for sleepovers and day after sleepover day, too! Coming up with things for teens to do at a sleepover will reduce any teen drama or mean girl drama!

Here are fun teen slumber party ideas and party games for 13 year olds and up and teenage sleepover activities that keeps them from getting bored!

NOTE ABOUT SLEEPOVER ACTIVITIES TEENS: Some of these may work for sleepover activities for tweens (or middle school sleepover ideas), but use your judgment — whether it be for things to do at a girls sleepover or a boy sleepover!


Things to do for a sleepover TikTok Slumber Party 2 teens doing a tik tok dance challenge at a slumber party

Teen Sleepover Ideas #1: Have TikTok Challenges or an Instagram Influencer Party Theme

If you’re wondering what do teens do at sleepovers, the answer of course is that they stay on their phones (especially for a girls sleep over!).

If you’re having teens sleepover, you have to factor in phone activities and social media!

Here’s what to do at sleepovers age 13 and up (get your mom involved for fun things to do at a slumber party! It’s hysterical!)…

Fun things to do at a sleepover for teens with tech:

GET MORE TIKTOK SLEEPOVER IDEAS (What to do in a sleepover that’s trending.)

Things to do on sleepovers with best friends text over 2 teen girls jumping on bed and laughing at bestie sleepover for a fun teenage slumber party

MORE TEEN PARTY FUN: Things To Do At A Sleepover With BFF (how teens have a sleepover bffs) and Sleepover Pranks / Wake Up Prank Ideas


Teen Sleepover Ideas #2: Play Teen Board Games

Teen party games don’t have to be boring! In fact, these ain’t your mama’s board games, so have fun hosting a teen game night with these fun games to play at a sleepover for 13 year olds and up!

(Yes, even for older teens — fun games to play at a sleepover for 16 year olds or if you’re wondering what to do at a sleepover age 15!)

Honestly, the sleepover games teens will like will vary by group. You will need to look to your teenager for direction on this. (And, not only that, sleepover ideas for teenage girls may differ than party games for male sleepover ideas for teenagers.)

Check out these fun games to do at sleepovers (what to do at a sleepover age 14 / 13 +)…


There are a ton of sleeping over games for teenagers and tweens! Let us know your favorite board games to play sleepover ideas and we’ll add them to the list of fun things to do at a sleep over!


  • Truth Or Dare
  • Never Have I Ever
  • Two Truths and a Lie
  • Charades
  • Blind Makeover Game
  • Spin The Nail Polish Game
  • 10 Questions
  • Teen Saran Wrap Ball Game (one of our favorite sleep over games / parties games and fun for birthday sleepover party ideas!)
  • Sticky Note Game Story (if you have a big group this one one of those super fun games to play with friends at a sleepover!) – great for sleepover games teenage girl or guy party (or a coed party)
Sticky Note Story Game Rules and Game Play Instructions (fun things to do sleepover) - Rules and Game Play Instructions on a green post it note

Don’t discount these for fun things to do at sleepovers for teens, tool! Check them out!

Also check out: FUN YOUTH GAMES

(Let us know your favorite games for sleepovers so we can add it to our list!)

What are fun thing to do at a sleepover for teenager? images of teen sleepover pillow fight activities

Teen Sleepover Ideas #3: Have a Pillow Fight

It seems cliche, but you really can build a super fun sleepover party theme around pillow fights (and it’s one of those silly fun things to do on sleepovers)! I still think this is one of those cute sleepover ideas for tweens and teens!

For teenage sleepover room ideas for this theme, you can fill a room with different pillows and fun indoor pillow fight items (indoor snow balls, or body bumpers (super fun things to do on a sleepover!).

Fun Things To Do At A Sleepover Teens Pillow Fight Theme:

  • Get a few cheap pillows for pillow fighting
  • Create a pillow obstacle course for hilarious sleepover challenges
  • But together fun pajama favor bags
  • Make DIY pillowcases or tie dye pillow cases that they can take home as party favors
  • Make mini pillows (get mini pillows from the a dollar store and use craft items to decorate your own mini pillow favor!)
  • Play the Pillow Fight board game

If you want to create another layer of pillow fight fun, add an indoor snowball fight for fun things to do at a sleepover teenagers ideas!

Teen Sleepover Ideas #4: Have Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are so fun because they work for a variety of ages, themes and locations. Plus you can use your sleepovers stuff and adapt it to your party theme!

