70 Best Hocus Pocus Costume Party Ideas And Activities

Need Hocus Pocus costume party ideas for a Halloween themed costume party? We have Hocus Pocus drinks, halloween party games, Hocus Pocus party supplies and decorations, witch themed party food ideas, and witch party ideas for adults and children. Fun ideas for a Hocus Pocus party for adults and kids that make the best Sanderson Sisters party (even fun for themed sleepover party or witches dinner party)!

Hocus Pocus Costume Party Ideas or Movie Night Party (BEST Hocus Pocus Party Ideas!) trio of witches - sanderson sisters hair on orange background with black cauldron

Fun Hocus Pocus Costume Party Ideas

Whether you’re having a Sandersons Sisters costume party, need Hocus Pocus movie night ideas, or you’re looking for Hocus Pocus party food, you’ll have fun with these party tips and Hocus Pocus decor ideas that are just as fun for Hocus Pocus birthday party ideas as for a Hocus Pocus themed Halloween party!

Check out these fun Hocus Pocus party ideas and Hocus Pocus decorations ideas (don’t miss our cheap Hocus Pocus decorating tip below!)…

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DIY Hocus Pocus Party Activities and Ideas

Fun Hocus-Pocus Themed Party Ideas:

  • Do a fun themed Hocus Pocus party invite using only the Sanderson’s sisters hair.
  • Provide a quiet corner with Hocus Pocus coloring pages printables and crayons.
  • Tie party details on mini witch’s brooms for a fun Hocus Pocus Halloween party invitation
  • Put a spell on your guests using smoking witch cauldron drinks.
  • Make witch-inspired drinks, appetizers, and desserts for Hocus Pocus party foods.
  • Play Witch Pitch. (FUN TIP: Make your own homemade halloween games with witch’s hat ring toss game DIY using mini witch hats and glow necklaces!)
  • Hanging glowing, floating witch hangs from the ceiling. (I LOVE this for your own Hocus Pocus party decor ideas!)
  • Use wigs and Hocus Pocus t shirts for cheap and easy Hocus Pocus Halloween costumes.
  • Play the Hocus Pocus board game.
  • Play themed witch party games. (Get Hocus Pocus games ideas below!)
  • Try a fun Hocus Pocus cookies recipe shaped like the Sanderson’s sisters hair.
  • Hit up a local bakery for Hocus Pocus themed cookies or a Hocus Pocus birthday cake.
  • Create Hocus Pocus alcohol free recipes for all ages with smoking dry ice.
  • Use a potions kit for kids party craft. (details below)
  • Create your own Hocus Pocus trivia game using Hocus Pocus trivia questions from the movie to add to your fun group party games.
  • Put on the Hocus Pocus soundtrack music and recreate the dance party scene with fun Halloween music.
  • Make it a movie watch party (complete with costumes!) for Hocus Pocus 1 and Hocus Pocus 2.

See the complete list of Hocus Pocus ideas, Hocus Pocus snacks and drinks (fun Hocus Pocus food ideas!), Hocus Pocus party decorations, Hocus Pocus watch party ideas and more below! KEEP SCROLLING for great ideas for Halloween night or even a Hocus Pocus baby shower theme or fun birthday party theme for spooky season parties!

Hocus Pocus Party Names

Don’t forget that a fun party name sets the perfect Hocus Pocus Party scene! (You can even use these on the invitations for a Hocus Pocus themed birthday party!)

These Halloween party names from your favorite Halloween movie don’t disappoint! (It’s exciting to introduce this iconic cult movie classic to new generations — both the original film and the new Hocus Pocus movie!)

Get creative with your Hocus Pocus party names ideas like:

  • I Put A Spell On You (or, I’m Putting A Spell on You For Halloween)
  • Sandersons Soire
  • Witch, Please
  • Witch’s Night Out
  • It’s All A Bunch of Hocus Pocus
  • A Witch’s Tea Party

  • Sandersons Sisters Enchanted Evening
  • Witching Hour
  • The Witches’ Ball
  • Moonlit Madness
  • Spellbinding Soiree
  • Brews and Broomsticks Halloween Party

*Great for any witch party theme for younger guests and adults!

