Halloween Birthday Sleepover Activities

Having a Halloween birthday? Why not turn it into a fun Halloween sleepover party for kids? Halloween parties are a great way to celebrate your child’s birthday and make great opportunities for fun kids’ activities for a theme party.

Halloween Birthday Sleepover with 4 kids dressed in Halloween costumes

How To Throw A Halloween Birthday Sleepover

Ideas for Halloween Birthday Party

1. Invite your guests in the form of a friendly ghost invitation or even small pumpkins with the information written on them and left on their doorstop. (You can also make Halloween birthday party invitations printable free on Canva.com.)

2. Embrace the Halloween theme and make your space spooky with dim lights and eerie music. (Adjust scary items to the age of your kids.)

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3. Greet your birthday guests with scary but harmless treats: try gummy eyeballs in Jello, candy corn and cupcakes decorated with bats, pumpkin cake pops, gummy body parts, or dirt cup with worms crawling out.

4. Hand out Halloween theme party favors like small Halloween related games, glow-in-the dark face paints, Halloween temporary tattoos, and more!

5. Instead of a Halloween birthday cake, use pumpkin cake pops instead!

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What do you do at a Halloween sleepover party?


Teen Halloween Party Ideas

Best Halloween Party Ideas and Games

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When it comes to choosing birthday Halloween party ideas, how do you settle on the right one? You can’t throw just a costume party every year and bore your kids with the same old thing. Here are some creative Halloween party ideas for a kids’ sleepover that will surely be a hit!

1. Have well-lit tombstones outside your house for when the kids arrive (and bonus if they have each kids’ names on them!). (I love these tombstone decorations!)

2. Require that the kids solve a riddle or some sort of easy puzzle to be able to enter the sleepover party house. It gets the kids working together right away and helps break the ice!

3. Give each child a Halloween flashlight that they can keep and send them on a scavenger hunt to different parts of your house or the backyard. If you have older children, you can make this more complicated by giving them different keys to find that unlock a spooky prize box at the end.

4. Set up a haunted house complete with spooky sounds and scary decorations. (Be sure that you think about the ages of your kids. No need to spend the night with a group of terrified 6 year olds who got too scared!)

5. Hide some pumpkins somewhere on your property that the kids will have to dig up to get to their treat. If you have your own garden or sandbox, this would be a great place to hide the pumpkins. Or, just hide the pumpkins around your house.

6. Have a Halloween movie marathon. Make sure if you decide to show a scary movie that it is appropriate for all ages. You want everyone to enjoy themselves at the party and not feel uncomfortable! (Check out scary Halloween movies for teen sleepovers here OR fun Halloween movies here.)

7. Invite kids to dress up! Make sure you have extra costume pieces for anyone who forgot theirs at home or if they want to add things to their costume. (It’s not fun being the only one without a costume!) Have everyone vote and give funny prizes for best costume, funniest costume, scary costume, craziest hair, etc. (Grab some Halloween award ribbons.)

8. Take the kids on a group trick or treating before they settle in for the night. If you have older kids and are comfortable in a safe neighborhood, this would be a great time to allow them to out for a couple of hours and get some energy out. Just make sure they are back by the curfew you set and everyone understands the safety rules (and you’ve gotten the OK from parents).

9. Have a contest for carving pumpkins. You can get really creative this way and it’s fun for the kids to get messy! If you have little ones at your sleepover (or prefer not to do carvings), do a no-carve pumpkin craft instead, pumpkin stickers, or draw on pumpkins!

10. Have a variety of Halloween games and activities like pin the nose on the pumpkin, spider ring toss, scratch-off Halloween masks, Stupid Deaths party game, and the Pick Your Potion game. This is an easy way to keep them entertained throughout the night!

11. If you want to make it more fun for the kids, play lots of songs that are spooky or run some Halloween TV shows or Halloween cartoons in the background during the party to help set the mood!

12. Put together a special basket or box of tricks and treats for kids to find as a scavenger hunt. This could include candy that’s shaped like skulls, ghostly stickers, silly pencils with fake spiders on the eraser end, glow sticks, or other fun items that they can use the rest of the night for the sleepover.

13. Separate the kids into two teams. Give them random items in a bucket and have them build their own tabletop haunted house. Give prizes to the winning team who uses all the items in the fastest time.

Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips     

If you’re taking your little ghosts and goblins trick or treating before the Halloween pajama party, here are some tips to help make the children’s experience safe and fun this Halloween:

1. Select a well lit area with sidewalks.

2. Only walk in areas where there are people around.

3. Check for treats at the doors with lights on.

4. Children should never eat any treats until they get home, and should never eat anything that’s been tampered with or opened.

5. Be cautious about food allergies when selecting treats for your child. Be sure to ask the parents well before the sleepover party to list any allergies or food issues.

6. Children should carry a flashlight so that you can be seen at night. Hand out Halloween flashlights for kids to keep or inexpensive headlamps (that they can continue to use for the sleepover party!).

Remember to have fun on Halloween! Your children are sure to love themselves some great treats, and will probably have a few days’ worth of stories to tell their friends all about the cool stuff they got from trick-or-treating and your Halloween birthday sleepover this year!


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Hope you have a fun sleepover Halloween birthday party!

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