Best Galentine Day Party Ideas for a Girlfriend Valentine’s Day

A Galentine Day party, or a Valentine for gals (aka: without Valentine Day parties or a Palentines Party), is the ultimate girls night out (GNO) or girl’s day party with friends. A fun besties celebration for Valentine’s Day, self love parties, or February theme party! Here’s how to have fun at your Galentines Day celebration…

Galentine Day Party Ideas Galentine's Day party invitation on a pink background with a Valentine Day heart decoration

Guide For How To Plan A Galentine Party

Want to throw a unique Galentine’s Day get together like no one else? Try these creative party ideas for girlfriends for Valentines party ideas girls night fun!

What to do at a Galentines party?

Galentine Event Ideas:

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  • Deliver a fun Galentines Day Party invite with a Valentine theme.
  • Let the gals know if there’s a dress code. (It can be formal, casual fun, or a costume party!)
  • Have a funny Galentine gift exchange with Valentine gag gifts.
  • Create your own Galentine hashtags for posting on social.
  • Give Galentine’s party favors ideas / goodie bags that they won’t forget! (See our ideas below!)
  • Make a fun Galentine craft together.
  • Have a special Galentine cocktail for your girls night in.
  • Make it a themed Galentine’s favorite things party where everyone brings a favorite thing to share with the group.
  • Give out a handmade Galentine Valentine’s Day card to each guest.
  • Can’t get together with girlfriends in person? Have a Galentines Zoom virtual sleepover party with Galentines zoom games.
  • Come up with some Valentine paint party ideas and have a Wine and Watercolors V Day party.
  • Want to have a dinner out first? Search online for Galantine restaurant near me!

Keep scrolling for all the fun Galentine Valentine’s Day ideas, including awesome
Galentines Day decorating ideas (and we even talk about the Valentine Galentine meaning and where does Galentine’s Day come from)!

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24 Best Galentine Event Names

Galentine Party Themes and Galentine’s Party Names:

  • Chugs and Kisses
  • Spill The Tea Galentine Tea Party (fun Valentines tea party ideas!)
  • Galentine Sleepover Party
  • Stupid Cupid Party
  • No Boys Allowed! GNO
  • Black Hearts Bash
  • Galentine’s Girls Night Out
  • Ladies Lounge Party
  • Hearts and High Heels
  • Galentine Murder Mystery
  • Sisters before Misters Bash
  • Mocktails and Murder (My Ex)
  • Princesses Power Sleepover
  • Gal Pal Gathering
  • Fabulous Femme Fest
  • Valentine BFF Bash
  • Brunch & Babes
  • Sweetheart Sisters Soiree
  • Beauty, Bling, and Bubbly Heart Celebration
  • Girl Power Party
  • Wine And Chocolate Night (do a fun wine tasting!)
  • Happy Hearts Galentine Party
  • The Glam and Glitz Galentine’s Bash
  • Galentine’s Day Divas

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What do you bring to a Galentines party?

It’s always best to ask the host what to bring to Galentine parties. A great gift that shows your appreciation of the hostess and all the other attendees is a good idea. Think about bringing things that can be shared with everyone — chocolates, cupcakes, wine, cute small gift bags, fuzzy soaks, or any type of treats.

Friend Valentine Parties (How To Throw Galentine Parties With Girlfriends) 3 women friends laughing in front of metallic curtain backdrop with heart confetti dropping

If you’re new to this party idea, you may want us to define Galentine (meaning of be my Galentine) and understand what’s Galentine’s Day mean ing…

What is a Galentine’s party?

Galentine’s Day Party is a holiday celebration held on the 13th of February (although some female friends get together on Valentine’s Day if they don’t have a date or plans). It celebrates the bond of female friendship and shows appreciation for besties. The celebration can be can be done through activities such as spa days, brunch dates, movie marathons, Galentine sleepover party, or other fun themed Valentine’s Day events.

So, if you’re wondering can friends celebrate Valentine’s Day together or is Valentine Day for friends too, the answer is YES!

What’s the difference between Galentines vs Valentines or why Galentine instead of Valentine?