Keep scrolling for the full list of Hocus Pocus Halloween party decorations & ideas!

Here’s the full list of ideas for Hocus Pocus party…


Let’s get to the full list of Hocus Pocus activities and ideas for your party! Here are our favorite witchy party ideas and Hocus Pocus 2 party food ideas (or a full watch party with Hocus Pocus 1, too!).

Hocus Pocus Theme Ideas

Use these for an unforgettable Hocus Pocus-themed party, especially with the release of the new movie! These are super fun Hocus Pocus 2 watch party ideas! Whether you’re having a Hocus Pocus adult party (and need Hocus Pocus adult party ideas) or throwing a cool kids Halloween party, these party ideas are fun for everyone!

Here’s everything you need for your Hocus Pocus theme party ideas…

Hocus Pocus Costumes Ideas

Costumes for Hocus Pocus parties can be elaborate or super simple, so take what you need from these Hocus Pocus costume DIY tips. Hocus Pocus dress up ideas can be as simple as a Sanderson sisters wig added to your Hocus Pocus homemade costumes or full Sanderson costumes!

Have fun with dressing up using these Hocus Pocus Halloween party ideas for costumes and clothing for Hocus Pocus party theme ideas!

What to wear to Hocus Pocus party – whether you dress like your favorite Sanderson sister, the black cat or Billy Butcherson…

DIY Hocus Pocus Halloween costumes:



Best Halloween Games For Parties

Fun Halloween Movies to Watch with Kids

Halloween Birthday Sleepover Activities

Teen Halloween Party Ideas

What about Hocus Pocus themed party food or a great idea for Hocus Pocus appetizer ideas?

Hocus Pocus Food

Use Hocus Pocus theme recipes and Hocus Pocus themed drinks to continue your party theme and an amazing Halloween party. You can have fun with a Hocus Pocus menu without spending a lot of time or money and still create amazing Hocus Pocus watch party food.

The trick to making any party foods Hocus Pocus themed snacks or Hocus Pocus watch party food ideas is to incorporate lots of witch decorations, food cauldrons, and the classic Hocus Pocus colors of the Hocus Pocus hair of the sisters (food decorating ideas: use orange, yellow, purple colors). Do this, you can transform almost any witch themed decorations into Hocus Pocus themes.

Here are some easy DIY Hocus Pocus themed food ideas for your party, Hocus Pocus themed dinner for a movie watching party, or creating an epic Hocus Pocus party menu for all ages…

Hocus Pocus party snacks ideas:

  • Need Hocus Pocus appetizers? Make a Sanderson sisters charcuterie board for great Hocus Pocus appetizers. (Use these graze board tips and add in purples, oranges, and yellows for theme Hocus Pocus party appetizers.) Great Hocus Pocus snacks easy idea or even an appetizer addition for Hocus Pocus themed dinner ideas or light Hocus Pocus dinner ideas.
  • Make vanishing Hocus Pocus desserts.
  • Make easy Hocus Pocus brownies or cupcakes by adding these toppers. (Easy Hocus Pocus cake ideas: If you’re short on time, buy Halloween cupcakes and then use those Hocus Pocus cupcake toppers to easily make them theme cupcakes or Hocus Pocus themed treats. It’s a Hocus Pocus birthday cake ideas hack! Then, you don’t have to worry about coming up with Hocus Pocus recipes for cakes!)
  • Pretzel sticks and cheese dip witches’ brooms

  • Make Hocus Pocus balls recipe (use this purple popcorn balls recipe and leave off the monster eyes for fun DIY Hocus Pocus treats). These are great for Hocus Pocus movie night snacks! (These are also great for Hocus Pocus Halloween treats bags to take home.)
  • Purple and black icing on store bought sugar cookies with witch hat sprinkles like this or black cat sprinkles for black cat cookies make ideas for an easy Hocus Pocus dessert / Hocus Pocus decorated cookies.
  • Having a movie watching party with adults? Make Hocus Pocus cocktails and play a Hocus Pocus drinking game Hocus Pocus word (or grab this Hocus Pocus drink game to go along with your snacks for a Hocus Pocus party).
  • Add these trending sliders for Sand Witches
  • Make a trendy caramel apples snack board.
  • Make string cheese witch brooms (fun food for kids and adults!)
  • Haven mini candy apple and caramel apple bits

