49 Hot Pink Barbie Party Theme Ideas

A hot pink Barbie party theme is a trending party idea right now! Whether you’re looking for Barbie party ideas 5 year old theme, girl birthday party, kids’ sleepover themes, Barbiecore or Barbie aesthetic for bachelorette parties or baby showers, or just a fun movie watch party with a hot pink Barbie party theme, you’ll find fun ideas here for your pink doll party!

Hot Pink Barbie Party Theme pink themed foods on a table for barbies parties

Fun Hot Pink Barbie Party Theme Decorations and Pink Food Ideas

A pink barbie party (or pink Barbie princess party) is a fun party theme for kids and adults. You can have a pink glam Barbie birthday party for teens or adults or adapt it to an awesome doll princess pink theme for younger kids!

Barbie Party Ideas

  • Use fun mini chalkboards or light-up letter boxes for pink Barbie quotes from the movie.
  • Send out hot pink Barbie birthday invitations that let everyone know to dress up as their favorite Barbie characters!
  • Play Pin the Bow on Barbie
  • Decorate with Barbie pink balloons.
  • Give away a pink party Barbie doll as a party prize (or mini Barbie dolls as party favors).
  • Play Barbie-themed games
  • Have a Barbie movie marathon or Barbie watch party
  • Do pink crafts and activities
  • Get into the party mood with a hot pink Barbie outfit or Barbie pink ball gown.
  • Hire Barbie for birthday party! (Search Barbie character for birthday party near me online.)

Keep scrolling for a full list of party ideas for pink Barbie decorations / creative Barbie party supplies, Barbie party foods, Barbie outfits and more ideas for Barbie party themes to keep your party on-trend (including images of ideas for a Barbie party!).

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49 Barbie Inspired Party Ideas For Kids and Adults (Pink Barbie Doll Parties) different images of Barbie party foods and party for Barbie decorations

How To Throw A Pink Barbie Party For Adults Or Kids

What food to serve at Barbie party?

  • Pink Popcorn: Prepare regular popcorn and toss it with pink-colored candy melts or pink powdered food coloring. Mix it well until the popcorn is coated evenly. LEARN HOW TO COLOR POPCORN HERE
  • Barbie Fruit Skewers: Thread pink fruits like watermelon, strawberries, and raspberries onto skewers for a refreshing party snack. Add some easy fruit dip like this as a side.
  • Barbie Pasta Salad: Make a pasta salad using pink-colored pasta (available in specialty stores or by adding food coloring to the cooking water) mixed with colorful vegetables and a light dressing. LEARN HOW TO DYE PASTA FOR EATING HERE
  • Pink Lemonade: Offer a refreshing pink lemonade as the drink option. You can make it from scratch by combining lemon juice, water, sugar, and a few drops of red food coloring.
  • Pink Candy Buffet: Create a candy buffet (candy table) with various pink candies like cotton candy, pink jelly beans, pink gummy bears, and pink rock candy.
  • Barbie Cake Pops: Make pink cake pops by dipping them in pink candy melts and rolling them in pink sprinkles.
Barbie Dress Cake for a fun Barbie birthday party (Barbie doll body stuck in a cake that forms a dress)
  • Hot Pink Barbie Cake. Pink Barbie birthday cake (Barbie doll in a cake!) is always a crowd pleaser, no matter the guests age or the occasion!
  • Pink Parfait: Layer pink-tinted yogurt, fresh berries, and granola in clear cups or dessert glasses for a beautiful and healthy dessert option.
  • Barbie-shaped Cookies: Bake sugar cookies in the shape of Barbie dolls heads like this or high heels and decorate them with pink icing and edible glitter.
  • Pink Macarons: Serve delicate pink macarons in a variety of flavors such as strawberry, raspberry, or rose.
  • Pink Dipped Pretzels: Dip pretzel rods or twists into melted pink candy melts and decorate them with edible pearls or sprinkles for a sweet and salty treat.
  • Pink Mousse Shooters: Prepare pink-colored mousse using strawberry or raspberry puree, and serve them in small shot glasses or mini dessert cups for a delightful and elegant dessert.
  • Signature Barbie Drink. Create your own pink-themed drink for a signature Barbie drink.


