What Pranks To Do At A Sleepover To Make Friends Laugh?

Wondering what pranks to do at a sleepover on your friends? Check out these hysterical tricks to play on a friend during a party, including funny cellphone pranks, spoof calls, and texting pranks!

What Pranks To Do At A Sleepover On Your Friends with images of different sleepover tricks and slumber party pranks

Best Pranks To Do At Sleepover Parties

If you’re wondering what to do when your friends are sleeping at sleepovers (or pranks to pull before the sleepover party starts), we’ve got you covered with the best slumber party pranks and tricks!

Funny Pranks Sleepover Pranks

Best List Of Sleeping Pranks:

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  1. Balloon pop wake-up call: Pop a balloon near your friend’s head as a sleepover wake up call!
  2. Fake spider in the bed: Place a fake spider in the friend’s bed in a place they will see before they go to sleep.
  3. Toothpaste Oreo prank: Replace the filling in Oreos with toothpaste, and offer them to your friend.
  4. Fake call from a celebrity: Pretend to receive a phone call from a celebrity and tell your friend that they’re on the phone, and watch as they get excited or nervous. (See how to prank a screen shot text below!)
  5. Spa night switch up: If you’re doing a spa sleepover, start the night with a special face cream that you “saw on TikTok as the best face cream” – a big bowl of mayo!
  6. Shaving cream prank: Cover the sleeping friend’s hand with shaving cream and tickle their nose, causing them to smear the cream all over their face. (Great night pranks!)
  7. Waffle cone fake ice cream (food prank): Have a special ice cream bar for a sleepover treat. Fill waffle cone bowls with mashed potatoes and toppings that party guests will think is ice cream!
  8. Hair dye prank: Use washable hair dye to color a strand of your friend’s hair while they’re sleeping, and watch as they wake up with a new hair color.
  9. Replace the cream in the breakfast donuts with mayo. Yum!
  10. Water balloon pillow fight: Fill up water balloons and place them in zipper pillow cases. Have a pillow fight with them without telling anyone!
  11. Shoe fillers prank: place gross things in the toe of the shoe (Jell-O, whipped cream, fake squishy snake) so that they feel it when they put their shoes on but can’t see it! (More great pranks to do when someone is sleeping!)
  12. Sour cream toothbrush: Spread sour cream on your friend’s toothbrush, and watch as they brush their teeth with it.
  13. Replace the toilet paper in the bathroom that everyone will be using for the sleep over with impossible to rip toilet paper. See who the first person to mention it is. (Award them the Doody Head poo prize!)
  14. Pour some yellow MountainDew in the toilet and then put fake poop on the toilet seat. Pretend to get mad and yell at everyone, “Who forgot to flush?!”

Here’s how to prank your friends at a sleepover with phones…

Text Pranks and Phone Pranks To Send Friends

The phone pranks work well for sleepover pranks for 13 year olds and up for funny sleepover pranks and pranks for sleeping friends! Add some of these to your pranks to do while someone is sleeping and for things to do at a sleepover for teens!

What Pranks To Do At A Sleepover On Cellphones

Fake a text to a friend. Send a fake screenshot of a social media post or message from someone else. Tip: Use FakeWhats.com to generate fake conversations.

You got me grounded prank! Send a text message to a friend hinting that something they said to your parents got you grounded for one of those savage sleepover pranks.

Subscription service prank. Sneak your friend’s phone during the sleepover. Change your saved name to SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE. Then, text them “Thank You For Signing Up For [something super weird or funny]” and text them a bunch of random facts about that topic.

Delete that picture prank. Frantically text a friend telling the to “delete that pic I sent you!”

Still texting prank. Tell a friend or parent you have something important to tell them. Then just text a GIF of the texting dots and never answer them back.

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Lottery winner prank. Send a message saying that you won the lottery (or a contest) and asking for advice on what to do with the money.

Stop texting prank. Ask your friend to stop texting you so much today when they haven’t even texted you yet.

Text replacement trick. Set up text replacement for a popular word (like “yes”) on your friend’s phone. Then text them a question you know they will answer yes to. For example, replace “yes” with “who cares?!” and then text  “Can you talk?” When they type “yes” it will instead reply with “Who cares?!” (I think this is one of the funniest sleepover pranks because you can easily get access to their phones while they sleep as some of your sleep pranks!)

You were right prank text. Randomly text “You were so right!! I can’t believe it!” and then keep playing along with the joke through their confusion.

Who Is This? phone prank. Send a message saying that you got a new phone number and pretending not to know who the person on the other end is.

Who Is This prank part 2. When a friend texts you reply “Who is this?” and pretend you have no idea who they are.

Prank wake up call or other prank call. Send a wake up prank call to your friends at the sleepover. Get ideas here. (If you’re wondering how to mess with a light sleeper, this is a great one!)

fun things to do at a teenage sleepover diverse group of teen girls laughing at a slumber party

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How to do the Rick Roll prank. Text someone “You cannot believe what is happening!!!” and then a link to a RickRoll. (It’s such a silly prank, but those are still super funny links to send to your friends!)

What are your best pranks for sleepovers and pranks to do on friends sleeping? We’ll add them to the sleepover prank ideas list!

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Let us know if you have more ideas for what pranks to do at a sleepover with friends!

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