27 Best Halloween Games For Parties (Halloween Activities)

Need Halloween games for parties? Whether you need games for Halloween slumber party, games for Halloween festival or fall festival, Halloween games for kids / Halloween party ideas games tweens and teens, or adult Halloween parties games, you’ll find spooky holiday fun here with these activities!

3 young girls in costumes playing Halloween Games For Parties


So, you’re planning a Halloween party and looking for some great games to keep your guests entertained? Look no further! We’ve put together a list of the best Halloween games night ideas to keep everyone happy. So, how do I have fun at a Halloween party?

What games we can play on Halloween?

Good Halloween Games For A Party:

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  • Mummy Wrap Game (Toilet Paper Mummy Halloween Game)
  • Donut on a String Game (Donut Eating Race)
  • Roll a Scary Sundae Game
  • Halloween Bingo
  • Murder Mystery Party Game
  • Halloween Saran Wrap Ball Game
  • Wink Murder
  • Candy Corn Toss
  • Eyeball Pong (with ping-pong balls that are glowing eyes and orange cups!)
  • Halloween Trivia Team Game
  • What’s In The Halloween Bag Guessing Game
  • Spooky Halloween Obstacle Course
  • Have A Pumpkin Carving Contest
  • Halloween Truth or Dare
  • Black Light Halloween Candy Game
  • Halloween Fear Factor Ice Cream Game
  • Monster Freeze Dance
  • Unwrap the Candy Bar (Halloween Version)
  • Dress-up Costume Twister (using creative costumes!)

See the full Halloween games for Halloween parties list below. KEEP SCROLLING for more games for Halloween party! Something for everyone in these fun Halloween games for all ages and ideas for a fun activity for Halloween party!


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Fun Games Using Pumpkins

Halloween Games To Play In The Dark

Let’s get to our DIY Halloween party games for kids and adults, fun Halloween board games, and even some that are fun for college Halloween party games and Halloween party ideas for classroom!


Ultimate List of Halloween Games Night Ideas

Whether you’re looking for fun Halloween party games at home or Halloween games for office party, we have fun ideas for Halloween Games for toddlers to teens and adults games for Halloween — even large group Halloween games or church Halloween games!

Ideas For Halloween Games

Wrap A Mummy Halloween Game

Race to see who can wrap their mummy the fastest!

Not just for kids! It’s also a great team building Halloween game or office Halloween party game.

You can also make it a bit more challenging and have a mummy race after!

This will become one of your favorite family Halloween games. It’s really one of those best Halloween games for all ages!

Get full directions for the Halloween Wrap a Mummy game for easy DIY Halloween games.

HALLOWEEN MUMMY GAME TOILET PAPER RULES young laughing girl being wrapped like toilet paper mummy by smiling boy

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

This is a great game for both kids and adults!

Make a list of Halloween-themed items that players must find, such as a black cat, a spider web, etc.

The player who finds the most items on the list wins.

This is a great idea for outdoor Halloween games or indoor Halloween games and one of those perfect games for a variety of ages.

Another one of our favorite activities for Halloween party with a mixed group of ages or if you need Halloween ideas for adults and kids.

Halloween Trivia

Test your guests’ knowledge of all things Halloween with a trivia game!

You can find trivia questions online or make up your own.

The team who gets the most questions correct wins. Give out small Halloween themed prizes.

Great for older kids and adult Halloween ideas!

Halloween Bean Bag Toss

A bean bag toss is fun for all ages, especially when you’re competing as a team or giving away Halloween carnival type prizes. (Nothing big, something like these.)


Halloween Charades

Halloween charades is another fun Halloween game that can be played with a guest list of a variety of ages.

Act out traditional Halloween activities, food, Halloween movies, and more.


Halloween Pumpkin Saran Wrap Ball Game with Halloween party favors and prizes on a table

Halloween Saran Wrap Ball Game

This is a fall take on the winter plastic wrap ball game where party goers complete to unwrap a plastic wrapped ball fast enough to claim fun prizes.

