Teen White Elephant Gift Ideas That Rock

Need teen white elephant gift ideas for a teen holiday party, teenager Christmas sleepover, or gag gifts for Christmas, or wondering what can I do instead of exchanging gifts for Christmas? Play the White Elephant gift exchange gifts for fun holiday ideas for teens and tweens and a great group party game for any time of year (and we even have directions on how does a white elephant gift exchange work if you’ve never played!).

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Whether you’re looking for funny cheap Christmas gifts, funny gift exchange ideas or gag gift ideas for Christmas, these are perfect white elephant gift ideas teenage girl or guy, youth group white elephant gift ideas, high school Christmas party ideas, and tween gift exchange ideas or even Secret Santa ideas!

So, what white elephant gift exchange gifts are the best?

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What are some good white elephant gift ideas?

56 Cool Gifts For Teens For A Holiday Party Gift Exchange:

  1. AirPods or earphones
  2. Cool coffee drink tumbler and gift card to a local coffee shop
  3. Membership to a local museum, zoo, etc.
  4. Cash (wrapped in a really pretty box)
  5. Apple gift cards or Amazon gift cards
  6. Touchscreen winter gloves / tech gloves
  7. Eco friendly reusable straws
  8. Membership to a subscription box
  9. Box full of snacks
  10. Set of random vinyl stickers for laptops, phone cases, and drink cups
  11. Funny t-shirt
  12. Phone or tablet stand
  13. Lip balm set
  14. Giant lobster claws hands or Hulk hands
  15. Gift card to a local movie theater
  16. Funny mug with gourmet hot chocolate packs
  17. Coupons to local events or small businesses
  18. Gift card for digital game downloads
  19. Giant Jenga (or other oversized lawn games)
  20. Card games
  21. Stuff animals or Squishmallows
  22. Oversized jumbo playing cards
  23. Funny board games
  24. TikTok lighting set
  25. VSCO girl drink cup pack (drink cup, metal straw, save the turtles patches, lip balm, etc.)
  26. Donut pillow
  27. Burrito blanket
  28. Mermaid tail blanket
  29. Poo “Jenga” Game
  30. Gourmet or unique chocolate bars (we got these one year and people still talk about it!)
  31. Bonsai tree (or other seed starter kits)
  32. Hot dog bun and toaster
  33. Sushi socks
  34. Funny stickers and a Hydro Flask
  35. Breakfast sandwich maker press
  36. Fun desk accessories
  37. Star Wars theme gifts
  38. Screaming Goat (perfect gag gift for White Elephant swap!)
  39. UFO Cow Abduction
  40. Sushi sock set
  41. Mini corn hole
  42. LED photo clip lights
  43. Headphone hat
  44. 101 Pooping Puppies puzzle
  45. Scratchy notes set
  46. Shape shifting cube
  47. Mini blue tooth speaker
  48. Disco light drone
  49. Cinema light box with changeable message
  50. Poop Shoot game
  51. DIY journal set
  52. Box of retro candies
  53. Light up word clock
  54. Portable iPhone charger
  55. Temporary tattoo markers
  56. Chia poo head

Any item that would be fun gift exchange ideas for friends are great white elephant present ideas! (Also think: gag gifts for teenagers!) Just be sure to set a gift cost limit and then stay within the limit! Also, sometimes it’s funny to include a bad gift or two that you KNOW people will want to get rid of to encourage swapping and gift stealing.

Keep scrolling for more festive gift exchange game ideas, more white elephant gifts for teens and examples of white elephant gifts, and how to play White Elephant games!

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teenage white elephant gifts and white elephant gifts for young adults

Before we get to the holiday gift exchange party game rules, you may be wondering…

What is a white elephant gift?

A white elephant gift is part of a Christmas gift exchange where party goers steal wrapped gifts without knowing what is inside. A white elephant gift usually has a set dollar limit (like $20) and can be any new present that the person wants to bring as a gift to exchange.

(If you set a gift price as the best white elephant gifts $40, you may be making the price too high. People can easily find unique elephant gifts / good gifts for high schoolers cheaper.)

You can also put on the holiday party invitation what types of gifts to bring: luxurious, but impractical, or funny Christmas gag gift, gift cards only, or any gift within the price range.

Original white elephant gifts were gag gifts, but your gifts can be any type of cool elephant gifts you want.

Just be sure you’re clear about any holiday theme or item requirements for gift exchange gift ideas on the invites so that there’s no confusion about your teenage white elephant gift ideas.

TIP: It’s better to make white elephant gifts gender neutral so anyone who gets the white elephant present can enjoy it.

Christmas Party Games For Teens

Christmas party games printable

Is a white elephant gift new or used?

Unless otherwise stated by the holiday party invitation or host, a white elephant gift is always a new, wrapped gift that falls in within the price limit set by the party host.

For a teen party, make the white elephant gift ideas for 12 year olds and up.

About the White Elephant Gift Price Limit

What is a good unisex gift for white elephant?

When playing the white elephant swap game, you need to be aware of your guests and set an appropriate price limit. If you’re having a tween or tween holiday party, set the limit to be a $10 white elephant gift or $20 white elephant gift. That means each person shouldn’t spend more than $10 or more than $20 on a gift (but it can be less).

Always set a white elephant gift limit maximum for your white elephant presents!

(To be safe, keep it at unisex white elephant gift ideas $20 and under for coed white elephant gift ideas.)

While gift exchanges are great Christmas party ideas for teens, remember that not everyone has the extra money for expensive gifts!

Setting a cost limit range for teenage white elephant gifts will be helpful to party guests and they can get creative white elephant gifts within that range.

