Playing Spin The Nail Polish Bottle Game For Sleepovers

The spin the nail polish bottle game (the nail paints game) is a popular sleepover game for girls. Also called the nail polish roulette slumber party game, it’s an awesome party activity for teens, tween games, or even toe nail games for younger kids.

Playing Spin The Nail Polish Bottle Game For Sleepovers nail polish game with different nail polish colors on a pink background

Fun Spin The Nail Polish Bottle Game For Kids

If you’ve never heard of the nails game (aka: roll a manicure game or nail polish roulette), you may be wondering what is spin the nail polish (or the nail painting games)?

What is the game spin the nail polish?

Spin the Nail Polish is a fun variation of the classic party game Spin the Bottle. Players take turns spinning the bottle of nail polish to determine which nail polish color they will use to paint one of their nails or complete other challenges from the spin the bottle nail polish game printable.

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If you’re looking for spa party games or a fun polish game, this nail painting game is a fun theme game!


OK! Let’s get to how to play spin the nail polish rules!

Spin The Nail Polish Bottle Game Rules

How do you play the nail polish game?

Game Materials Needed Needed For Nail Polish Spin The Bottle:

  • Blank sheet of paper and Sharpie (to make the board)
  • Nail polish bottles (one different color for each section on your game board – this is a great nail polish pack for the roll-a-manicure game)
  • One more nail polish bottle to be used as a spinner
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Here’s how to play the nail polish sleepover game:

The rules of the Spin the Nail Polish game at a sleepover can be customized based on your preferences, but here are some common rules to follow. (Don’t miss how do you play spin the nail polish in different ways after this section.)

  1. Create a nail game printable. Draw a circle on a paper and divide the circle into 8-10 “pie” sections. On each section, write a nail polish color or a nail painting challenge.
  2. Set up a playing area: Have all the players sit in a circle and place the nail polish bottles game printable in the center. Place a different color nail polish on each “pie” section.Ensure there’s enough space for the spinner to rotate freely.
  3. Decide the order: Determine who will go first as the first spin the nail polish spinner and nail polish painter.
  4. Spin the bottle or spinner: The first player places the spinner bottle in the middle of the game board circle and spins the bottle. The bottle should rotate and eventually come to a stop, pointing at one of the nail polish game sections.
  5. Follow the board directions: The player who spun the bottle selects the nail polish color that the bottle pointed at. They will use that color to paint one of their nails or follow a challenge like “paint a star on the third finger of the person to your left” (if you have challenges on the board).
  6. Pass the bottle: The spinning bottle is then passed to the next player in a clockwise direction, and the game continues.
  7. Repeat the spinning and nail painting process: Each player takes turns spinning the bottle or spinner and selects a nail polish color to paint one of their nails.
  8. No duplicate colors: (OPTIONAL RULE) If the bottle points to a nail polish color that has already been chosen by a player, the spinner or the person who spun the bottle can spin again to select a different color.
  9. Continue until all nails are painted: The game continues until all players have painted all their nails or until you decide to stop. Each player should have an opportunity to use different nail polish colors throughout the game.
  10. Optional variations: You can introduce additional rules or variations to make the game more interesting. For example, you could add a rule that players must paint a specific design on their nails, or paint a specific nail, or that they can swap nail colors with another player if the bottle points to them.

Remember, the how to play spin the nail polish bottle rules can be adapted to any rules that make a fun game for your party group! The main idea is to have fun playing a silly sleepover game!

PRO PARTY TIP: A nail spa kit like this is fun for the the nail game and other nail paints games / game spa days!

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Different Ways To Play The Nail Polish Spin Game (Alternate Game Rules)

What are fun ideas for the Spin the nail polish game for girls?

More Nail Spin The Bottle Game Ideas:

Nail Art Challenges: Instead of simply painting one nail, players can take turns spinning the bottle and then have to create a specific nail art design using the color it points to. You can come up with different design challenges like polka dots, stripes, flowers, glitter nails, stripes, or even themed designs like animal prints or emojis for your game nail game.

Time Pressure: Set a timer for each player’s turn. Once the bottle points to a nail polish color, the player has a limited amount of time (e.g., 30 seconds or 1 minute) to paint their nail using that color. This adds a thrilling element of urgency and can lead to some interesting and creative designs.

Blindfolded Nail Painting: Players can choose to blindfold themselves or have another player blindfold them before they spin the bottle. When the bottle points to a color, the blindfolded player has to paint their nail (or another player’s nail) without seeing the color they selected. This can result in some surprising and super hysterical nail paintings! I love this version of the nail painter game for teens for a spin party game!

Roll a Manicure Sleepover Party Game for Teens, Tween Games and Kid Party Games spin the nail polish printable on a purple background


Truth or Dare Twist: Incorporate a truth or dare element into your paint nail games. If the bottle points to a nail polish color, the player can either paint their nail with that color or choose to answer a truth question or perform a dare provided by another player. This adds an extra layer of excitement and anticipation.

Nail Swap: Introduce a nail swap rule where players can trade one of their already painted nails with another player if the bottle points to them. This allows for some playful interaction and the opportunity to try out different colors for your nail polish games.

Mystery Colors: Add some mystery to the game by covering the nail polish bottles with easy to peel colored tape. Players won’t know the color they’ve chosen until they take the tape off. It’s just another fun alternative to your nail paint games.



Let us know if you’ve played a different version of spin the nail polish bottle game or other fun sleepover games like this!

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