Unique Teen Halloween Party Ideas

Need teen halloween party ideas? Use our fun ideas to throw a creepy or fun Halloween party sleepover or gathering for teenagers that they’ll never forget! The best teenage party ideas at home and Halloween ideas for high schoolers that you’ve probably never thought of!

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Teen Halloween Party Ideas for a Spooky Sleepover Experience

Thinking of having a Halloween party for teenagers for the scariest night of the year? While adults and younger kids may have their own parties and activities on October 31, teens might enjoy having a teen-only Halloween sleepover party instead to celebrate this spooky season.

If your kids are asking what to do on Halloween as a teenager, this is it!

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How do you throw a teen Halloween party?

When throwing a teen Halloween party, be sure to have plenty of activities! Teens get bored easily so having games, activities, and Halloween theme food planned out beforehand is important to keeping them entertained.

  • Ask your teen for input (Do they want a Halloween party theme like zombies, or the It movie, or just a general festive party for the holiday?)
  • Look at current trends (for example, TikTok based activities are a thumbs up, bobbing for apples probably not so much)
  • Plan Halloween themed food (orange, black and white and gross food items)
  • Create a great Halloween playlist
  • Research Halloween scary movies to stream during the party
  • Provide teen Halloween party games and activities
  • Have a photo booth and plenty of teen Halloween photo props for pics and TikToks
  • Set the ground rules ahead of time to help keep teens safe at your Halloween party or Halloween sleepover

What do teens do at a sleepover for Halloween?

  • Create a Halloween TikTok challenge
  • Make DIY teen halloween costumes or funny teen halloween costumes based on a theme (zombies, influencers, favorite movie or TV characters, video games, etc.) and give prizes for different categories
  • Have a costume contest and let TikTok or Instagram followers vote on categories (best dressed, creepiest, funniest, etc.)
  • Try to escape an escape room
  • Play video games
  • Have food contests (think: whipped cream pie eating contest) or gross foods contest
  • Tell ghost stories around a campfire
  • Go to haunted mazes or haunted houses (search: haunted houses near me)
  • Visit a cemetery at night
  • Have an outdoor trampoline sleepover
  • Play (safe) pranks on friends
  • Have a Halloween dance party rave with glow face paint under a black light
  • Go trick-or-treating
  • Have a backyard scary movie night (everything is scarier outside!)
  • Play the Halloween gross food mystery box challenge


Halloween Party Games Ideas

Scary Halloween Coloring Pages Horror Coloring Sheets

Best Teen Halloween Movies

  • Halloween series
  • The Purge
  • Hocus Pocus
  • A Quiet Place
  • The Ring
  • Friday the 13th
  • IT
  • Beetlejuice
  • Poltergeist
  • Saw series
  • The Craft
  • Scary Movie
  • Blair Witch Project
  • The Exorcist
  • Scream series
  • Carrie

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Best Halloween Playlist for Teens

Create a fun, spooky, and scary Halloween playlist of music, including songs like:

  • Monster Mash
  • Stranger Things Theme Song
  • Thriller
  • Bury a Friend (Billie Eilish)
  • The Addams Family Theme Song
  • Friday the 13th movie music
  • Haunted (Beyonce)
  • Time Warp
  • The Purple People Eater
  • Werewolves of London
  • Witch Doctor
  • Halloween movie music
  • I Put a Spell On You
  • Harry Potter Prologue
  • Superstition (Stevie Wonder)
  • Ghostbusters
  • Witchy Woman (Eagles)
  • Love Potion No 9
  • Psycho Killer (Talking Heads)
  • Highway To Hell
  • Phantom of the Opera Overture
  • Men In Black
  • Abracadabra (Steve Miller)

OK! Let’s get to our cool teenage Halloween party ideas!

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15 Best Teen Halloween Party Ideas or Halloween Activities For High School Students

Play Teenager Halloween Games

Halloween Charades: Have each teen player act out scary movie titles (Dracula, Frankenstein, The Blair Witch Project) or TV Halloween special episodes (Treehouse of Horror, It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown) without saying a word.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Mystery: Divide into teams.

Hide scary “horror” items in the house and outside and create clues to find them. For example, place a severed (gummy) finger near the knives.

