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13 Simple Taylor Swift Party Food Ideas Based On Songs

Taylor Swift Party Food Ideas Based On Songs Swifties Snacks - text over a pink and blue background with seagulls outlined in background and an outline of a pink pop singer

Need Taylor Swift party food Ideas and Swifties inspired snacks for a theme party? Whether you’re having a teen Swift birthday party, throwing a fun pop star sleepover theme, or need foods for a listening party, you’ll love these themed foods, party drinks mocktails, and Taylor themed snacks! Great for … READ MORE

How To Play The Senior Assassin Game (And Win!)

How To Play The Senior Assassin Game WATER TAG GAMES (female high schooler or college student wearing sunglasses and smiling holding water blasters in each hand for the water tag game with targets behind her)

The Senior Assassin Game is a popular water game for graduating seniors. Also called Senior Tag or Catch Games, we’ll cover everything you need to play Senior Assassin (including funny team names!). It’s a fun group game for high schoolers or college student to play before graduation. Everything You Need … READ MORE

19 Guy Graduation Party Ideas

Guy Graduation Party Ideas - teen boy graduating with arm up holding diploma on background of graduation decorations all in a teal tone

Fun guy graduation party ideas to celebrate your favorite graduating dude and planning a grad party for teen boys and their high school graduation! DIY Guy Graduation Party Ideas At Home Best Graduation Party Ideas For Guys Best Guy Graduation Party Ideas And DIY Dude Themes 1. Sports Fanatic Fiesta … READ MORE

60 Totally Fetch Ultimate Mean Girls Party Ideas

Best Mean Girls Party Ideas text over woman in pink mean girls movie costume with pink balloons in background

Mean Girls party ideas Regina George would totally approve! Whether you’re looking for spring fling dance theme ideas, Mean Girls themed bachelorette party ideas, a fun birthday party for teens, or a pink girlish party based on the Mean Girls movie, you’ll love these party activities for adults and teens! … READ MORE