How To Host An Online Sleepover

Planning an online sleepover? If your kids are stuck at home or have friends in different areas, have them connect with a virtual sleepover! Sleepovers online are great for adults and girlfriend sleepover ideas, too!

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Before we get to online slumber party ideas and what to do on an online sleepover…

What is a virtual sleepover?

An online sleepover is also known as a virtual sleepover. For a sleepover online, kids have fun with virtual activities with friends using online platforms like Zoom or FaceTime or even with fun online watch party apps through Netflix, DisneyPlus, Amazon Prime and more!

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What do you do at a virtual sleepover?

At a virtual sleepover, kids connect and play online sleepover games, watch a movie with video chat groups, do scavenger hunts, listen to music and have dance parties, play games together, have themed snacks with sleepover kits. It’s all the things you do at sleepover parties in person, just doing a slumber party online instead!

Best things to do at a sleepover online:

  1. Plan activities or get input on the slumber party games people want to play.
  2. Have a Netflix watch party and watch a movie together.
  3. Have a sleepover pajamas contest and award best pajamas, funkiest colors, crazy matching, and more.
  4. Play online games, scavenger hunts, card games, and games on apps and even board games!
  5. Set up your laptop or device in bed or in an area with pillows, sleeping bag, stuffed animals, etc. Remember, your virtual celebration is a slumber party, so you need comfortable things to slumber on!
  6. Eat fun snacks.
  7. Have sleepover space contest where everyone decorates their area with the slumber party theme. Award prizes for best theme, most creative ideas, craziest background and more!

How To Have a Virtual Slumber Party

  1. Decide on an online platform / videoconferencing you will use (like Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, etc.).
  2. Test out the connection and how you will interact with a friend or member of your own family. Troubleshoot technical issues well ahead of time.
  3. Use virtual sleepover invitations to send directions on how to connect to the online platform and how the party will work. Be sure to explain in the invitation what it is and how an online sleepover works! (Many people won’t be familiar with the virtual slumber party idea!)
  4. Ask the parents to set up and test the platform well ahead of the party day and time so any technical issues can get worked out before the start of the party. Make sure they know to close out of all apps and windows/tabs and reboot their device before the party.
  5. Be prepared and on standby for any technical issues. Give parents your number so they can contact you directly without interrupting the party once it gets started.
  6. Have fun with a theme! Send out sleepover party kits (or sleepover pamper kits) with fun favors, decorations, and snacks that match the theme.
  7. Decide what activities you will do. Will there be games? Do the attendees need to have anything special for your activities? Let them know well in advance (preferably on the slumber party invitation!) so that they can prepare.

15 Ideas for Online Sleepover Games

  1. Play charades
  2. Check out (each person will need an additional device, like a tablet or phone)
  3. Play Truth or Dare
  4. Have a lip sync battle
  5. Play in a Minecraft world
  6. Play online video games or game apps
  7. Do a trivia game challenge or online Jeopardy (great if you have a group with even teams)
  8. Have an Uno tournament (with cards or the app!)
  9. Play Yahtzee! (each person will need their own set of dice)
  10. Play Tenzie
  11. Compete in Virtual scavenger hunts
  12. Play Pictionary
  13. Do 2 Truths and a Lie
  14. Play 20 questions guess
  15. Have a Simon Says contest


DISCLOSURE: Affiliate links are used on this site. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please refer to our DISCLOSURE.

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