Create a backstory to have them read first.

Turn off all the lights and have them only use flashlights (or give everyone their own headlamp) to find the clues and solve the mystery. Give prizes to the first team to solve the mystery or find all the clues.

Halloween Pictionary: Divide into teams.

Provide a list scary objects or Halloween themed items on pieces of paper in a jar.

The “drawers” both look at the same piece of paper from the jar.

Each drawer draws the object (or movie, etc) while their team tries to guess.

Give prizes for things like overall winning team, worst drawing, best drawing, etc.

(These oversized sticky pads are perfect for this!)

Be sure to add eerie music to play as background noise while your teens are playing games!

Halloween Flashlight Tag: Create an area in your house (like the basement) or backyard that is dark and play flashlight tag.

The objective of this game is for one player to chase after everyone else, trying to “tag” each teen with their flashlights or laser pointers while everyone tries not get tagged by the “monster.”

TP Mummy Wrap Game: Use toilet paper to have a mummy relay race!

(See full mummy game directions here.)

Do Fun Creepy Halloween Activities

Film Your Own Blair Witch Project: Watch The Blair Witch Project and then head out to a cemetery or woods (supervised only!) and let teens film their own Blair Witch Project!

Give them a time limit (like 30 minutes).

Back at home, use a software or app to create their own movie and watch it on your big screen.

Create a Pumpkin Slingshot: Have a little land at your house?

Create a pumpkin slingshot game with a massive slingshot and some mini pumpkins and targets or fun things to “hit” like zombie cutouts.

Give prizes or trophies for targets that are hit. (Perfect if you need backyard teenage birthday party ideas for Halloween!)

Make Black Light Splatter Shirts: Make Halloween costumes by using black tshirts with white paint or neon black light paint splattered on them.

Draw ghostly faces or other Halloween theme art or spooky things.

Make it even more fun by creating them in the light and then having everyone put them on under a black light to see how they turned out.

(Check out this black light face paint, too! SUPER COOL that teens will love!)

Make a DIY Halloween Haunted House: Make your own Haunted House using sheets, cardboard and whatever scary decorations you can find around the house!

Create pop out “walls” that can be pushed against by the players as they go through a haunted house to create an extra eerie effect.

Get the other parents to dress up and “pop out” to scare the kids.

(Or, better yet, hire a teen horror movie Halloween clown to come to your house and entertain the teens at your sleepover or walk around the haunted house.)

Have a Halloween Pinata: Make a scary Halloween ghost piñata by covering a balloon with tissue paper to look like a ghost, then stuffing it with candy for teens to pop open once it is broken!

(Not the DIY project type? Grab a zombie premade pinata!)

Create a Spooky Halloween Obstacle Course: Challenge your teens to an obstacle course in the dark.

Outline the course with just glow sticks and have them do something funny at each station like eat “eyeballs” (grapes) or pin the eyes on the ghost, etc.


Dare to Eat Spooky Halloween Treats: Cook up some scary Halloween treats for your teens by making hot dogs into ghost shapes or cutting them up with ketchup (for bloody “fingers”), draw scary faces on white bread, make a bowl of floating eyes with grapes (or grab some eyeball candies), make a zombie brain cake, use spaghetti in a bowl as “guts” and more!

You can even have some gross things for them to try like flavored edible insects.

Eat Halloween Theme Foods Teens Will Love

Halloween Ice Cream Bar: Have an ice cream sundae bar where teens can scoop out their favorite flavors of ice cream into a bowl or cone.

Don’t forget to add whipped topping, some gummy worms, candy eyeballs, bloody bones sprinkles, and candy corn.

Halloween Drinks: Create Halloween-themed drinks such as orange and black colored punch, red blood lemonade, or even layer drinks in black, orange, and white. (Learn how to layer drinks here.)

Halloween Popcorn Balls: Go old-fashioned with some popcorn balls for Halloween. (Try these monster popcorn ball bites!)

Pumpkin Cake Pops: Forget about a Halloween cake and do cakepops instead! Try these fun Halloween cake pops!

We hope you have a ton of fun with these teen Halloween party ideas!

DISCLOSURE: Affiliate links are used on this site. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please refer to our DISCLOSURE.

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