How To Play The Sticky Note Story Game – Fun Games for Parties Not Everyone Else Is Playing!

The sticky note story game (aka: post it note story game, sticky note scramble, or the sticky note collaboration game) is a hilarious party game for holiday party games, things to do at teenager sleepovers, or even funny adult party games! Definitely add this sticky notes game to your party activities for kids or adults (especially if you’re looking for games to play at home with no equipment or good storytelling games)!

Sticky Note Story Game Rules and Game Play Instructions (fun things to do sleepover or party) - Rules and Game Play Instructions on a green post it note

Playing The Sticky Note Story Game For Parties (aka: Post It Game)

This is one of my favorite sticky note game ideas and will definitely be one of the most popular story games you add to your party! Here are the directions for a Post It notes story game…

How do you play the Post It Note game?

To play the sticky note game use these storytelling game rules:

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  1. Decide on how many rounds you will play. (For example, will each person go twice or, if you have a large group, each person only goes once.)
  2. Place a sticky note pad and a pen or marker on a table away from everyone else.
  3. Start out the story on the first sticky note. (For example, Once upon a time there was a small…)
  4. The first person peels the Post-It Note story start off of the top and sticks it to the table. That person then writes a sentence to continue the story. They then place their story sentence on top of the previous sentence (hiding the previous sentence).
  5. The next person reads the only sentence that is showing, writes the next sentence to continue the story, and then places it on top of the other sentence. (There should only be one sentence showing at time.)
  6. Game play continues until all players have contributed a sentence.
  7. The reader then reads the story starting with the first post-it note (the one on the bottom) and reading each note on top in order.

KEEP SCROLLING to see a diagram of the interactive storytelling games play!

IMPORTANT GAME PLAYING TIP: With the post it note activities game, each player only sees one sentence (the sentence the person before them wrote). Once a player writes their sentence, they should stack it on top of the other sentences so the next player only sees that sentence (an no other sentences).

Storytelling Post It Note Game Ideas hand writing on a green sticky note

Games With Post It Notes

This story telling game is great if you’re looking for:

  • Games without story (where you make up your own)
  • Easy ice breakers / get to know you activity
  • Games without dice
  • Games with items you have at home
  • Party games with household items
  • Post It Note challenge / Post It Note Games
  • Post it games for youth group
  • Post it note team building activity
  • What to do with sticky notes when your bored at a sleepover
  • Or if you’re wondering what games can I play with a pen and paper!

No matter what the party theme, this is a super fun game with Post-it Notes! (Definitely add it to your sticky note it ideas!)

BEST PARTY QUESTION GAMES title over two laughing women at party with party game questions stuck to their foreheads


Best Group Youth Games

Best Party Games With Questions

If you’ve never played a Post-It Note game like this, you may be wondering what are story games or what are narrative board games.

What is the sticky notes game?

If you’ve played the 5 word story games (or other word story games), these sticky notes games are like that! Each game player can only see the sentence on top from the previous player. They have to write the next sentence in the story and then place it on top. At the end, you have a hilarious game story!

It’s a little like MadLibs, but you’re writing an entire sentence instead of just a word.

If you like story question games, you’ll love this easy party game!

If you want to play a story game with dice, try Story Cubes in addition to post it note ideas.

Post It Note Activities Game Directions on a blue background

Games With Sticky Notes

For this sticky notes game you just need two things:

  • Sticky notes pad (like Post-It Notes)
  • Pen, pencil, or marker

That’s it! You can play this fun party game with stuff you have at home or if you’re wondering what are cool things to do with sticky notes!

Topics for a Sticky Notes Story Game

If you need things to write on post it notes, think about a topic or theme that goes with your party.

If it’s for a Christmas party game, make it a story about The Christmas Story movie and Ralphie’s pink bunny pajamas (as an example).

Story games to play with friends and family:

  • Sticky note horror story
  • Sticky notes Christmas story game
  • Twas the Night Before Christmas…
  • Once Upon A Time…
  • Halloween icebreaker questions / Halloween themed icebreaker questions stories
  • Birthday boy / girl name to start (Once upon a time little Jimmy…)
  • Giving a motivational speech
  • Naughty sticky notes game / dirty sticky notes game (post it note game adults parties)
  • Story games movie plots or TV show characters

You can also just start it with Post It note questions where the first person has to answer the question and then the storytelling game continues from there.

Fun sticky notes activity with household items with green sticky notes on a table with a marker on top

Here are alternative post it notes games play…

Alternate Story Post It Games Play

Game Play Alternative #1: You can also play this as a post it note relay game or as a post it note minute to win it game.

Create teams and set a timer to see who can create the best story.

Award prizes for best story, funniest story, etc.

Game Play Alternative #2: Some people make this post its play with a limited word limit.

For example, the five word game where each sentence has to be only five words.

It makes it a little more challenging sticky note activity.

More Fun Storytelling Games

NEED FUN HOLIDAY PARTY GAMES? This holiday themed printable pack full of fun games and activities is great for all ages!

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dad unwrapping plastic wrap ball game with a child in his lap at a party

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What are your favorite sticky note games or post it note idea games?

Have fun with this sticky note story game!

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