Flower Bar Party (How To Host a DIY Bouquet Bar)

A flower bar party (also called a make your own bouquet bar or floral bar) is all the rage for hot trendy party ideas! Whether you’re looking flower bar ideas for bridal shower or a fresh flower bar baby shower, brunch activity, sleepover ideas for adults, girls night out party, or fun summer party craft ideas, this is a unique idea for parties that everyone will love!

How to throw a DIY flower bar party (bouquet flower DIY activity) - flower bar party rows of vibrant flowers in vases on a table at a DIY bouquet party

How To Make A Flower Bar

A create your own bouquet party is a fun, trending party for a variety of themes or flower party ideas!

For A Flower Bar Set Up, You’ll Need:

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  • An array of flowers of different sizes and colors (you can even make it a wild flower bar or a dried flower bar or a vintage bouquet bar)
  • Greenery and accessories
  • Flower bar cart to hold the flowers and flower supplies
  • Glass vases for flower bar or containers for guests to arrange their flowers in (canning jars are beautiful vases!)
  • Ribbon, twine, burlap (or other items like this to go with the theme, especially if you’re doing flower bars for bridal shower))
  • Floral scissors for each guest (and some regular scissors)
  • Enough tables and seating for guests to spread out and work on their flower project
  • Tablecloth or something to protect your surfaces
  • Pitchers of water to fill the vases (unless you’re near a sink or hose)
  • Tags so guests can attach their names to their flower vase (we love these)
  • A flower bar stand where guests can place their flowers until the party is over (we love this one with the chalk sign, but you can also do a simple DIY flowers stand on a table with a table cloth)
  • Don’t want to have the party at home? Search flower arranging party near me or build your own bouquet near me for venues who offer this service.

Keep scrolling for full build your own bouquet bar tips, how to set up a bouquet bar, and DIY bar for flower ideas — including shower DIY flower bars at the bottom! So much fun for flowers with friends parties or even birthday parties!

DIY Flower Bar: Perfect Brunch Party or Bridal Shower Activity text over a colorful basket of flowers

In case you’ve never heard of flower bar parties…

What is a flower bar?

A flower bar is a party where guests can create their own flower bouquets and flower arrangements. The party host provides everything that is needed — flowers, vases, floral accents, tools, etc. After, guests keep the arrangements they’ve made for an awesome party favor. A flower party bar is perfect for bridal showers, baby showers, springtime gathering, summer party, girls’ night out ideas, business brunch ideas, and more!

How many flowers do you need for a flower bar?

The amount of flowers you need for your flower bar (aka: homemade flower bouquet bar) will depend on the size of arrangements you are making (dictated by the size of the flower vase), the size of the flowers, if you have any fillers (leaf stems, etc.), and how many guests for a flower bar.

  • For medium to large flowers (think: peony flowers or a hydrangea bouquet), count 3-4 stems for a small vase flower arrangement and 6-9 stems for a medium flower arrangement.
  • For smaller flowers (like roses), you’ll need more (around 8-12 stems for smaller arrangements and as many as 20 stems for a medium arrangement).

PRO TIP: Remember, the party season will have an impact on the flower availability. It’s a good idea to consider that because your favorite-colored blooms may not be available or may be more expensive.

How does a flower bar work?

  1. Guests get vases for flower bar.
  2. Then, guests choose from a variety of flowers and greenery from a bar. (If you’re wondering how many flower in a bouquet for a flower party, get input from florists!)
  3. Back at their seats, party guests have fun arranging their flowers into their vases.
  4. Enjoy this rest of the party with fun flower-themed food and drinks.
  5. After, guests have a beautiful arrangement of flowers to take home to remember the day!

It’s such a great day for a make your own bouquet bridal shower party, Galentine’s Party, birthday party, or a bouquet party for a girls day out idea!


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Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Flower Bar for Your Celebration, Shower, or Party (different pictures of make your own bouquet station)

But, you’re probably wondering how much is a flower bar (because a bunch of beautiful flowers can be costly!)…

How much does a flower bar cost?

A custom flower bar package through an event company or florist can start at $500 and go up from there, depending on number of guests, types of flowers, and how involved you want the florist or event coordinator. (For example, do you want them to instruct guests on how to create a flower bouquet?) Other places may charge around $15/20 per person, but don’t do the setup or delivery, etc. DIY flower bar parties can start at around $100-150 and go up depending on flower types, amount, and other items.

Flower bar pricing depends on a variety of factors, so be sure you’re aware of the costs before planning the party!

PRO TIP: If you’re having a smaller party, ask the floral designer or professional florist about a petite flower bar package, which they can usually put together for 15-20 people or vases. Also, don’t be embarrassed to ask a flower shop how to create a DIY flower bar on a budget or what about their cheapest flower bar packages.

They’ll be able to give you great tips on flower bar packages and how you can save money (like with filler flowers) and where you should splurge (focal flowers or special requests)!

Flower shops are usually very happy to help and will even help you determine how many flowers are in a bouquet that you need.

DIY FLOWER BAR TIP: For build your own bouquets parties and how to make own bouquet (different colored vibrant flowers in containers behind a sign that says farmers market)

DIY FLOWER BAR TIP: For build your own bouquets parties, check with vendors at local farmers markets. Sometimes when they have flowers they need to get rid of ASAP they’ll deeply discount them, especially if you go toward the end of the day on the last day for that week. (We’ve had farmers give us baskets of stuff simply because they didn’t want to pack it up and take it back home!)