Great for halloween party games for tweens and teens, too! Just adjust the plastic wrap ball prizes to the age level / interests of your guests.

This is one of the most fun Halloween games for parties and a one of our favorite Halloween games, so be sure to add it!

LEARN HOW TO MAKE A HALLOWEEN PUMPKIN PLASTIC WRAP BALL (our vote for one of the best games Halloween!)

HOW TO PLAY THE WHATS IN THE BAG HALLOWEEN GAME hand reaching into a Halloween bag printed with fun Halloween pictures

What’s In The Halloween Bag Guessing Game

What’s In The Bag (also called Halloween Feel Box ) is a traditional party game that can easily be adapted to a Halloween theme party.

To play, simply fill a bag with Halloween-themed items (think: mini pumpkins, spider rings, plush ghost, etc.). Then have each player take a turn reaching into the bag and feeling the items inside. They can’t look (you can even make this a Halloween blindfold game), but they can touch and feel!

After each player has had a turn, have them guess what they think is in the bag. The player with the most correct guesses wins a prize!

You can even fill it with cute gifts for Halloween and give the bag to the winner as the prize.

This is such an easy game, but really is a lot of fun for all ages!


Halloween Party Games With Food kids laughing in front of a table of Halloween foods

Halloween Party Games With Food

Halloween games using candy or food:

Scary Sundae Game

Roll a Sundae game using gross Halloween foods and Halloween candy (think: gummy boogers, sour gummy body parts, bubble gum eyeballs, etc.).

This is one of the best Halloween party activities for tweens and teens, who love gross out food games!


Hanging Doughnut On A String Game

This is a fun alternative to the old-school bobbing for apples game / traditional Halloween games.

Donuts are hung on a string from a tree and Halloween guests try to eat their donut first — without using their hands or the donut falling off the string!

Learn how to play the Halloween Party Games Donut String

Unwrap The Candy Bar Game (Halloween Style!)

The candy bar unwrap game is usually one of those Christmas games you see each year going around online (along with the Christmas Saran Wrap Ball game).

However, you can easily adapt it to Halloween by using Halloween wrapping paper and fun Halloween oven mitts like these.

If you’re looking for a funny Halloween game to get everyone laughing, this is it!


Witch’s Cauldron Toss

This is another Halloween fu game that can be played with any age group.

All you need is a large cauldron (or a black garbage bag will suffice) and some small wrapped candies.

The object of the game is to toss the candy into the cauldron. (Set a timer for 30 seconds to make it more challenging.)

Get the most candy in to win.

This is a fun cauldron for Halloween games (or even Halloween decorations!).

Halloween Dice Game

This is a great game for any age group or a mixed age group.

You will need one dice and small wrapped candies and candy bars. The object of the game is to roll the dice and collect the corresponding number of candies.

The person with the most candies at the end, wins!

Halloween Piñata

Don’t forget about a pinata for Halloween!

This is a great game for larger groups. You will need a piñata in the shape of a pumpkin or other Halloween themed one.

The object of the game is to hit the piñata and release the candy inside.


Scary Games For Parties

Halloween Games Ideas That Are Scary:

Cemetery Walk

Do a supervised cemetery walk or join a ghost walk tour for Halloween.

Bonus points if you find locations that are supposed to be frighteningly haunted!

Horror Trivia

If your party group loves horror movies or gory trivia, have a horror trivia party competition with this game.

Use these fangs with dripping blood to take it to another level.

Scary Storytelling

Get everyone in on the fun by sharing scary stories around the campfire… or even just in your living room with some flashlights!

Give out prizes for categories like most gory Halloween story, scariest, funniest story, etc.

