Easy Addams Family Costumes For Wednesday Party Theme

Need Addams Family costumes ideas? Whether you’re looking for a DIY Goth chic aesthetic to dress like Wednesday Addams, want costume ideas for Wednesday Addams parents, or looking for goth-inspired costumes, these are great party outfits for you!

Addams Family Costumes Ideas For Halloween, Cosplay or Watch Parties TEXT OVER DIFFERENT ADDAMS FAMILY OUTFITS

DIY Addams Family Costumes (Outfit Pictures Inspiration!)

Great ideas for Adams family Halloween costumes, Addams family costumes cosplay, or an Addams Family Wednesday TV show watch party.

There are enough ideas here for the entire Addams family costumes for family or if you need Addams family characters Halloween costumes inspiration — fun Addams family inspired outfits and full Addams family costume list with images!

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Here’s how to dress up as the Addams family!

How To Dress Up As The Addams Family Adam Family Costume Ideas people dressed up as Wednesday Addams, Morticia Addams and Gomez Addams costumes

Let’s start with how to make a Wednesday Addams costume or how to be Wednesday Addams for Halloween with stuff you may have at home! (She’s my favorite character and probably yours, too!)

Wednesday Addams Costumes Dress Like Wednesday Aesthetic (Adam Family Wednesday Costume) different Wednesday Adams outfits for an Addams family party

How To Dress Like Wednesday Addams At Party, School, and Beyond

For your Addams family Wednesday outfit, you must stay with black costume items — whether you’re recreating the Wednesday Addams at the party look or her school uniform!

Wednesday Addams Costume Homemade DIY Ideas:

  • Black dress with a white collar and cuffs under it (this is the classic Wednesday costume that I love. It’s so easy you may already have the stuff in your closet to make this costume!)
  • Black tights
  • Black Tulle party dress (Vintage Goth Black Raven Dance Dress that everyone loved from that epic dance scene in the Wednesday TV show!)
  • Goth black boots
Wednesday Addams Goth Black Raven Dance Dress Wednesday Addams costume dress
  • Thing on your shoulder
  • Spider (great for a Wednesday accessory)
  • Black lipstick or dark red lipstick

COSTUME TIP: Think black for your Wednesday Addams DIY costume!

PARTY PRO TIP: If you’re looking for a Wednesday Addams kid costume, try this set or this polka dot Wednesday dress.

Morticia Addams Costume Inspiration  image of Morticia Addams dress with costume accessories around it

Now lets get to the Addams family parents costume inspiration, starting with the Addams family wife costume…

Morticia Addams Costume (Everything You Need For Your Morticia Outfit)

Looking for Addams family mom costume ideas or wondering how to dress like Morticia Addams?

Adam family Morticia costume is another easy DIY party look for a Wednesday theme or Addams family characters costumes.

Addams Family Morticia Costume DIY Ideas:

  • Long Black Dress with flowing sleeves: Morticia is known for her elegant and flowing black dress. Look for a long-sleeved dress with a fitted silhouette and a floor-length skirt.
  • Black Wig: Morticia’s hair is long, straight, and jet black. Wear a black wig like this that reaches your waist or longer to mimic her sleek and smooth signature hairstyle. Morticia Addams family hair costume is a must and part of her signature look!
  • Red Lipstick: Morticia’s makeup is typically minimal, but her bold red lips make a statement. Apply a deep red lipstick to achieve her classic look.
DIY Addams Family Morticia Dress Morticia Costume Tips woman wearing flowing black dress like Morticia Addams in a forest
  • Pale Skin: Morticia is known for her pale complexion. Use a foundation or face paint that is several shades lighter than your natural skin tone to create an otherworldly, ghostly appearance.
  • Black Pumps
  • Black Nail Polish
  • Red Roses Costume Accessories: Morticia often holds or wears red roses, symbolizing her love for Gomez. Definitely carry a rose as part of a DIY Morticia costume!
Addams Family Gomez Costume Idea people dressed up like Morticia Adams and Gomes Addams with Gomez Addams costume accessories around them

How To Dress Like Gomez Addams On Wednesday Addams

The Addams family dad costume is a Gomez costume.

And, good news! The Addams family father costume is super easy!

The Gomez Addams family dad outfit is basically a dapper pinstripe, a pencil thin mustache, and fun Gomez Addams costume ideas accessories!

