Teen New Year’s Eve Sleepover Ideas

Want a teen New Year’s Eve sleepover that will be fun and safe? Whether you want hourly countdown New Year’s Eve countdown activities, fun and safe late night activities, New Year party decorations, or the best holiday sleepover snacks, they will love these teenager New Years party sleepover ideas!

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Having New Year’s Eve with tweens and finding teenage sleepover activities can be hard, especially on New Year’s Eve. You want to make sure your teens have safe activities, but you also want to max out the fun!

What are some New Year’s Eve activities that are fun for teens and tweens?

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Top New Year’s Eve Party Ideas for Teenagers

18 Best Ideas for New Years Eve Sleepover for Teens:

  1. Compete in New Year TikTok Challenges
  2. Do a red carpet movie night (complete with a carpet and all the glitz and glam!)
  3. Play influencer charades (where you guess favorite influencers or online personalities)
  4. Host a NYE virtual sleepover
  5. Do an escape room adventure complete with mystery snacks
  6. Play Read The Resolution
  7. Have a mocktails contest and see who can come up with the best New Year’s Eve theme drink for the party (non-alcoholic, of course)
  8. Set up video game or board game stations and have a game marathon
  9. Play Spin The Nail Polish
  10. Have a Music Glow Party
  11. Do a Selfie Scavenger Hunt
  12. Use disappearing wish paper to send New Year’s resolutions and wishes
  13. Have a talent show (and film it!)
  14. Coordinate and do a neighborhood scavenger hunt
  15. Provide a make your own pizza or taco station
  16. Rent a laser tag room or set up laser tag in your basement
  17. Play finish the lyrics with popular songs
  18. Play New Years Bingo while watching the countdown on TV

(Don’t miss MORE ideas for teens on New Year’s Eve below!)

Best New Year’s Eve Games for Teens

Games to play at home for teenager New Year parties:

  • Read The Resolution (everyone writes down their New Year’s Eve resolution and others have to guess the resolution owner)
  • Giant Jenga (bonus points if you write challenges on pieces and they have to do the challenge after they pull out the block)
  • Giant Connect 4
  • Giant Yahtzee
  • Speed Charades
  • Brain Fart
  • Escape Rooms at Home (decorate your home to match the escape room themes)
  • Taboo
  • Beat That! Challenges
  • Saran Wrap Ball Game (one of our all-time favorite games!)



Awesome Ideas for Years Eve Party For Kids

Unique New Year’s Eve Ideas for Teens 

1. Host a Teen New Year Bonfire

No matter how cold, having a winter bonfire is so fun! Create a big bonfire and make smores and have a hot chocolate bar.

Can’t do a fire? Your teens will still enjoy the outside and be toasty around a warm outdoor heater with hot chocolate and fun music.

Just be sure to include on the invitation that it will be an outdoors party so that people will dress accordingly. (In a teen’s case, winter wear will be shorts and a sweatshirt. Heh.)

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2. Have An Hourly New Year’s Eve Countdown

An hourly New Year countdown is a fun way to celebrate throughout the evening and keep things interesting!

  • Start the countdown at a specific time. For example, if you’re starting your party at 7 p.m., you will need one balloon for each hour until midnight and then a special balloon for midnight.
  • In each balloon, place an activity, a fun fact, a scavenger hunt clue or a clue for a puzzle they need to solve. (For example, maybe your first clue is something like, “Brrr! It’s cold in here. Be sure to find me before the new year!” and it’s hidden in the freezer.)
  • Then, on each hour, pop the balloons and do the activity or puzzle hint.
  • At midnight, make the balloon huge, filled with confetti, and include the final hint or activity.

3. Send Your New Year’s Resolution Floating with Magic Wish Paper

Do you know about Magic Wish Paper? It’s one of my ALL TIME favorite party tricks and it works with any party!

You write your wishes or resolution on slips of the magic flying paper. Then, you light the paper on fire and it floats up into the air and disappears! VERY COOL.

It’s one of the best activities for teens for New Years and a great late night activity after midnight!

We love this magic wish flying paper for New Year’s Eve!

4. Make a New Year Time Capsule

On the invitation, ask everyone to bring an item that describes the past year. Have everyone write a note about what they wish to accomplish in the new year and sign their name and date.

Seal off the time capsule, store it away, and then open it at the party next year!

These large containers make great time capsules and you can decorate the outside with contact paper!

5. Hand Out New Year Slumber Party Goody Bags

For party favors, put together new year goodie bags that include things like:

Or any other fun party favors that match your theme!

What are some of your favorite teen New Year’s Eve sleepover ideas?

DISCLOSURE: Affiliate links are used on this site. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please refer to our DISCLOSURE.

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