Flower Bar Ideas and Tips For Any Special Occasion

For your bouquet making party:

  • Order flowers wholesale in bulk to save you money.
  • Keep your guest list small if you want a budget-friendly party.
  • Use in-season and local flowers to save money (talk to farmers at a local farmers market!).
  • Consider using a variety of greenery (which can help decrease the cost because they’re fillers for flowers).
  • The day before, stop by local florists and ask if they have any flowers, greenery, etc. they’re pitching out that day and offer to take the items off their hands if they’re in good enough shape to use. (Especially if you’re doing a flower bar on a budget!).
  • Use chalk signs like this as a flower bar sign to welcome your guests or have fun sayings like, “Make a bouquet to take on your way!”
  • Like a vintage look? Head to the thrift store and get all different types of vases, cups, and bowls for flower vases. (Or, stick with budget-friendly flower party vases like large jars, or even old tin food cans with labels removed and twine tied around them make great vases!).
  • Place cards or signs on the tables with flower bar instructions (remember: many people haven’t been to a flower party!).
  • Don’t be afraid to set guest expectations with a flower bar menu. Set up stations and have signs that say “Pick 2 from this table” (for the more expensive flowers) and “Pick 4 from this table” (for the more inexpensive greenery and fillers), dried flowers for a dry flower bar station, etc.
  • Want someone to cater the flower event for you? Search flower bar near me and talk to the event coordinator for bouquet bar flowers.
  • Don’t forget food and drink! Keep it easy by making it a tea party with mini sandwiches or even drinks garnished with edible flowers, canapes, and even cookies made with edible flowers.
  • If you’re doing it for a bridal shower bouquet bar, include flower picks with the couple’s initials.

PRO TIP: Having corporate events or larger private events for organizations? Look into getting a flower truck instead for your next event ! It’s a great way to do something different than other special event ideas (different than a private event for work). This is one of the top trending parties of all types right now and is a fun experience for any party theme!

Having a make your own bouquet of flowers party is fun for any theme or event!

DIY FLOWER PARTY THEME IDEAS (unique experience for party guests)  jar of fresh flowers on a colorful striped table cloth (diy bouquet flower)

Want bridal shower flower bar ideas or a build your own bouquet bridal shower party? (YES! This the perfect addition to activities for showers! You can pick the type of flowers based on any theme!)

Whats A Flower Shower?

A flower shower is a simply using throwing a bridal shower (or baby shower) and making flower bouquets as part of the shower activities. It’s a creative way shower guests can connect and have a gift to take home at the end of the shower party.

How do you set up a bridal shower flower bar?

1. Choose your location wisely. You’ll need a table or counter that can accommodate all of your supplies, as well as enough space for guests to create their arrangements. If it’s nice weather and you have the space, make it a flower bar garden party in the backyard!

2. Set up your flower bar. Arrange the vases and containers on the table, and fill them with water. Then, start adding in your flowers! Make sure to mix up the colors and varieties so guests have plenty of options to choose from.

3. Don’t forget extras like extra sharp scissors, floral tape, floral wire (that green wire), wire cutters, waste bin, and raffia, lovely linen or different materials for bows and ribbons.

4. Let guests create their own arrangements. Once everything is set up, let your guests loose to create their own bouquets and arrangements! They can take as many or as few flowers as they like, and you can even provide some helpful tips on how to put everything together. You can even use them as flower decoration for parties tables while you eat.

5. Take photos and enjoy! Be sure to snap some pictures of your guests with their finished creations and favorite flowers. Your bride will definitely want those for a photo album later. (Or, better yet, create a photo album for the bride of everyone’s DIY flower bouquets and give it as a gift! Then they can remember their flower parties forever.)

You can also have a flower bar at bridal shower (or even a flower bar baby shower)!

How do you make a shower flower bar?

A DIY flower bar bridal shower is a fun, creative, and classy way to celebrate the bride and the upcoming wedding!

You can even do a flower bar for wedding activities at the reception. Instead of wedding favors for the wedding ceremony, do a wedding flower bar with DIY bouquet of flowers to take home!

If you have a professional florist leading the event, you can even do your own floral bouquets, your own wedding flowers (learn how to make your own bouquet!), or even a takeaway bouquet as a flower favor! (Bonus points for the lovely fragrances!)

Flower bar ideas for bridal shower:

  • Follow the bride’s theme colors and only have flowers in those colors and accents for those colors
  • Serve floral themed food and floral cocktails and mocktails to carry through the theme of your flower bar DIY party while everyone works on their projects at the flower bar for bridal shower
  • Use the DIY flower bouquets as fresh flower centerpieces for a bridal shower during the party
  • Send the shower guests home not only with their flower favors they made, but also attach a thank you to flower packets like these and place them in a basket on the tables so guests can also grow their own flowers at home! (Twine with a handwritten thank you tag on flower packets make super cute flower bar favors and will help your guests remember flower bar events when their flowers grow!)

A bouquet bar bridal shower (bridal shower make your own bouquet) really is the perfect shower idea or bridal party brunch!

PRO TIP: Have kids at the party? Have a table for kids fun activity ideas, like floral crowns or mini arrangements! Letting children have their own DIY flower bar as a fun way to get involved with this party theme. Such an easy way to make fun memories! (Don’t forget their own chalkboard signs for a kids bouquet bar sign!) Making own bouquet for kids may sound boring, but trust me! They’ll love it!

Let us know your ideas for a DIY flower bouquet bar and flower arrangements party and we’ll add them to our list!

Have fun at your flower bar party and flower bouquet DIY bouquets!

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