Fun Ideas For Teenage Christmas Party

Need fun ideas for teenage Christmas party (or tween Christmas party ideas) or wondering what are some good ideas for a teenage birthday party around the holidays? Planning a teen party can be tough, but these unique ideas and holiday activities for teenager at home ensure that your teen holiday party won’t be boring!

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The Most Fun Ideas for Teenage Christmas Party

Christmas Activities For Teenager Party

What are some fun Christmas activities for teens?

  • Christmas Truth or Dare
  • Holiday Charades
  • Christmas TikTok Challenges
  • What’s In the Christmas Stocking?
  • Christmas Karaoke Party
  • Ugly Holiday Onesie Party
  • Holiday Phone Scavenger Hunt
  • Christmas Sock Exchange Party (alternative to a White Elephant or Secret Santa)
  • Selfie Scavenger Hunt
  • Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt
  • Christmas Movie Sleepover with Christmas Movie Trivia
  • Ugly Sweater Cookie Party
  • Candy Bar Game
  • Snowman Paper Plate Game
  • Saran Wrap Ball Game

You can use many of these for Christmas party ideas for high school classroom activities, Sunday school Christmas activities for youth, or a good ole teen sleepover at your house!

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(Don’t miss our full list of teen Christmas party ideas below!)

Before we get to that things to do at a Christmas party for teenagers list, let’s talk about what to do when you are bored on Christmas Eve with your teen…


What teens do on Christmas Eve?

Christmas party ideas for teens for Christmas Eve at home:

  • Do a TikTok holiday challenge
  • Let them FaceTime with friends
  • Have a Zoom party with friends
  • Grab to-go coffees and drive around looking at Christmas lights and decorations for a simple, no-fuss Christmas Even idea
  • Play Christmas party games for families with a board game marathon or video game marathon (this is a great idea if you’re looking for things to do the day after Christmas, too!)
  • Help with gifts for the little ones
  • Make a haunted zombie Gingerbread house (low-key holiday idea, but super fun Christmas twist and a hysterical Christmas tradition to start with teens)
  • Have a family Secret Santa gift exchange
  • Let them open one bigger gift early
  • Do holiday gift scavenger hunt (If you need unique Christmas eve box ideas for teenage, don’t just put gifts under the tree! Hide gifts and send them on a Santa Scavenger Hunt for a gift that they really wanted)
  • Ditch the matching family holiday pajamas and let everyone dress in a theme (like, Clark Griswold for a Christmas vacation theme, their favorite influencer, etc.)
  • Play the holiday sock gift exchange game

Don’t stress too much about making teenagers do Christmas activities for families. It’s OK if they want to spend time talking to their friends or on social media on Christmas Eve!

Ideas for Teenage Party Games and Activities for Holiday Parties

These party ideas are great for Christmas or even for Christmas in July party games ideas!

Teen Party Idea #1: Christmas Truth Or Dare

Christmas truth or dare is a great game that can be played by teenagers. It is very simple and not should take more than 20 minutes to play.

The group divides into two teams, each player takes a turn answering a question from the person who decided their fate (or dared them to do something).

You can let them come up with their own questions or provide Christmas-related truth or dare questions.

For a unique take on a holiday truth or dare game, play TRUTH, DARE, OR ZITS!

Teen Party Idea #2: Holiday TikTok Challenges

Your kids will be on social media part of the time during the party, so why not turn it into part of the party?

Set up a TikTok Challenge station, complete with:

Then, they can complete some teen TikTok challenges or make up their own dances to post on social media.

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Teen Party Idea #3: Indoor Snowball Fight

An indoor snowball fight is something almost all teens will love!

Grab a pack of indoor snowballs, divide them into teams, and let them go at it (in the basement or a large room is best).

You can also create an obstacle course where they have to complete different activities at various holiday theme stations. For example, knock down the cookie cutters, hit the nose of Rudolph, etc.

Teen Party Idea #4: Christmas Charades

This is a classic Christmas party game of acting out something, for example Santa Claus or Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

One person from each team comes up and acts out whatever charade they have been given, the first person from the other team to guess what it is wins a point.

The first team with 5 points wins (or whatever point limit you set).


Teen Party Idea #5: Christmas Gift Exchange Bingo

A Christmas bingo gift exchange is an updated version of White Elephant game for the holidays or another version of the Rob Your Neighbor game.

With Christmas Gift Exchange Bingo, your teens play bingo to win prizes or steal prizes. It’s a fun and engaging break the ice game for parties, too, because it gets everyone laughing and talking.


Teen Party Idea #6: Christmas Scavenger Hunt

A Christmas scavenger hunt is fun because it gets people up, moving around, and working as teams to compete and win prizes.

We like this Christmas Scavenger Hunt game because it has prompts for both indoor scavenger hunts and outdoor scavenger holiday hunts!

You can also do another variation where teens use phones for the scavenger hunt. (Because, yeah. Phones.)

Take the teens to a town square, mall, a nature walk, or even just around your house (with Christmas decorations and fun Christmas costumes or holiday photo props). Each team gets a list of items and must take a photo. Team with best number of photos wins a prize.

The funnier the holiday scavenger hunt prompt, the better. For example, best photo on Santa’s lap, weirdest holiday food item, etc.

Teen Party Idea #7: What’s In The Christmas Stocking?

What’s In The Christmas Stocking is a hilarious holiday party game. You add a variety of holiday themed items to a large Christmas stocking.

Give each teen guest a numbered list (the number of items in the stocking). (We use small clip boards to make it easier, especially if you’re not sitting at a table.)

The stocking is passed around and each person, WITHOUT LOOKING IN THE STOCKING, tries to identify as many items as possible (and writes them down).

The person who guesses the most, wins. (Give away a fun prize or even the stocking and all the stocking contents to the winner!)

Teen Party Idea #8: Teen Christmas Movie Night Sleepover

Have a chill night where everyone wears their pajamas or a Christmas onesie and watches Christmas movies or turn it into a teen Christmas party sleepover!

You can also do a hot chocolate bar with different toppings and a popcorn bar with different, unique popcorn toppings!


What are some of your favorite things to do during Christmas?

THE BEST TEEN CHRISTMAS PARTY IDEAS 2 teen boys and a teen girl in Santa hats laughing in front of a Christmas tree

We hope you enjoy these fun ideas for teenage Christmas party!

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