How To Throw The Best Football Parties For Adults and Kids!

The best football parties start with a great host! Whether you’re throwing a super football party, fantasy football party, or game watching party, or looking for game day graze boards or best food for football party, need football party bag ideas, or want fun football party games for adults, there’s something on this list for a super party playoff!

Best Football Parties top down view of football food table ideas with mini football field, sandwiches and football party chips and dips

Best Football Parties Ideas To Kick Off The Season

Football parties are fun party themes for everyone (even if you hate watching football, you can still make it fun!). From bowls, birthdays, and banquets, to start of season to kick it off (aka: kick off party ideas), a watch party, and end of season football party ideas, these are great ideas for a themed party gathering (even football birthday party ideas for adults)!

How do you throw a football party?

Best Football Themed Parties Ideas:

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  • Send out fun football jersey party invites in favorite team colors.
  • Make sure you have sturdy football party plates and napkins because food is a big part of football parties!
  • Give out really good football party loot bags. (See our suggestions below for football themed party bags!)
  • Plan football party games indoors and outdoor football games (if weather allows).
  • Make a mini football snack stadium with a football field tablecloth and tons of football themed snacks.
  • Award game trophies to funny winners (e.g. most buffalo wings eaten, star players, best tailgating outfit, half time game winning points, etc.).
  • Have a tailgate party at home in the driveway! (Project the game on the garage door or on a pop up screen.)
  • Play team Super Bowl trivia.
  • Play corn hole with inflatable footballs.
  • Create a fun football party playlist to play before the game starts or in the rooms where people aren’t watching the game.
  • Make rice crispy footballs (desserts in the shape of footballs) for easy party treats.
  • Don’t want to have the party at home? Search indoor football party venues near me or football party locations [your town] and take your party elsewhere! You still get to have fun, but someone else gets to clean up the party mess!

KEEP SCROLLING for more party football ideas like football party meal ideas, including appetizers for football party and football party dessert ideas! Tons of fun football party theme ideas and football party supplies below and answers to how do you throw a good football party! Get your game plan below!


What do you do at a football party?

  • Watch the game (and cheer for a sports team!)
  • Listen to the game online or on the radio
  • Eat football themed foods – serve a variety of snacks and refreshments, such as chips, dip, and beer for a tailgating-style party
  • Play football theme games (and other fun party games like this)
  • Play flag football or touch football outside
  • Have fun half-time competitions and minute to win it games for prizes
  • Play half-time football trivia
  • Wear football jerseys or team football shirts to show team spirit
  • Hang out with friends and have fun!
  • Do football minute to win it challenges

Let us know the fun things you do at your Game Day party and we’ll add them to our list of football fun and our party plan!

What do you call a football party?

15 Fun Football Themed Party Names:

  1. Game Day Gathering
  2. Touchdown Tailgate
  3. Field Goal Fiesta
  4. Kickoff Carnival
  5. Penalties and Prizes
  6. Touchdown Throwdown
  7. End Zone Excitement Party
  8. Hail Mary Hoe Down
  9. Super Bowl Shindig
  10. Football Frenzy Fest
  11. Pigskin Palooza
  12. Stadium Soiree
  13. Punt & Party
  14. End Zone Extravaganza
  15. Blitz Bash
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Fantastic Football Party Ideas For Football Fans and Sports Themes

These foot ball party ideas are great for football theme nights, draft party ideas, superbowl parties, or anytime you need fun football party ideas for adults and kids!

DIY Football Party Decorations

Football party decorations really set the mood for this party theme.

(And, there are tons of budget-friendly football decorations for party if you’re throwing a football party on a budget!)

These are even fun ideas for football birthday decorations / football birthday theme!

Football Party Decorations DIY Ideas:

PARTY PRO TIP: Want to save money and throw a party on a budget? Let those football plates and napkins go and use your own dishes or cheaper paper plates and napkins. Those themed plates and football napkins can sometimes cost double the regular plates! Same goes for printed balloons. Plain balloons in the team colors are cheaper and look just as good!

Now let’s get to some football party food ideas and super bowl snacks…

football themed party ideas - different football party foods on a party table

Easy Food For Football Party And Fun Game Day Grub

Food and snacks for football party are super important — from bowls of finger foods, football party hors d’oeuvres, and charcuterie boards to dips, here are some great ideas for party foods and quick football party food!

Football party main dishes can be super simple — pizza, wings, chili, or even a nacho bar / taco bar with different toppings.

Make a football party spread, including these fun snacks for football party — a great way to make finger foods for large gatherings for the big game or easy way to make snacks for a small football-themed party!