  • Come up with a theme Halloween Hocus drink for your party with fun names like Sanderson Suds, Sanderson Sisters snacks, Cauldron Cocktails, Hocus Pocus Punch, etc. (DEFINITELY make that Hunch Pocus drink punch recipe if you’re having a Hocus Pocus kid party. They will freak out!)
  • Any favorite party punch recipe or hot apple cider becomes Cauldron Punch or Witch’s Brew. Put it in a cauldron like this for serving.
  • Use baked apple sticks for dead man’s toes recipe. (Fun Hocus Pocus party recipes for kids!)
  • Have a hot chocolate bar like this and call it Hocus Pocus hot chocolate (and, if you can find them, include some Hocus Pocus cocoa bombs!). Serve your Halloween hot chocolate in these witch cauldron mugs.
  • Grab a store-bought cake and use Hocus Pocus cake decorations to keep it Halloween Hocus Pocus theme!
  • Add any witch themed party food to your Sanderson sister menu / Hocus Pocus inspired food!

Get creative and add fun Hocus Pocus food names to your dishes and Hocus Pocus party ideas food!

Do you have favorite Hocus Pocus snack ideas, Hocus Pocus dessert ideas, or Hocus Pocus party food ideas? Let us know and we’ll add them to our Hocus Pocus food menu / Hocus Pocus theme food!


Add this to your amazing Hocus Pocus party: Get free Hocus Pocus coloring pages.

Now that we’ve covered Hocus Pocus treat ideas, let’s get to theme party games!

DIY Hocus Pocus Party Games and Party Activities

  • Hocus Pocus Trivia: Test your guests’ knowledge of all things Hocus Pocus with a trivia game! See who knows the most about the movie, and make sure to have some fun prizes for the winners.
  • Play the Hocus Pocus board game. (If you’re looking for more witchy games for a Hocus Pocus game night, try this one too.)
  • Play Hocus Pocus bingo. (Great for Hocus Pocus watch party games / Hocus Pocus viewing party!)
  • Play the themed Hocus Pocus card game.
  • Have a Hocus Pocus dance contest (like the never-ending dance scene from the movie!).
  • Play witch halloween games like Pin The Witch On The Broom or Pin the Nose on the Witch. (It’s like a pin the tail Halloween version!)
  • Have an official lighting of the black candle.
  • Turn this into a Hocus Pocus escape room game.

Giving away party game prizes to winners? How about this SUPER COOL (we have it, so we know from personal experience!) Hocus Pocus novelization or a spell book or a Peace Love and Hocus Pocus marker bag (or make up bag!).

DIY Hocus Pocus Party Decorations

You can really have a lot of fun with Hocus Pocus Halloween decorations (and you need to up your game to go with the Hocus Pocus themed food and drinks!).

Hocus Pocus Decor DIY Tip: Grab general inexpensive witch decorations and make them on theme by adding Sanderson sisters quotes and Sanderson sisters hair colors! It’s one way you can save money on your Hocus Pocus decoration ideas / Hocus Pocus DIY decor.

These DIY Hocus Pocus party decorations are a fun and easy way to elevate your party. You can easily adapt them for Hocus Pocus party ideas for adults or children!

How to host a Hocus Pocus themed party:

PRO PARTY TIP: Hocus Pocus birthday ideas / Hocus Pocus birthday decorations idea for kids: hang witches hats to match the age of the birthday child (turning 10 years old? Hang 10 black witch hat decorations!)

Happy Halloween! We hope you have the spookiest Hocus Pocus-themed party ever!



These work whether you’re having a Halloween theme party or need Hocus Pocus 2 party ideas!

Have fun with these Hocus Pocus costume party ideas or your Hocus Pocus watch party!

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