Best Group Youth Games (Youth Group Activities Indoor Ideas)

Need fun group youth games, youth sleepover group games, or fun church activities for teens and kids? Try these super fun activities for youth group indoors! Ultimate guide to indoor games for groups!

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Best Group Youth Games for Inside

Whether you’re looking for fun teen board games, indoor youth group games no prep, or active youth group games, you’ll find something for your party here in this list of fun activities for youth groups indoors.

How can I make my youth group more fun?

Try indoor youth group games like:

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  1. Photo Scavenger Hunt / Phone Scavenger Hunt
  2. Wink Elimination
  3. 52 Card Pickup
  4. Twenty Questions
  5. Board Game Tournament (different board game stations for a youth group game night)
  6. Indoor Scavenger Hunt
  7. Balloon Volleyball
  8. Marshmallow Tower Challenge
  9. Clothespin Drop
  10. Truth or Dare
  11. Balloon Stomp
  12. Hula Hoop Relay
  13. Balloon Popping Race
  14. Limbo
  15. Saran Wrap Ball Game
  16. Indoor Hockey
  17. Indoor Golf
  18. Card Game Tournaments
  19. Indoor Obstacle Course / youth group relay games
  20. Sardines
  21. Scavenger Hunt
  22. Charades
  23. Pictionary
  24. Guess In 10
  25. Name That Tune (using Christian songs / Bible songs)
  26. I Spy
  27. Gigantic Jenga or Glow in the Dark Game Jenga
  28. Minute It To Win It Games
  29. So You Think You Know The Bible
  30. Egg & Spoon Races
  31. Indoor Snowball Fight
  32. Bible Trivia Jeopardy
  33. Indoor Gigantic Bowling
  34. Disciple Detectives
  35. Bible Bingo
  36. Super Skills Challenges
  37. Hedbanz

Get more group youth games indoor ideas and game descriptions below! KEEP SCROLLING!


Group Party Games With Questions

BEST YOUTH GROUP GAMES INDOORS 3 teens playing a board game and laughing

Ideas for Youth Group Games Indoors

You can easily adapt most of these games for youth games for small groups or youth group games for large groups (and even add verses from the Bible for youth group activities with a message).

Groups Youth Games

Photo Scavenger Hunt / Reverse Photo Scavenger Hunt

Photo scavenger hunt is an easy, no-prep youth group game that teens and kids can play with their phones.

There are two ways to play:

  1. Phone scavenger hunt – Give each person/team a list of unusual things and they have to find them in the church or indoor area and take a picture of it. The first person/team back with all the items wins the game.
  2. Reverse phone scavenger hunt – You read out a list of items (“a pic with a cross” or “a photo of someone wearing blue” or “a picture with duck lips self” or “a picture of you going to church” or “a picture of a kind act” etc.) and each youth member scrolls through their phone. The first one to find the picture gets a point. The person (or team) with the most points by the end of the list wins.

Easy games with no preparation required and one of the best games for youth group teenagers.

Wink Elimination Game

Wink Elimination is great for last minute games for youth ministry with no supplies, which makes it one of those perfect group indoor games for youth of a variety of ages!

How to Play Wink Elimination:

  1. Have the group sit or stand in a circle.
  2. One person is The Guesser and one person is The Eliminator (The Winker).
  3. Have The Guesser leave the group where they can’t hear.
  4. Have the group pick The Eliminator. Then, have The Guesser come back.
  5. Everyone looks around the circle at different people, making eye contact with them.
  6. The Eliminator secretly winks at a person (NOT The Guesser), trying not to let anyone else see, but especially not letting The Guesser see.
  7. The person who was winked at by The Eliminator waits a few seconds and then pretends to pass out dramatically.
  8. The Guesser tries to determine who The Eliminator is before The Eliminator winks at the last person and eliminates them. If The Guesser is correct, they win the game and The Eliminator becomes the next Guesser. If The Guesser is incorrect or The Eliminator eliminates everyone before they guess, The Guesser is out of the other rounds.

Marshmallow Tower Challenge

Divide into teams and give them bags of marshmallows. The first team to build the tallest tower (without it falling or within a specific amount of time) wins the game.

Variation: Have the teams name the Bible verse. If they get it correct, they get to place a marshmallow on their tower. If they get it wrong, they have to take one off. If it falls they lose. The team with the tallest tower at the end (either at the end of the Bible verse list or after a specific amount of time) wins the game.

You’ll just need a few bags of regular sized marshmallows to prep for this game.

This is a great youth group games team building exercise, too!

Christian Talking Point

If you’re looking for youth group games with lessons or meanings, try Talking Point (the Christian version). Great way to spark discussion. Just add popcorn, snacks, and drinks and have everyone sit in a circle for face-to-face discussions on a variety of topics.

Great for indoor group games for youth conversations, ice breaker games for teens, and youth group activity lessons!


Saran Wrap Ball Game

The Saran Wrap Ball Game (aka: Plastic Wrap Ball Game) is a super fun group game that works best for smaller youth group games. The game is played with dice and a wrapped pastic ball that has prizes and gifts inserted throughout it.

It will take some game preparation (but it’s well worth it!), so be sure to read through how to make a Saran wrap ball here well before your youth group night event.

This is one of our favorite group party games!


Sardines is a reverse hide and seek game that teens and kids of all ages think is funny. If you’re looking for active youth group games and have the room, this is a good one!

How To Play Sardines:

To play Sardines, one person hides and everyone else searches (individually) for that one person. Each time someone finds the hiding person, they join them in them (and anyone else) in the hiding space (packing in like sardines). The last person left has to find everyone else and loses the game.

This is one of those super easy youth group games for getting kids moving (and youth group games no supplies)!

Guess In 10

Guess In 10 is a fun challenge questions game if you need a game for a variety of different ages and is super fun for a youth kids party or church lock-in sleepover. It’s like 21 Questions, but in board games form and is the perfect guessing game for kids.

You are given a category (like exotic animals) and item (like tiger) on your card and the other person or team has up to 10 guesses to get it right.


Would You Rather?

Would You Rather? is a funny group party game good for youth group night.

You get asked a crazy questions (“would you rather do this or that”) and then have to convince others of your answer.


Let us know your favorite youth group game night ideas so we can add them to the list!

What are your favorite group youth games?

DISCLOSURE: Affiliate links are used on this site. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please refer to our DISCLOSURE.

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