Trampoline Sleepover Ideas

Need trampoline sleepover ideas? Looking for cute sleepover ideas or cool slumber party themes? Trampoline slumber parties are part backyard camping / trampoline camping ideas and part sleepover party—a creative sleepover theme that all ages will love! It even makes a perfect tween party or teen party idea!

Trampoline Sleepover Ideas with teen girl holding balloons on trampoline and confetti flying around


Have you ever considered sleeping on a trampoline? It’s a super fun slumber party idea for kids and a popular sleepover for teens and tweens! This is a good option for a unique sleepover idea or special occasion party for kids!

Can you sleep on a trampoline?

What do you need for a trampoline sleepover?

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DIY Trampoline Sleepover Supplies:

  • Trampoline
  • Trampoline tent or curtain canopy
  • Blankets
  • Sleeping bags
  • Pillows
  • Cushions
  • Twinkle lights / fairy string lights
  • Flashlights
  • Snacks
  • Drinks
  • Bug spray

Don’t miss the full backyard trampoline ideas below! KEEP SCROLLING FOR picture inspirations for trampoline sleepovers and DIY fort trampoline steps and all you need to know for the best trampoline sleepover ideas!

Epic Backyard Trampoline Sleepover Ideas And Slumber Party Activities different images of trampoline sleepovers for inspiration

Before we get to our DIY trampoline sleepover ideas and how to step by step, let’s start with some basics about a DIY trampoline fort:

What is a trampoline sleepover?

A trampoline sleepover (or trampoline tent sleepover) is exactly what it sounds like—it’s a trampoline slumber party where kids sleep on a decorated trampoline instead of inside. It’s a great way to have fun sleepover activities outdoors under the stars and get fresh air.

(It’s fun for backyard camping birthday party ideas or even a backyard camping night kids and adults / family members, too!)

Can you sleep on a trampoline in the summer?

Yes! Sleeping on the trampoline in the summer is a super fun and creative slumber party theme. You just need to make sure that kids are safe (whether an old trampoline or a new trampoline) and the trampoline is setup for sleeping. Be sure to check our party tips and sleepover hacks for great ideas.

Trampoline Sleepover Party Ideas cartoon images of kids jumping on trampolines at slumber party

How To Have A Trampoline Sleepover

If you’ve never slept on a trampoline, you may be wondering how to make a trampoline sleepover on your backyard trampoline.

It’s an easy sleepover theme, but there are a few steps you’ll want to take to make sure your kids are safe at a sleepover outside and also comfortable!

Here’s how to set up a sleepover on a trampoline…

How do you sleepover on a trampoline?

You can sleep on a trampoline using blankets, sleeping bags, pillows and blowup mattresses. It takes some preparation plus some fun trampoline sleepover ideas before camping on trampoline, but it’s an easy process once you understand what you need to make it so the trampoline isn’t bouncy.

Is it safe to sleep on a trampoline?

Sleeping on a trampoline can be tricky! If you don’t have a trampoline safety enclosures, consider one for your trampoline sleepover for a safe way to sleep on it. You don’t want anyone falling off of the edge of the trampoline in the middle of the night! Plus, it’s easier to add curtains, lights, and other decorations and take your sleepover to the next level if you have a trampoline net and trampoline poles. The trampoline’s safety net actually serves multiple purposes for this outside slumber party!

Now let’s talk about some trampoline tent ideas…

Trampoline Tent for Backyard Camping

Camping on a trampoline is super fun, but you have to be prepared! If you’re going to host a trampoline sleepover, one of the best things you can do is get a trampoline tent. (It’s hard to use a camping tent / regular tent on a trampoline.)

A trampoline tent is an actual tent that fits over your trampoline or inside your trampoline. It provides cover and comfort for backyard camping and outdoor slumber parties.

If you don’t want a full tent, you can also get trampoline covers for sleepovers for the top and not the sides.

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How To Put Blankets Over A Trampoline

Wondering how to decorate a trampoline for a sleepover? If you don’t want to get a trampoline tent, here’s one of those fun, old school trampoline ideas: make a trampoline fort with blankets or sleeping bags (bonus points for a waterproof sleeping bag) or even an inexpensive canopy curtain and make your own canopies for trampolines.

(It’s a cheap and easy way to make a DIY trampoline canopy / DIY trampoline tent and works for how to make a trampoline fort, too!)

To create a trampoline fort for your sleepover, hang curtains, bed sheets, or blankets from the top bars of the trampoline netting along each side to provide privacy. You can leave the top open or cover it with long blankets or curtains.

