How To Throw An Easy Bachelorette Sleepover

Looking for easy bachelorette sleepover themed bachelorette party? If you’re wondering what are good sleepover ideas for bachelorettes, activities for bridal sleepover showers, bachelorette party unique ideas, you’ll love these sleepover showers for the bride-to-be ideas!

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Looking to throw an easy bachelorette party that will still be a fun girls night out? Sometimes, the best destinations for bachelorette party is your own home (especially if you’re looking for easy cheap bachelorette party ideas!).

Before get to slumber party bridal shower ideas, let’s cover some important party tips.

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How To Plan A Simple Bachelorette Party

What is the best way to plan a bachelorette party?

  1. Consider the bride’s personality and likes/dislikes. Don’t force the bride to do things that will make her miserable.
  2. Set a budget well ahead of the party — and stick to it!
  3. Keep it small and check with the bride to be for an invitation list. A bridal shower or bachelorette party should be a more intimate event.
  4. Send digital invitations instead of printed invitations to save time and money.
  5. Less is more. Packing a schedule won’t make it fun for anyone!
  6. Stay local to keep costs down. Remember, not everyone attending has the same budget.
  7. Make it a frugal bachelorette party by offering finger food appetizers and snacks instead of full meals.
  8. Stay safe and Uber or limo back to one location for the night (for a bachelorette party pajama party).
  9. To save money, use someone’s house for the sleepover instead of a hotel or rental.

What should you not do at a bachelorette party?

  • Don’t wing it. Have a clear plan and schedule.
  • Don’t force, bully, or peer pressure the bride or attendees to do things that make them uncomfortable.
  • Don’t overspend. Determine the bigger ticket party must-haves and go cheap or DIY bachelorette party for the rest.
  • Don’t gossip about the bride or attendees.
  • Don’t complain about the cost or how much work you put into the party.
  • Don’t invite people that aren’t on the bride approved invitation list.
  • Don’t over serve anyone or drink too much. Have at least one designated person who stays sober enough to keep the party safe.

Bachelorette Party Ideas for Sleepover

What are good ideas for a bachelorette party?

When planning a bachelorette party pajama party, think of the bride’s likes (and dislikes). If the bride loves the outdoors, plan a backyard slumber party. If she is into dressing up and movies, try a Glitter and Glitz sleepover where everyone dresses up, walks a red carpet, and watches favorite movies.

19 Fun Bachelorette Sleepover Themes:

  • Spa Night
  • Red Carpet Movie Night (Glitter & Glitz)
  • Pancakes and Pajamas
  • Pool Party
  • Beach Party
  • Bachelorette Bunco Party
  • Vegas Night
  • Glamping
  • Backyard Campout
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Emily in Paris (Replace Emily with the bride’s name)
  • Sex In the City
  • Great Gatsby
  • Queen and Her Court
  • Prom Night
  • Glam Jams (Pajamas)
  • Garden Party
  • Roaring 20s
  • Fiesta and Siesta
  • Luau Party


Easy Bachelorette Decorations

Party decorations for the bride to be doesn’t necessarily need to be extravagant. You can do easy DIY bachelorette decorations!

Your bachelorette party decorations will depend on your theme.

Bachelorette Slumber Party Theme Decorations Ideas:

Also try an all-in-one bachelorette party kit like this (especially if you’re trying to throw a frugal bachelorette party!).

Now let’s talk about easy fun bachelorette games!

Games for Bachelorette Sleepover

Easy bachelorette games and easy DIY bachelorette party games are a must for a fun party. (Yes, even if you hate games.)

What games do you play at a bachelorette party?

Also, check out these bachelorette games sleepover printables. They’re templates that you can edit to customize for your own party!

Easy Bachelorette Party Food

For the party, think about easy bachelorette desserts, party snacks, and even easy bachelorette breakfast ideas.

Try these bachelorette food ideas:

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Easy Bachelorette Party Drinks

You definitely want to include easy cocktails for bachelorette party. Look to your theme and then adapt trendy and favorite drinks to your theme. You can also give your drinks fun names for theme (think Last Kiss, Love & Lust, Blushing Bride, etc.).

If you’re offering party drinks with alcohol, be sure you also offer a wide range of non-alcoholic drinks and drinks to rehydrate everyone.

Fun Drinks for Bachelorette Parties:

  • Smoothies
  • Mimosas
  • Layered Drinks (can make these drinks to your theme color)
  • Fruit Infused Waters
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Cotton Candy Champagne (place cotton candy in a glass and pour champagne over!)
  • Unicorn Mimosas
  • Jolly Rancher Shots
  • Sun tea
  • Margaritas on the Rocks (freeze ice cubes to match the theme color)

Easy Bachelorette Gifts

Does the bride give gifts at bachelorette party?

The bachelorette party is to honor the bride, so it is not necessary for the bride to give gifts at a bachelorette party. Attendees generally give the bride gag gifts or inexpensive, funny gifts. The party organizer or bride may choose to give the attendees bachelorette party favors.

Easy Bachelorette Party Favors Ideas:

Hope this helps you throw an easy bachelorette slumber party!

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