For your teen party scavenger hunts for sleepover ideas teens try:

  • Photo scavenger hunt (points for different things they have on their phones)
  • Selfie scavenger hunt
  • Scavenger hunt in a box
  • Community/park scavenger hunt (for community landmarks)
  • Outdoor (backyard) scavenger hunt
  • Nighttime cemetery scavenger hunt, especially if you’re looking for fun things to do at a sleepover at night (This will spice things up if you’re wondering what to do at a teenage sleepover when they’re bored! Just be sure there’s an adult tagging along to supervise!)

PRO TIP: A phone scavenger hunt is something that you can have ready to go for things to do when bored at a sleepover. It works for things to do at a sleepover for teen girls or teen guys!

Fun things to do at a sleepover for 13 year olds and up: TEEN DANCE CHALLENGE 2 TEEN GIRLS DANCING AT TEENAGER'S SLUMBER PARTY

Teen Sleepover Idea #5: Host a Dance Party

A dance party or a rock party theme is a super fun teenager party theme!

Fun things to do at a teen sleepover for dance parties:

This is one of those popular trending teen sleep over ideas (and even fun for what to do at a sleepover age 18 slumber party activities / going into college slumber parties!).


Teen Sleepover Ideas #6: Do a Fashion Theme Party

Want a girlie sleepover theme or have kids who are into fashion trends? Have a fashion party!

What To Do At A Teen Sleepover For Teenagers Who Love Fashion:

  • Have everyone dress up in their favorite fashion looks for a red carpet entrance (get a rollout red carpet to create the mood!)
  • Have a professional photographer (or a friend) take photos and print them out to give to the partygoers
  • Compete in a tissue paper or toilet paper fashion: have a contest to see who can make the best fashion out of tissue paper and/or toilet paper
  • Use backdrops and different decorations for fashion picture stations
  • Create an indoor runway to walk their fashions


Teenage Halloween Sleepover Ideas

Teen Christmas Sleepover Ideas

How To Have a Glow Party Sleepover

More Fun Games For Sleepovers

Teen Sleepover Ideas #7: Have Fun With Food

Have teenagers who are really into cooking, baking, or love watching cooking shows? Definitely add these ideas to your sleepover stuff!

This was my daughter’s favorite teenage girl sleepover ideas because they had so much fun!

This is one of those good things to do at a sleepover if you have foodie friends or looking for sleepover fun things to do with cooking. I also think it would be fun for sweet 16 sleepover ideas and make all the food items Sweet 16 themes.

Fun food sleepover ideas for teen girls and guys:

  • Have a Blind Taste Test: Create cups of funny or weird foods and see if people can guess them while blindfolded (for some reason, the grosser the better for teenage sleepover party ideas!)
  • Host a cooking or baking challenge where everyone has to make a dish and present it to judges (don’t forget to giveaway prizes!)
  • Decorate cupcakes and give prizes for different categories (messiest, most colorful, best tasting, etc.)
  • Watch favorite cooking shows (Top Chef, Nailed It!, etc.) or have them playing in the background
  • Play the Master Chef Cooking Game (it’s a younger age game, but I think it would be fun sleepover games teenage ideas, too)
  • Create an amazing graze table
  • Make favor bags with vintage candies or fill a cool oven mitt with cooking related items or baking mixes, etc.


FUN SLEEPOVER TIP: Need creative things to do at midnight at a sleepover? Try this flying magic wish paper and let teens send wishes up into the universe! (Super creative things to do at sleep overs!)

Teen Sleepover Ideas #8: Have a Video Game Marathon (Girl and Boy Sleepover Ideas!)

You probably can’t go wrong with a video game sleepover for teenagers. I mean, it’s just carrying over their normal routine into sleepover activities teenagers party!

(And, this isn’t just a guy sleepover party theme! It’s fun for things to do at a teenage girl sleepover, too! But, it does seem to be popular for 13 year old boy sleepover ideas!)

Sleepover games for teens – video game theme party (fun girl sleepover ideas and fun guy sleepover ideas):

  • Put on invitations to bring game consoles and tablets with games
  • Decorate with video game theme items like these
  • Set up different gaming stations with different video games (let them know you’re open to sleepover ideas teenage video games to download ahead of time)
  • Be sure to have a mix of gaming floor chairs, bean bags, pillows and floor cushions so teens can get comfy
  • Look for funny group games like You Don’t Know Jack (has some inappropriate/mature content, but is really fun things to do for sleepovers and funny for older teen girls sleepover ideas and guy sleepovers) – it’s our vote for older teenage sleepover games
  • Encourage lots of breaks with fun video game theme snacks and drinks

Let us know your favorite video game things to do on a sleepover and fun sleepover games for teens and we’ll add them to our list, especially sleepover ideas for 15 year olds and 16 year olds!

What To Do At A Teen Sleepover Teenager Slumber Party Ideas Themes different images of teenager sleepover themes

Teen Sleepover Ideas #9: Create a Charity Challenge

A super cool thing teens can do during a sleepover is a charity challenge.

