Fun TikTok Birthday Sleepover Ideas

Need TikTok birthday sleepover ideas? Looking for fun sleepover ideas for teens and tweens? Try a TikTok party theme that kids will love! Here are the slumber party supplies you’ll need and ideas if you’re wondering what do you do at a TikTok sleepover party.

TikTok birthday sleepover ideas sign with tiktok colors of teal hot pink and black

TikTok Birthday Sleepover Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Whether you have a VSCO girl who wants a VSCO sleepover or an emerging tween Tik Tok star, these are great ideas for your TikTok sleepover! If you’re looking for trendy slumber parties, this is it — the ultimate sleepover ideas for your tech kids!

What do you do at a TikTok party?

TikTok sleepovers are centered around making TikTok videos, but you can do other fun things too!

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For your pj party theme, transform your place into a TikTok party house! For this theme, there won’t be a lack of things to do at a sleepover with these kids sleepover ideas!

TikTok sleepover ideas:

  • Make a dance video
  • Do a TikTok sleepover party challenge
  • Create a TikTok challenge
  • Complete a TikTok challenge
  • Use favorite songs to create parodies of popular challenges
  • Pick a duet and make your own TikTok sleepover song
  • Play TikTok’s greatest hits as a party playlist
  • Dress up as your favorite TikTok stars
  • Take and share TikTok theme photos with fun party props
  • Play TikTok sleepover games (try Spontuneous – The Song Game, too!)
  • Eat some themed sleepover snacks

You can adapt any slumber party ideas to TikTok sleepover party ideas just by using the theme colors! So, get creative with your TikTok slumber party ideas!

Best Setup for TikTok

Since the entire purpose of a TikTok sleepover is to take fun videos and post them on TikTok, you’ll want to provide a great setup for your TikTokers!

Here’s how to get good lighting for TikTok to make the perfect video and make your party run smoothly.

At your party, be sure to provide Tik Tok equipment like:

Want to have a TikTok trampoline sleepover? Check this out next!

TikTok Birthday Sleepover Ideas and TikTok Pajama Party Supplies

Here’s how to have the best sleepover…

What do you do at a TikTok party 4 kids making a TikTok video in front of a phone camera with a ring light

TikTok Party Supplies

TikTok party decorations and party stuff should include the theme colors of black, white, teal, and hot pink (the Tik Tok colors!).

Here’s what you’ll need for your TikTok slumber party:

You can even make it a TikTok teepee sleepover or decorate with TikTok sleepover tents (yes! even indoors!).


Tik Tok Pary Food with TikTok colors popcorn

TikTok Party Food Ideas

For your theme party, you can adapt any of your food choices to include the logo theme colors.

Try these sleepover snacks and TikTok party theme ideas for food and treats:

What do you get someone who loves TikTok?

If your guests are asking what to get your birthday TikToker, try these birthday gift ideas:

Fun TikTok Birthday Sleepover Ideas for Kids

We’d love to hear your TikTok party ideas or
TikTok birthday ideas!

Hope you have fun with these TikTok birthday sleepover ideas!

DISCLOSURE: Affiliate links are used on this site. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please refer to our DISCLOSURE.

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