Fun Beer and Diaper Party Ideas For Dads To Be

A beer and diaper party is a great alternative to a traditional baby shower, co ed diaper party ideas / joint baby showers, or if you want unique party ideas for a father’s baby shower or a diaper party for guys ideas!

BEER AND DIAPER PARTY beers in a bucket by a diaper tower on a diaper shower table

Best Beer And Diaper Party Ideas For Dads

A diaper and beer is a fun trending party for new parents or parents to be. It can be just for the mom, just for the dad-to-be as a dad baby shower, or is fun for co-ed diaper party ideas. It’s a super fun baby shower theme for girls or boys!

Beer Diaper Party Ideas

  • Create funny beer and diaper party invitations themes like Brew And Poo (more beer and diaper party themed invitation ideas below!)
  • Work with a local craft brewery to provide a beer tasting
  • Have a beer cookies and baby bottle cookies platter for baby shower desserts
  • Play funny games like diaper obstacle course
  • Have a Who Got The Poo? raffle
  • Play baby bottle pong or diaper pong
  • Play What’s In My Dude Diaper Bag (blindfolded guests reach in an feel what’s in the diaper bag and try to write down as many things as they remember)
  • Do a diaper toss (wet diapers, put a rubber band around it, and then see who can toss the most into a diaper pail)
  • Compete in Baby Shower Feud
  • Play Guess How Many Beer Bottle Caps in a jar for prizes

KEEP SCROLLING for the full list of diaper and beer party ideas, fun how to throw a diaper party tips, and answers to questions like who throws diaper party or a man baby shower.

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If you’re new to this concept, you may be wondering what is a daddy diaper party / diaper beer party or what are diaper baby showers all about?

What is a beer and diapers party?

You may be wondering what is a beer and diaper party anyway?! A beer and diapers party is a casual, low key baby shower for dads or for moms-to-be and dads-to-be together as a co-ed shower (if you don’t just want a shower for men). It’s a beer themed party centered around a bringing diapers for a new baby.

Some people have this for the husbands the same day the wives have the traditional baby shower.

How many diapers to bring to a diaper party?

People generally bring one pack of disposable diapers to a diaper party. (It’s OK to also make a diaper gift basket with diapers and other items, like diaper cream.) Be sure you get size 1 or up. You may want to consider getting larger sizes (many people will bring smaller sizes). Tape the receipt to the package. That way if the baby has grown out of the size the parents can exchange the diapers for the larger size.

Can you throw your own diaper party?

Traditionally, showers are thrown by other people (friends and family members) so that it doesn’t look like you’re asking for gifts. However, beer and diaper party etiquette is super relaxed, so don’t worry about it! If you want to throw your own diaper party, go for it!

When do you have a diaper party?

You can plan a diaper party like a shower before the baby comes. Or, sometimes, parents may prefer to have the diaper party after the baby is born. Check with the parents and see what they prefer (and if they prefer it be just a diaper shower for dad or a co-ed baby shower with mama and papa)!

You may be wondering what do you do at a diaper party…

What do guys do at a diaper party?

Diaper parties are where the expectant father and his friends celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new baby. The typical diaper party includes beer, food, games, gifts, and of course diapers! Guys hang out in a casual environment, watch sports, drink beer, eat, and sometimes play some silly man shower games (depending on the host there will be different daddy diaper party ideas).

What do you do at a diaper party CANDY BAR DIAPER GAME

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Where To Have A Diaper Party

Since diapers parties are usually casual, most people prefer to have a diapers party at home or as a backyard barbecue. If you’re doing daddies and diapers, you can also do it at a sports bar / favorite pub, park area, video game bar, or a fun rental space. If it’s a diaper party for dad, think about the things the dad likes to do!

Diaper Party Gift Ideas For Guys

What to bring to a diaper party:

  • Diapers (above anything else. If this is the only thing you bring, that’s OK!)
  • Cool dude diaper bag
  • Diaper gift basket (diapers, wipes, diaper cream, etc.)
  • Make a beer and diaper tower
  • Personalized beer mugs
  • Cool coasters
  • Branded pint glasses
  • Refillable Growler from a local brewery
  • Gift card for diapers
  • Gift card for food delivery
  • Pack of the dad’s favorite beer
  • Adult beer diapers as a gag gift
  • Daddy’s Sippy Cup drink glass
  • Funny daddy’s diaper duty apron
  • Funny parenting books like this one
  • Your Turn! Flip a parenting task coin

You can have a lot of fun with diaper shower ideas for dad! (I mean, what’s funnier than diapers and beer?!)

How to Throw a Fun and Easy Diaper Party: Food for Beers And Diapers Shower text over image of beer and nacho bar

How do you throw a diaper keg party?

Here are fun diaper keg party ideas — whether you’re making it a man shower / dad beer and diaper party (or a Dachelor / Dadchelor party) or as a co-ed baby shower! I personally love this as one of the best diaper party ideas to try for a mixed group of men and women!

Beer And Diaper Party Invitations

Beers and diapers are the ultimate guy-friendly baby showers! Get creative with fun beer and diaper party invitations or a diaper party invites for guys. You can have a lot of fun with beer and diaper party invite template ideas and beer and diaper party invitation wording!

Beer And Diaper Party Dad Theme:

  • BBQ Beer And Diaper Party
  • Baby Is Brewing
  • Brew And Poo Diaper Party (my favorite dad themed party name!)
  • Bros, Babies, and Brews
  • Daddy’s Diaper & Beer Bash
  • Pints & Poo Party
  • Bottoms Up! Diaper Shower
  • Beer and Pampers Party
  • Burgers Beers and Babies
  • Beer and Babies Man Shower
  • Dudes and Diapers
  • From Chuggies to Huggies Party
  • Pints & Pee Party
  • Daddy BBQ Baby Shower
  • Diapers and Drinks
  • Pregger Kegger Diaper Party
  • Daddy Pint and Half Pint Party


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Best Food For A Beer And Diaper Party

Beer and diaper party foods should be easy and casual.

Don’t forget to have non-alcoholic drinks and sodas. (We love these flavored water recipes!)

Beer And Diaper Party Decorations

Keep your diaper and beer party decorations simple and casual!

Beer And Diaper Party Games

What games do you play at a diaper party?

  • Diaper changing contest (compete to see who can change the best diaper on baby dolls the fastest)
  • Make your own beer and diaper Mad Libs
  • Dirty diaper game (guess the melted chocolate bar in diaper)
  • Baby shower drink Bingo (where if you call a certain number everyone has to drink)
  • Baby bottle beer pong (use plastic baby bottles instead of cups)
  • Baby shower jeopardy (create categories and questions related to babies and parenting and play a game similar to the TV show Jeopardy)
  • Do a Who Got a Poopie? raffle for a funny prize
  • Play Family Feud Baby Shower
  • Parenting themed obstacle course (one station is changing a diaper on a baby doll, one station is making a bottle of formula blind folded, etc., taking a drink of beer between every station)
  • Play BeerIQ
  • Diaper tower contest (using only the diapers they brought, have guests team up to try to build the tallest diaper tower)
  • Have a diaper raffle
  • Play the beer or belly game
  • Beer tasting competition (blindfold guests and see if they can guess the beer names – give party gifts to winners, of course!)

We’d love to hear your beer and diaper baby shower ideas! Let us know and we’ll add them to our list for dudes and diapers games!

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I hope you have fun with these beer and diaper party ideas!

DISCLOSURE: Affiliate links are used on this site. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please refer to our DISCLOSURE.

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