Addams Family Husband Costume Ideas:

  • Black Suit: Gomez is often seen wearing a tailored pin-stripe black suit with a classic and elegant design. (I also love this one if you’re looking for a Gomez costume to buy.)
  • White Dress Shirt: Pair your black suit with a white dress shirt. Bonus points for a pointed!
  • Black Bowtie: Complete the Gomez look with a black bowtie for an old-school Gomez outfit. NOTE: The Wednesday Addams Gomez wears a necktie in the new TV show.
  • Slicked-Back Hair: Gomez is known for his sleek and slicked-back hairstyle. Consider using a wig like this (comes with the mustache, too!) or hair gel to style your hair like the Addams family patriarch because the Addams family Halloween costumes Gomez hair is a must!
  • Mustache: Gomez often sports a thin, well-groomed mustache, so grab a mustache like this or draw one on (if you don’t have one!).
  • Cigar: As a costume accessory, you can carry a prop cigar, especially if you’re channeling the old-school Gomez from the old television show.
  • Roses: Gomez is always expressing his love to Morticia, so have fake roses that you can give to your Morticia!

COSTUME TIP: Embrace Gomez’s eccentric and playful personality by adopting his mannerisms and expressions. Bring his charm to life by maintaining a mischievous smile and exuding a charismatic presence throughout the evening, including constantly showing his undying love and attention for Morticia.

Let us know if you have a fun Gomez Addams DIY costume idea and we’ll add it to our costume list!

The Addams family Gomez and Morticia costumes are fun couple costumes for Halloween! (Or, add in the kids for Addams family costumes family group or group costumes! There are tons of kids Addams family costumes!)

If you’re looking for easy costume ideas for family of 3, do Morticia, Gomez, and Wednesday costumes. It’s even great for Addams Family Halloween costumes with Baby! (They have super cute Wednesday Addams baby costumes and Addams family toddler costumes!)

DIY Pugsley Addams Costume Ideas flat lay outfit of Pugsly Addams Family striped shirt, black shorts, black socks, and black shoes

Addams Family Brother Costume (Pugsley Costume)

You can’t have an Addams family daughter costume without having the Addams family son party outfit, right?

This is HANDS DOWN the easiest Addams family costume — especially if you’re trying to talk your teen into a family Halloween costume. They probably already have the clothes for the costume in their closet!

Pugsly Addams Family Son Costume Ideas:

  • Striped Long-Sleeved Shirt: Pugsley is often seen wearing a black and white striped long-sleeved shirt. Look for a shirt with horizontal black and white stripes that fits loosely and has a casual appearance to get the Addams family son’s signature look.
  • Baggy Shorts or Short Pants Pants: Pair the striped shirt with baggy shorts or pants. Pugsley typically wears knee-length black shorts.
  • Black Shoes or Boots: Pugsley’s footwear is typically simple and practical like black shoes or black boots. You can also go with high-top black tennis shoes (like we have in our Pugsley costume picture).
  • Fake Spider: Pugsley’s mischievous nature is often accompanied by his love for creepy crawlers. Carry a fake spider or have one crawling on your shoulder or hand as a playful costume accessory.

PRO PARTY TIP: Channel your inner Pugsly character! Nonchalant Expression: Pugsley tends to have a nonchalant or slightly mischievous expression. Embrace his carefree attitude by maintaining a relaxed demeanor and a mischievous glint in your eye in this simple DIY Addams Family Halloween Costumes.

Addams Family Thing Costume

Thing is one of the easiest and best best Addams family costumes because it’s just an Addams family costumes hand! The trick is figuring out to “hide” your body so that it’s only your hand showing.

Addams Family Thing Costume Tips and How To Be Thing For Halloween Or Dress Up Parties look alike Wednesday Addams costume with Thing hand on her shoulder above a Thing human hand costume

To Make a Addams Family DIY Thing Costume:

  • Black Long-Sleeved Shirt or body suit: Start with a black long-sleeved shirt and black gloves or a full body suit like this. Remember: your costume is just a hand! Being covered everywhere else will enhance the illusion of Thing’s disembodied nature.
  • Thing Hand: Leave one hand free and draw stitch marks on your hand. You can also grab a fake prop hand for Thing and place it inside your shirt sleeve (but it will be missing all the fun gestures that It makes!).
  • Expressive Gestures: Bring the character of Thing to life by using expressive gestures with your hand. Use your hand to point, wave, and interact with others in a playful and mischievous manner.

You can also use Thing for Wednesday Addams family costume accessories! Attach the prop hand to your choice of Wednesday costumes (like this).

Butler Lurch Costume For Addams Family Party different elements of an Addams Family Lurchie costume

Addams Family Costume Lurch

A Lurch costume, aka: Addams family butler costume, is another fun party costume that’s fairly easy to recreate for the Addams Family’s loyal and dedicated butler and limo driver.

If you’re super tall, Addams family Lurch halloween costumes should definitely be a consideration, or if you want a fun Addams family man costume.