And, to be honest, the inexpensive white elephant gifts are often the funniest and most popular (even over the really cool white elephant gifts)!

What do you wear to a white elephant party?

What you wear to a White Elephant party will be dictated by the host on the holiday party invitation. Some hosts have a theme white elephant party, where you dress following the theme. Others just have a regular Christmas party with a white elephant game as part of the party. Then, you would wear festive holiday sweaters, holiday party dresses, etc. If in doubt, ask the hosts what you should wear to the white elephant party event.


Teen Christmas Sleepover Ideas and Teenage Christmas Party Ideas

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But what if you need to shop teen white elephant gift ideas at the last minute or need last-minute elephant game gifts ideas?

No worries!

We have one of the best ideas for white elephant gift exchange if you forgot you needed a gift or need last-minute white Santa gifts!

Easy Last Minute White Elephant Gift Ideas

Gift cards are a great last-minute Christmas gift idea for a White Elephant party because you can run into a convenience store on the way to a party and then just throw it into a gift bag. For a holiday teen party or white elephant gift ideas for youth group, think gift cards for coffee shops, fast food restaurants, a hot new video game console release or gamer membership, or even a popular teen clothing store. Gift card gifts are a perfect white elephant gift for male or female.

A gift card is also good for white elephant gift virtual holiday party because you can make a coupon for a gift card and then email a gift card to the winner.

(For example, you can do a virtual gift card from Amazon for great Christmas gifts for high schoolers.)

These are all gender neutral teenage gifts and easy white elephant gifts.

Gifts for white elephant $20 are inexpensive white elephant gift ideas teens will love!


Plastic Wrap Ball Game

Christmas Gift Exchange Bingo 

The Candy Bar Game

Paper Plate on Head Game

(Gift bingo swap is one of our favorite alternatives to white elephant gift exchange and fun for teenager gift exchange ideas, too!)

Teenager wearing santa hat with w bag of teen white elephant gifts in a santa sack over her shoulder

Let’s get to our white elephant gift ideas for young adults and the game rules…

White Elephant Gift Rules

How To Play The White Elephant Gift Exchange

The goal of a White Elephant Gift Exchange Party is to entertain the party attendees while also getting a fun gift.

(See our huge list of teenage gift exchange ideas if you’re wondering what are good gifts for white elephant!)

If you’ve never played, you’ll be surprised what the partygoers fight over for what becomes the highly sought after gift or the cool elephant gift ideas.

So you can go for the easy white elephant gift ideas over the nice gifts for white elephant if you want!

What’s a great white elephant gift is solely up to you!

One year at our White Elephant Party, the most popular gift that everyone fought over was a fanny farting bank.


It’s one of the most creative white elephant gifts we’ve ever given and it was a huge hit!

(Who knew this was one of those white elephant gifts everyone will fight for?! Great for hilarious white elephant gifts!)

So don’t be afraid to get silly for your cool gift ideas for white elephant parties.

If you’re hosting a white elephant gift exchange but have never played the White Elephant game, here’s the white elephant gift process…

How do white elephant gifts work?

 The White Elephant Gift Exchange Game works like this:

  1. Everyone attending the party brings one, wrapped gift within the budget limit. (You usually set and affordable price range like $10 white elephant gifts or no more than $20 gifts.) There should be one gift for each person playing the Christmas game. For example, if there is a family of four and each person wants to leave with a gift, that family needs to bring four wrapped gifts. Each gift should be wrapped so that it can’t be identified. (Sometimes we overwrap our gifts, like a box in a box in a box, to make them seem more enticing.)
  2. All gifts are placed on a table near where you are going to play the game.
  3. Party guests then sit in a circle. The first player (Player A) chooses a gift and unwraps the gift and sets it aside, but where other players can see it.
  4. The next player (Player B) has two choices: steal Player A’s unwrapped gift or choose a wrapped gift from the table. If Player B chooses Player A’s gift, player A chooses another wrapped gift from the table and unwraps it. It is then Player C’s turn. Player C can choose Player A’s unwrapped gift, Player B’s unwrapped gift, or a wrapped gift from the table.
  5. Play continues until the last wrapped gift on the table has been unwrapped and all players have a gift. When the last wrapped gift is unwrapped the game ends.

How do you pick a white elephant gift?

There are several ways to pick white elephant gifts:


Swappy The White Elephant Game is a cute white elephant that has cards that you draw out of an area on his back.

Each card gives a different direction for swapping and stealing gifts.

It’s a really fun twist to a gift swap exchange and will be a huge hit for a white elephant gift teenager game!


For your white elephant gift for teens party, have everyone sit in a circle. Choose a person to go first.

After the first person plays, the person immediately to their left either chooses the first person’s gift or chooses a new gift.

Game play continues in order around the circle until the last person has gone and there are no more new gifts to choose or unwrap.


For this version of the white elephant gift for teenager game, have everyone draw numbers.

(You can write out numbers for white elephant gift exchange or use this handy White Elephant Party Kit).

Each party attendee goes in order of their number and follows the rules of either stealing a present from another person or choosing an unwrapped gift from the table.

(We like this version of white elephant for teens games because it skips around and you never know who is going next until you get to the number.)

What are your favorite Christmas exchange gift ideas or youth white elephant gift ideas?

Let us know your best cheap white elephant gifts and we’ll add them to our white elephant gift ideas teenage list!

We hope you have fun with these teen white elephant gift ideas!

DISCLOSURE: Affiliate links are used on this site. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please refer to our DISCLOSURE.

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