Don’t forget to add cool lights strung across the top, which works under a blanket top or with an open top!

Here are more sleeping on trampoline ideas for your sleepover on trampoline…

Trampoline Sleepover Checklist and Supplies

How do you camp on a trampoline?

  1. Before the party, clean off the trampoline of debris, leaves, limbs to make sleeping on trampoline more comfortable.
  2. Spray down the trampoline to get rid of any dirt. (Be sure to do this well in advance of the party so it has time to dry before you decorate!)
  3. Make sure your trampoline has a net enclosure for the sides so no one falls off during the night.
  4. If you don’t have a trampoline tent, use curtains, a mosquito net canopy, or blankets for the sides of the trampoline enclosure. You can use clothespins or paper binder clips to clip the blankets to the top of the enclosure net or the bars.
  5. DIY trampoline lights: String Christmas lights / twinkle lights across the width the top, either in the tent or across the top of the enclosure net. (This will really elevate your aesthetic trampoline sleepover!)
  6. Your trampoline sleep over supplies should include a lot of blankets! Place blankets on top of the trampoline (bouncy part). Continue layering with sheets, blankets, duvets, and sleeping bags to make a fluffy, comfortable hangout area. This will make sleeping on the trampoline super comfortable. You can also use a blowup mattress for a trampoline sleeping bed.
  7. Provide serving trays with snacks and drinks. Be sure to leave a few empty serving trays to be used to sit drinks, food, or other things on.
  8. Be sure to have outdoor items like bug spray, flashlights, and cozy pajamas and socks. Remember, even in the summer it can get chilly way up in the night! You can even make party favor bags with small flashlights (or try these!), insect repellent, comfy socks, and sleepover snacks.

Why not turn your sleepover theme into a fun Trampoline VSCO Sleepover?

So, what are some things to do at a trampoline sleepover? Check out these fun sleepover on trampoline ideas…

Cool Trampoline Ideas: What To Do On A Trampoline Sleepover

11 Fun Things To Do On A Trampoline Sleepover

  • Make and eat campout snacks like s’mores over fire pits — with supervision, of course (especially with young kids).
  • Make a hot chocolate charcuterie board.
  • Play games like truth or dare, board games, and card games.
  • Have pillow fights.
  • Fill the trampoline with a bunch of balloons and have ballon bounce contests. (Super cute trampoline ideas!)
  • Have an outdoor movie viewing for a fun movie night.
  • Listen to podcast stories or stories on audiobooks.
  • Look at stars with binoculars or a telescope. (One of the super cool things to do on a trampoline at night!)
  • Tell scary stories with flashlights. (Fun for a Halloween sleepover trampoline camp out, too!)
  • Before you put the bedding down, let kids chalk on the trampoline bottom.
  • If you left the top of your trampoline sleepover fort open, blow bubbles into the starry sky.

Let us know your ideas for fun activities for the trampoline party for friends or the whole family and we’ll add them to our list of perfect trampoline sleepover ideas!

Trampoline Sleep Over Aesthetic For An Outdoor Trampoline Sleepover

Inspiration Pictures For Sleeping On Trampolines

Use these sleepover pics if you’re going for that cute trampoline sleepover aesthetic from TikTok or Pinterest and achieve a fun trampoline sleepover party!

Trampoline Curtain with Fairy Lights

Trampoline SleepOver Aesthetic Trampoline Drapes With Fairy Lights

You can add any curtains or blankets as drapes over the top of your trampoline to create a cozy sleepover aesthetic.

I love these curtains with attached lights and remote! The kids can just use the remote to turn the lights off when they’re ready during the night time for a good night’s sleep.

Pro Party Tip: Place A Large Rug On The Trampoline

Best Trampoline Party Sleepover Hack Use a Rug As The First Layer - blow up mattress and sleeping bag on top of big rug on a trampoline

The best trampoline hack ever is to first place a big rug (or other huge blanket is another great option) on top of the trampoline as a trampoline mat and a barrier layer against dirt, water, or elements.

Plus, it makes it a little warmer for sleeping on the trampoline.

Then, you can place your blow up mattresses, sleeping bags, and pillows on top.

Layer Pillows and Blankets On The Trampoline

Pillows and Blankets On The Trampoline for Trampoline Slumber Party

Once you place the rug on the trampoline (or other barrier layer), then use lots of pillows, blankets, and sleeping bags on trampoline. The more, the better for your bouncy bed!

Have fun backyard camping on your trampoline!

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Have fun with this unique sleepover party theme (it really is one of the best sleepovers ideas in your own backyard)!

We’d love to hear your trampoline sleepover ideas!

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