Have them pick a charity (or even a couple of different charities). Then, during the sleepover, have them use their social media to raise money for those charities.

PRO PARTY TIP: Prepare a list of local charities and what they do to give teenagers ideas on how to help.

Give away fun prizes (one who raised most money total, one who had largest single donation, one who got a donation first, etc.).

Teens can also use this time as a way to come up with a plan for regular community service as a group!

(This is another one of my favorite things to do at teen sleepovers and teenagers enjoy the friendly competition, too!)

If you’re looking for sleepover ideas for older teens — like sleepover ideas for 17 year olds and 18 year olds — this is a great theme party!

It’s also a great idea if you’re wondering what to do on a sleepover with your best friend (or things to do at a sleepover with your cousin) or if you need 2 person sleepover ideas / things to do at a sleepover with 3 people because you can easily continue the work after the slumber party with a small group!

(I love this for birthday sleepover ideas because many kids today want to give back for birthdays!)

how to backyard camp with kids for a sleepover party text over kids camping tent in yard

Teen Sleepover Ideas #10: Take The Party Outside!

We’ve covered a lot of things to do at a sleepover inside, but what about outdoor sleepovers?

These are all great ideas and outdoor party games for 13 year olds and up, so get them out and about with these slumber party ideas for teens.

Outdoor Sleepover Activities For Teens:

  • Capture the Flag: Grab a flag set (bonus for a glow in the dark one like this!). The first team to capture the opposing team’s flag and bring it safely back to their own wins. (Make sure to give out prizes!)
  • Jello Fight: Fill a baby pool with Jell-o, have everyone get into their bathing suits or casual clothes and have a food fight! (Be sure to hose everyone off before they come inside!)
  • Zombie Nerf Wars
  • Ghost games: Nighttime (supervised) cemetery walk / Ghosts in the Graveyard, ghost stories around a bonfire, etc. (and other crazy things to do with your best friend at a sleepover or slumber party games tweens – teens)
  • Teen trampoline sleepover: get ideas here! (This is popular for outdoor fun activities for a sleepover for kids!)
  • Have a campout sleepover complete with bonfire and outdoor camping food.
  • Have an outdoor movie night sleepover party!
  • Host a trampoline slumber party. (This is fun for brother and sister sleepover ideas on a random summer night!)

Teen Sleepover Ideas #11: Teen Movie Night Marathon Sleepover

Binge watching movies and favorite TV shows are perfect things to do at a teen sleepover because you can watch entire series or several different shows or movies!

(Don’t forget to include in movie games for stuff to do at sleepovers!)

Try these for a movie night slumber party and fun thing to do at sleepovers:

  • Tell everyone to dress as their favorite movie character on the sleepover invitation. Have a movie level red carpet (complete with “paparazzi” taking photos). (This is one of my favorite ideas for what to do at a sleepover for teens!)
  • Get a movie quality popcorn machine like this and have a popcorn bar and candy bar.
  • Give out awards for different funny movie categories as they watch the movies. (Dumbest line. Funniest quote. etc.)
  • Binge the Scream series for scary movies. (Get more scary movie ideas here.)
  • Watch Raya And The Last Dragon.
  • READER TIP: Binge The Owl House (TOH) and have everyone come as their favorite TOH character.
  • Binge Euphoria and have everyone come dressed in their favorite Euphoria character costumes.
  • Watch Luca.
  • Watch Mean Girls (especially fun for things to do at a teen girl sleepover!).
  • Have an 80s theme party and watch 80s movies (think: Breakfast Club, St. Elmo’s Fire, Pretty In Pink, 16 Candles, The Outsiders, etc.).
  • Play movie trivia teen sleepover games or guess the movie quote game.

If you need chill stuff to do at a sleepover, a classic movie night is it!

I personally love movie nights for things to do at an all nighter sleepover for teens because it’s fun and keeps them busy!


We’ll continue to add to our teen sleepover party list (including with your teen sleepover party ideas if you leave them in the comments), so bookmark this post!



(Great idea for what to do at a sleepover age 13 – age 16!)

Best Silent Headphone Parties Themes

What are your favorite teenage sleepover ideas, especially sleepover ideas for 16 year olds? What did we miss in our slumber party ideas for teenagers?

These are just a few ideas for what to do at a sleepover teens. There are 100 things to do at a sleepover for 13 year olds and up and what to do when your bored at a sleepover!

If you have more sleepover ideas for teens, please leave them in the comments and we’ll add the best sleepover ideas to our party list!

Have fun with these fun things to do at a teenage sleepover!

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