Valentines Treasure Hunt Game for Palentine’s Day

Hilarious treasure hunt game for Palentine’s Day with friends! If you’re having a Galentine’s Day party on February 13th with gal pals or a friend Valentine’s Day party on February 14th, add this fun anti-Valentine’s Day game for those that hate romantic holidays!

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How To Play The Treasure Hunt Game for Palentines Day or Galentine’s Day Parties

Heading out on the town for Valentine’s Day with girlfriends or having a friend Valentine’s Day party? Have a funny phone treasure hunt with an anti-romantic theme (or anti-relationship theme). This is a perfect game for people who loathe the sappy romance theme for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt Game Summary

The goal of the Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt Game is to be the first player or team to complete the photo scavenger hunt and meet back at the designated meetup to win the game.

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Alternate game play: You can also play where everyone votes on the best photo taken for each item. Person or team with most votes wins.

Game Materials

  • Smart phone camera (for each player or team)
  • List of treasure hunt items texted to each player or team (see treasure hunt ideas below)
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Game Instructions

  1. Decide if you’re going to play as individuals or teams. (It’s really fun to play as teams if you have enough people.)
  2. Head out to a local hot spot for Valentine’s Day. (GAME TIP: A main street with lots of bars and restaurants works really well for this.)
  3. Once everyone has arrived, text the Valentine’s Treasure Hunt List to each person (even if you’re doing teams. It’s easier if everyone has the list.)
  4. On Go! each person or team has to complete the scavenger hunt photographs list within one hour and then meet back at the meeting spot. (Everyone must meet back at the meeting spot at the designated time no matter if they finished the list or not.)
  5. Person or team who finishes list first — with valid photos — wins a fun trophy or prize and bragging rights until next year. (You can also play where everyone votes on each list photo and most votes overall wins.)
  6. Enjoy the rest of the time together as friends for Valentine’s Day!

Un- Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt Ideas List

  • Find the Ugliest Valentine’s Day Decorations: Snap a pic of the tackiest, most cringe-worthy Valentine’s Day decorations you can find.
  • Take a Selfie with a Stranger and Declare Them Your “Anti-Valentine” Date: Bonus points if they look bewildered or confused.
  • Capture a Moment of Extreme Eye-Rolling: Take a selfie of you or your team mid-eye-roll, expressing your disdain for romantic clichés, in front of the worst holiday decoration you can find.
  • Secretly Photobomb a Couple’s Selfie: Sneak into the background of a couple taking a selfie and strike a funny pose.
  • Find the Most Ridiculous Love Song: Snap a pic of the most cringe-worthy love song playing on a playlist or people dancing to a love song.
  • Capture a Moment of Exaggerated Disgust at a Romantic Movie Poster: Find a poster for a romantic movie or a romantic ad and pose with your team looking utterly disgusted.
  • Photograph the Most Unromantic Meal: Capture a shot of a less-than-romantic food item (like a greasy burger).
  • Photograph the Least Romantic Location: Find the most unromantic or mundane place you see and take a group photo there.
  • Capture a Moment of Over-the-Top Eye Rolling at a Lovey-Dovey Social Media Post: Find a super mushy social media post and take a photo of your team reacting to it. (Be sure to get the social media post in the pic!)
  • Pose with Anti-Valentine’s Day Merchandise: Find Valentine’s Day merchandise that sends the wrong message for a the holiday (e.g., broken heart-shaped items) and take a group photo.
  • Photograph the Most Unflattering Valentine’s Day Outfit: Spot someone wearing an outfit that screams “anti-romance” and take a discreet snapshot.
  • Capture a Moment of Celebrating Independence: Take a pic of your team with someone who is totally rocking their singleness on Valentine’s Day.

This is just a starting list of fun Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt ideas. Be sure to add your own!


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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Let us know how your treasure hunt game for Palentine’s Day goes!

DISCLOSURE: Affiliate links are used on this site. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please refer to our DISCLOSURE.

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