HALLOWEEN GAMES FOR YOUNG KIDS young child in halloween costume painting Halloween pumpkins

Halloween Party Games For Little Ones

If you’re looking for Halloween games for preschool party (Halloween party games for under 5s) or Halloween party games for 5 year olds and a little older, these are great game night additions.

Halloween Ideas for Games for Young Kids:

Pin the Nose on the Jack-O-Lantern

When looking for games for younger kids, you can’t go wrong with Halloween party games pin the tail type games!

And, this is a Halloween twist on the classic game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Draw a pumpkin face (minus the nose) on a large pumpkin. Cut out triangles for the noses and place tape on them.

Blindfold players one by one and see who can come closest to pinning the nose on the jack-o-lantern in the correct spot.

(If you’re looking for toddler Halloween games, you don’t need to blindfold them. Just let them put the nose where it goes!)

Carry The Eye Ball Relay Race Game

This game is a take on the carry on egg on a spoon game with a spooky twist because you’re not trying to balance an egg this time. Instead, you have Halloween eyeballs and you’re trying to get them across the room (or yard) without dropping them.

Great addition to Halloween party games school festival, too.

Good Halloween outside game or inside game!


Spider Ring Toss

Inflatable ring toss games are another great option for little kids Halloween game ideas that can be played in the house or outside in the yard or park.

Kids try to toss the rings onto spider legs or a witch’s hat to win a prize.


Ghost Hunt

Goin’ on a ghost hunt is a great game for young kids!

Hide small ghosts (or even Velcro stickers like these) around the house or yard and have players search for them.

The player who finds the most ghosts wins!

Pumpkin Painting

This is another great Halloween activity for little kids! (It’s not really a game, but young kids love this!)

Provide each child with a small pumpkin (or mini pumpkins) and let them get creative with paint, markers, or other craft supplies.

You can even give away prizes for categories like funniest, most colorful, etc.

These are easy Halloween party games activities for younger kids! (Even a great activity for toddler Halloween ideas!)

Halloween Party Games Outdoors

What halloween games to play outside if you’re having an outdoor Halloween party or want some fun activities after trick or treating?

Ghosts In The Graveyard Game

This game, sometimes called outdoor zombie flashlight tag, is played by choosing one person to be the ghost. The ghost hides while everyone else counts to 100.

Once everyone has finished counting, they go and find the ghost.

The first person to find the ghost is the winner!

Pumpkin Toss Corn Hole

Have a corn hole game?

Turn it into Halloween corn hole by tossing mini pumpkins instead of bean bags!

GET A LIGHT UP CORN HOLE GAME HERE (perfect for glow in dark Halloween games!)

Halloween Sack Races

How about a good ole sack race relay … Halloween game style?

(You can also make it a mummy sack race!)

Perfect addition to your Halloween games ideas for party outdoors!


Zombie Apocalypse

This game is perfect for Halloween party guests who want to experience a little taste of the undead apocalypse.

Gather up some friends, arm yourselves with Nerf guns, and get ready to blast some zombies!

Use these zombie targets like this for your Halloween games night!

Pumpkin Chuckin’

If you have a little room in a backyard or park area, play Punkin Chunkin’!

Using mini pumpkins and huge sling shot like this, you try to see who can get their pumpkin to go the farthest.

What are your favorite Halloween party games? Let us know and we’ll add them to the list of games for kid’s Halloween parties.

Halloween Party Games For Kids And Adults To Do Together

What are some fun activities to do on Halloween?

Halloween is a great time to get together with friends and family and have some spooky fun. You can use these activities for a fun stay at home Halloween or Halloween parties.

What are traditional Halloween activities?


Halloween Party Ideas For Teens From Halloween Games To Halloween Foods and MORE! TEXT OVER DIFFERENT IMAGES OF TEEN HALLOWEEN PARTY ACTIVITIES

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Wishing you a perfect Halloween party!

Have fun with these Halloween games for parties!

DISCLOSURE: Affiliate links are used on this site. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please refer to our DISCLOSURE.

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