DIY Lurch Costume Ideas:

  • Black Bowtie or Ascot: Lurch also wears a tie. It can be a black bow tie or a ascot.
  • Flat Hair Wig: Comb your hair straight down or find a wig that resembles Lurch’s hairstyle, which is short, straight, and dark.
  • Stoic Expression: Lurch is known for his quiet and solemn demeanor. (Lurch doesn’t crack jokes!) Maintain a serious and stoic expression throughout the party to capture the essence of his character. Practice a slow and deliberate way of moving and speaking, embodying his calm and reserved personality.
  • Deep Voice: Lurch’s deep, resonant voice is another defining characteristic with his “You Rang?” signature phrase. If you have a naturally deep voice, use it to your advantage. Otherwise, practice lowering the pitch of your voice to mimic Lurch’s deep, rumbling tone.
  • Optional Accessories: Consider adding Lurch costume accessories like white gloves or a silver serving tray.
UNCLE FESTER COSTUME FROM WEDNESDAY ADAMS black robe and rope belt, long black coat, black hat costume elements for Uncle Fester

How to Dress Like Uncle Fester (Addams Family Fester Costume)

Want Addams family costumes Uncle Fester ideas? Dressing like Wednesday’s uncle is simple!

Addams Family Uncle Fester Halloween Costumes Ideas:

  • Bald Cap: Uncle Fester is known for his completely bald head. Wear a bald cap wig to create the appearance of a hairless scalp. In the Wednesday show, Uncle Fester sometimes wears a black hat.
  • White Face Powder: Uncle Fester has a pale and ghostly complexion. Apply white face powder or makeup to your face, neck, and also add some black makeup under eyes for a sunken eye look.
  • Light Bulb Prop: In older TV shows, Uncle Fester was known for his ability to light up a light bulb by placing it in his mouth. Carry a small, battery-powered light bulb prop like this (probably not for mouth use, though).
  • Squinted Eyes and Grinning Expression: Uncle Fester often squints his eyes and wears a mischievous grin. Practice narrowing your eyes and adopting a mischievous expression throughout to capture Fester’s playful demeanor.
  • Stooped Posture and Slow Movements: Fester is typically depicted with a hunched or stooped posture, giving him a distinctive silhouette. Try to mimic this posture and also use deliberate movements to match Fester’s peculiar gait.

Let’s not forget Addams family ancestors costumes ideas! These are not from the Wednesday television show, but appeared in the original Addams Family shows and movies and remain popular Addams characters.

Addams Family It Costume

If you’re looking for an Addams family costumes Cousin It outfit, it’s probably best to buy an It costume like this.

(It’s hard to fully DIY an Addams family Itt costume because it’s all hair!)

Addams Family Cousin It Halloween Costumes DIY Ideas:

  • Long, Thick Hair: Cousin It is famously known for being covered from head to toe in long, thick hair. You can achieve this look by wearing a brown wig that resembles Cousin It’s hair.
  • Hat or Bowler Hat: Cousin It is often seen wearing a hat to accessorize their hair. This style of hat is great for an IT costume.
  • Dark Sunglasses: Cousin It is often depicted wearing sunglasses, adding a touch of mystery and style to their look. Opt for oversized sunglasses with dark lenses where you can’t see your eyes to complete the ensemble.

If you don’t want to do a full body Cousin It hair costume, go with a wig set like this.

Addams Family Grandmama Costume

Even though Grandmama hasn’t been in the new Wednesday Addams show, she does appear in the old Addams family shows.

(Grandma is Morticia’s mother.)

Plus, an Addams family grandmama costume DIY is easy and fun!

Homemade Addams Family Grandma Costume Ideas:

  • Bohemian Clothing: Grandmama has a distinctive bohemian style. Look for a long, flowy dress or skirt in a patterned or dark-colored fabric.
  • Shawl or Scarf: Grandmama often wears a shawl or scarf draped around her shoulders. Choose a shawl or scarf with a rich texture or bold pattern that you wrap around your shoulders.
  • Headscarf or Turban: Mimic Grandmama’s head covering by wearing a colorful headscarf or turban, allowing the ends to hang loosely or wrapped up.
  • Strands of Beads and Jewelry: Accessorize your costume with multiple strands of beads or chunky bohemian-style jewelry. Hit up those thrift stores and yard sales and look for beaded necklaces, bracelets, and rings in earthy tones or eclectic designs to add a touch of whimsy to your Grandmama ensemble.
  • Gray or White Wig: Grandmama has gray or white hair and is messy and kind of puffed out and crazy. Wear a long wig in a gray or white color that resembles her hairstyle. Tease it out for that crazy look!
  • White Makeup Face: Grandmama also has a white face with black bags under her eyes. Do this with any inexpensive Halloween makeup set.

A DIY Addams family grandmama outfit is fairly simple!

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Which Wednesday Addams family Halloween costumes / Goth party ideas are your favorite? Let us know if you have fun Addams family dress up costumes ideas!

Have fun with your Addams Family costumes!

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