Football Party Menu Ideas Easy To Make:

  • Football party sandwiches shaped like footballs (PARTY PRO TIP: Use football cookie cutters to cut mini sandwiches.)
  • Wings with a variety of wing sauces (not just buffalo wings)
  • Easy football party queso recipe
  • Football deviled eggs (regular deviled eggs with football laces made on top out of green onion stems or pieces of black olives)
  • Buffalo chicken dip with crusty bread
  • Football party Charcuterie board (meat and cheese platters cut into football shapes)
  • Football party punch in the colors of your team (or you could layer drinks like this in your favorite team colors — great for football party cocktails!)
  • Football party meatballs
  • Homemade guacamole, pico de gallo, and tortilla chips
  • Dill pickle party mix (trust me, this is a HUGE hit for your snack table!)
  • Hot dogs and toppings
  • Seven-Layer Taco Dip
  • Football Krispies (these are so cute on sports-themed dessert tables!)
  • Nacho bar or taco bar
  • Popcorn bar with different toppings and popcorn seasonings (these popcorn boxes are cute for this!)
  • Don’t forget easy finger foods like cheese puffs, chips, crackers, and pretzles!

PRO PARTY TIP ON A BUDGET: If you’re throwing a budget party, it’s also OK to tell everyone that you’re doing pitch-in order out pizza. That let’s everyone know to bring a little cash to help pay for the pizza. Many people will ask what they can bring to a football party, so just tell them instead of bringing a dish to just chip in for the pizza.

EASY PARTY PLANNER TIP: For party drinks, add ice to a big beverage tub like this and add in all the different drinks (beer, bottled waters, juice boxes) for your party.

Football Party Themes Ideas football hotdogs and a table of football recipes

Football Party Favors

What you put in your football party goodie bags will depend on the ages at the party, so we’ve given you a range of ideas so you can pick and choose.

Football party bag ideas:

  • Football shaped chocolates
  • Mini footballs
  • Mini bulk football helmets
  • Football suckers
  • Foam fingers
  • Ring pops for Super bowl rings
  • Mini throw footballs
  • Referee whistles (fun way to get everyone involved and kids will love it!)
  • Penalty flags (really fun for Super Bowl Sunday to throw in the living room or outside or for penalty shootouts!)
  • Football black eye stickers (if you want dye black ideas for football)
  • Football wrist bands
  • Football squish balls

You can also grab a DIY football favor party set like this that has all the favors for a football party included.

What Do You Do At A Football Party (Football Games and Football Party Entertainment) FOOTBALL ON A GREEN FOOTBALL FIELD TABLECLOTH

Games for Football Parties

A rookie mistake for this party theme is to NOT plan football party entertainment. Remember, not everyone coming to your party will be interested in watching the game the entire time.

Have different rooms or areas where party guests can do different things.

These work for college games, a birthday football party, or even best Super Bowl party games for football fans!

Football Party Games and Ideas For Things To Do At Football Parties:

We hope you have fun with these best football party ideas! Let us know the football themed activities on your list and we’ll add them here!

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What do you do at a football party? football helmet and pretzel football snacks on a table for football parties

All About Football Parties

If you’ve never been, you might be wondering what all the fuss is around football and party!

What is a football party?

A football party is a gathering of friends and family to celebrate a football game or event. It usually involves food, drinks, decorations, activities, and watching the game together. Football parties can be held at home or in public locations such as bars or restaurants or kid-friendly venues. No matter where it’s held, the purpose remains the same: to have a good time, do football themed activities, and most often enjoy watching the game with friends.

What is football tailgate party?

A football tailgate party is a pre-game celebration that usually takes place in the parking lot or other area outside of a stadium, before the start of a football game. Fans gather at tailgates of cars to celebrate the game, make and eat food, drink drinks, play music, and do other activities to help fans get into the spirit of the game.

The purpose of these gatherings is to build camaraderie among the fans and show support for their favorite team.

While tailgates usually take place in the parking lot, it can also be held inside a bar close to the stadium. Sometimes people even have tailgate parties at home.

No matter where it takes place, a football tailgate party is sure to add an extra element of fun to your game day experience.

What To Wear Football Party

Football parties are generally casual events. Most people wear jeans and their favorite football party jersey or tshirts or cute casual outfits. Some people really get into it with football face paint and over-the-top football outfits.

As always, when in doubt ask the party host what is appropriate for a football themed party outfit.

What To Take To Football Party

What you bring to a football party is up to the host of the party, so check in with them. It may be a pitch-in party where you bring a food item like an easy football party casserole to share or they may tell you that you don’t need to bring anything!

MORE SPORTS THEME PARTY IDEAS: Best Basketball Viewing Party Ideas (BASKETBALL THEME PARTIES) and Best Homecoming Proposal Ideas

How to throw a basketball theme party for adults and kids - text over cartoon basketballs on basketball court

Let us know your favorite ideas for a football themed party!

We hope these best football parties tips help you out with your party!

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