Barbie Party Costume Ideas (What To Wear To Barbie Parties) different pink Barbie outfits

How to dress for a Barbie party?

For Barbie party costumes, just take a look at your favorite Barbie doll and gets some Barbie inspiration from her (or him if you’re going as Ken doll).

WHAT KIDS CAN WEAR TO A BARBIE PARTY different Barbie outfits for kids

More Barbie Party Costume Ideas:

  • Classic Barbie dress (I love this pink Barbie dress for adults and this Barbie doll dress for kids – it’s like a little birthday doll dress!)
  • Short Barbie party dress pink of course (or a pink and purple Barbie party dress)
  • Pink Barbie pants with heels
  • Pink Barbie jumpsuit for a retro stylish outfit
  • Pull your hair back into a classic pink Barbie ponytail!
  • Pink Barbie makeup is about eye shadow and lipstick
  • If you’re going as a pink Barbie princess, wear a fun tiara.
Decoration Ideas For A Barbie Party (Barbiecore and Pink Barbie Aesthetic) different images of Barbie party decor

Hot Pink Barbie Party Decor

Decorations for Barbie parties should be full of sparkling backdrops and table decor of pink! These ideas work for Barbie birthday parties, shower parties, or movie night party themes!

PRO PARTY TIP: Don’t want to do just pink for your Barbie themes? Pink and black glams up this theme for a grown-up party or purple and pink are a fun color mix for Barbie theme parties!

Here are fun Barbie decorating ideas for your party!

DIY Barbie Themed Party Decorations:

BARBIE PARTY FAVOR IDEAS FOR ADULTS - pink champagne tower in glasses, text and pink champagne bottles with straws and bows

Don’t forget to send your guests home with Barbie party favors that include fun things like mini Barbie dolls, hot pink sunglasses, pink lip gloss, hair accessories, personalized keychains, kids play pack bundles like this, and/or pink candy bags.

If you’re having a grown-up Barbie party, buy mini pink champagne bottles, attach straws, and give them out as adult party favors!

If you have fun ideas that you’ve tried at a Barbie theme party, let us know and we’ll add them to our list!

What do you do at a Barbie party?

Barbie party activities will vary greatly based on the type of party and the age of the party guests. Here are some fun ideas for a theme party that you can customize for your party.

PRO PARTY TIP: Have a Dress-Up Station! Set up a dress-up station with a variety of pink-themed costumes, accessories, and props for the guests to channel their inner Barbie. Provide pink boas, tiaras, feathered boas, sunglasses, and glamorous outfits. Kids and teens alike love this, especially if you have fun photo backdrops so their pictures can be shared on social media!


Barbie Games Party Ideas:

  • Have a Barbie photo shoot.
  • Do a Barbie dance TikTok challenge.
  • Watch the Barbie movie or Barbie cartoons.
  • Sing Barbie karaoke.
  • Play the Spin A Nail Polish game and make them all shades of pink!
  • Have a Barbie glow party dance.
  • Play Pin The Heels On Barbie (or pin the tiara on Barbie).
  • Play “Barbie Says” (like Simon Says, except saying “Barbie Says” instead).
  • Have a Barbie-themed scavenger hunt where guests search for hidden Barbie dolls or pink-themed items.
  • Play Uno Barbie.
  • Have a Barbie-inspired runway fashion show: Organize a Barbie-themed fashion show where guests can walk the pink carpet and showcase their stylish outfits. Provide a dressing area, a runway, and have someone announce each guest’s entrance like a fashion commentator.
  • Play with Barbies!
  • Provide a Pink Glamour Station: Have a beauty station where guests can have their nails painted with pink nail polish or get Barbie-themed nail stickers.



Have fun with your hot pink Barbie party theme!

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