Galentine’s Day vs Valentine’s Day

Galentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day have one major thing in common—they both celebrate love! However, while Valentine’s Day is a holiday honoring romantic love between partners, Galentine’s Day is all about celebrating platonic love between friends (or even about celebrating Valentine’s Day without a boyfriend or partner — a Valentine’s without Valentine dates!).


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Who celebrates Galentine’s Day?

Anyone can celebrate Galentine’s Day! It is a holiday created by and for women, but it is not exclusive to them. Galentine’s Day parties are all about celebrating the special bond between friends, so invite your close pals over for a day of fun and relaxation.

Is there a male equivalent for Galentines day?

A Galentine for guys is sometimes called Malentines or Palentines. It’s a chance for men to get together with their friends and do things that have nothing to do with Valentine’s Day. (Think along the lines of a Dudes and Diapers party.) Sometimes these parties happen at the same time women are celebrating for Galentine Day.

How To Host A Galentine Party With Gal  Pals (pink paper cutouts for Galentines Day Party February 13th)

How To Host Galentine’s Day

Here are ideas to create your own Galentine’s Day traditions and have a fun holiday party every year! Make these your Galentine goals!

Galentines Day Party Ideas

  • DIY flower bar
  • Cooking class (at home or outside class)
  • Galentine game night with different game stations
  • DIY spa night
  • Rom-Com movie marathon
  • Favorite Things swap (everyone brings one of their favorite items or foods to share / gift to other guests)
  • Craft or paint night
  • Outdoor adventures (like an obstacle course)
  • Grab some candle making kits and make candles
  • Use floating wish paper like this to send your wishes out into the universe

Galentine Party Decor

Decorations for Galentine’s party can be centered around traditional Valentine themes and colors (think: pink, white, red, hearts, etc.) or any other theme — even something sinister like black hearts.

Galentines Day Decorations Ideas:

Galentine Day Ideas for Food (Valentine Day Themed Party Recipes)

Food For Galentine’s Day

You can keep your Galentine recipes super simple, especially if you’re having the V-Day party in the afternoon.

Galentine Menu Ideas:

How much Galentine food you need will depend on how many people you are inviting, how long they’re staying, and the time of day.

An afternoon Galentine Party or tea party can get away with drinks, finger sandwiches and/or light hors d’oeuvres.

You will need more party food for an evening Galentine Party or overnight party.

Galentine Party Games

Party Pro Tip: Look for Galentine printable party games online for cheap or free!

Galentines Goodie Baskets for Galentine Themes text over white bag with pink valentine hearts

How To Assemble Galentine Bag (Galentine Party Favors)

Don’t forget to include Galentine gifts for friends (aka: Galentine gifts for her) for the party!

Put together simple Galentine favors bags and include things your gal pals will love!

Galentines Gift Ideas:

  • Lotion
  • Lip Balms
  • Quality chocolates
  • Fun sleep masks (especially if you’re doing a GNO sleepover for Valentine’s Day!)
  • Fuzzy socks (bonus if they’re Valentine Day’s socks)
  • Individual snacks
  • Bath bombs
  • Valentine Conversation Hearts candies
  • Cute Galentine cups (I like these wine tumblers)
  • Mini bottles of wine or champagne
  • Galentine’s notes

Your Valentines gift for Galentine doesn’t need to be expensive!

You can also put together some fun Valentine candy in a cute Valentine’s Day baggie. Tie a personalized Galentine Valentine’s Day card to each bag to let your friends know how much you mean to them.

It’s a cheap gift that’s also thoughtful!

Where Is Galentine’s Day From?

You may be wondering where did Galentine’s Day come from and how did Galentine’s Day start?

Who Made Up Galentine’s Day?

The galantine origin comes from Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler, from the hit TV show Parks & Recreation. Galentine’s Day is a fun time for women to come together and appreciate each other’s company. In the episode from 2010, Leslie and her girlfriends enjoy a brunch and exchange gifts.

Since then, Galentine’s Day has become a popular Valentine-themed party and used as a day to celebrate female friendships and express appreciation for one another.

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Have fun with these Galentine Day party ideas!

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