Halloween Bag Guessing Game (Fun Halloween Feel Box Games)

The Halloween Bag Guessing Game (also called Halloween game Guess What’s In The Box, sensory feel boxes, Halloween Touch and Feel Game, or Halloween blind box / hand in box game) is a fun holiday party game for both kids and adults! We’ll cover how to play the What’s In The Bag game for Halloween and creative and funny ideas for Halloween mystery box or bag! Super fun for youth games for Halloween, plus game variations for kids, teens, and adults!

Halloween Bag Guessing Game (Halloween Mystery Box Ideas for Kids & Adults) Halloween game items on a table

Ideas for the Halloween Bag Guessing Game (Guess What’s In The Bag Halloween Game)

Sensory Halloween games are huge for the holiday and kids will love this guess whats in the bag game! If you’re looking for Halloween party games guess what’s in the box ideas, these will help. These halloween feel box ideas can be adapted to any age — from Halloween preschool games, to gross teen Halloween games, or even as fun Halloween party games for older adults , too! You can even make it a mystery food box! Definitely add this to your Halloween guessing games list!

NOTE: We called ours a guess what’s in the bag game, but many people make it as a guess what’s in the box game. You can also call it the guess what you’re touching game Halloween game and just use anything you have to put the Halloween favors in.

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How do you make a Halloween feel box?

How to make what’s in the box game:

  1. Gather a group of Halloween stuffers and fun guessing items.
  2. Make a list of the items or create clues to guess the items. (Keep the list secret from the players!)
  3. Place the items into a Halloween mystery box or a Halloween bag that you can’t see into. (We used tissue paper for the top of our bag.)
  4. Each player takes turns. The reader (a non-player) reads one item from the list or gives a clue.
  5. The player up for turn tries to find the object in the mystery box or bag of mysteries without looking. (You can even blindfold players!)
  6. If the player can’t find the object in the allotted time (set your own time, like 20 seconds), then the Halloween bag or box is passed to the next player who tries to find it.
  7. When the Halloween object is found, the player removes it from the bag. If they are correct, they place the object in front of them. If they are incorrect, they place the object back in the box or bag and play continues to the left.
  8. The player who finds the most objects wins the game (or wins all the prizes in the box of Halloween goodies).
  9. There are different ways to play the mystery Halloween bag game! See alternate game play ideas in our game directions!

Get guessing Halloween games and game rules below. KEEP SCROLLING for full Halloween Mystery Box game (or bag game) ideas (even guess what’s in the box game ideas for adults and funny things to put in what’s in the box!).


Whats in the bag Halloween game?

The Halloween What’s In The Bag Game (or Halloween Whats In My Box Game) is a fun sensory game for kids and adults. The objective of the game is to reach your hand into the blind bag or blind box and see if you can find the objects from the clue cards / topics for guessing games.

Guess what’s in the bag game ideas work for any holiday, not just Halloween! You can easily adapt this bag game / box game to match your party theme or holiday game and not just play it as a what is in the bag game for Halloween!

PARTY TIP: Need halloween themed games for school? A mysterious box game / mysterious bag game is a really good Halloween classroom game, too! SUPER fun games for Halloween student activities!

KEEP SCROLLING for what do you put in a Halloween mystery box for your mystery box games!

Mystery Bag Game Ideas for Halloween

You may be wondering what do you put in a guessing game bag or need Halloween mystery box ideas…

Mystery Box Ideas Halloween

Halloween Guessing Bag Stuffers / Halloween Mystery Boxes Ideas

You can use anything you want for your Halloween guessing game ideas, but we’ve given you a list of mystery box items to get you started.

What to put in a mystery box / mystery bag ideas:

  • Fuzzy pipe cleaners fashioned into a spider
  • Plastic spider rings
  • Octopus gummies (out of the package)
  • Candy corn
  • Play dough
  • Gummy worms
  • Vampire teeth
  • Plastic bugs, snakes, and lizards
  • Slime in a plastic bag
  • Play eyeballs in plastic bag of slime
  • Ghost plush
  • Dried beans
  • Balloon (not blown up)
  • Halloween shaped marshmallows
  • Mini pumpkins
  • Halloween candy bars
  • Mini skeletons
  • Mini bones
  • Stretchy skeleton

These are just a few ideas for mystery boxes for Halloween! You can put anything you like in your mystery games!


HALLOWEEN MUMMY GAME TOILET PAPER RULES young laughing girl being wrapped like toilet paper mummy by smiling boy

Fear Box Ideas for Teens (Halloween Spooky Box)

These are easy Halloween games for teens that they will also love!

For teen guess boxes (you won’t be able to use a bag Halloween for this), you definitely want to make these creepy boxes add things that feel gross to touch (or make it a Halloween scary food guessing game)! You can even think up different whats in the box challenge ideas or a fear factor box (like find the “eyeballs” and eat them, if you want Halloween gross games).

I mean, there’s nothing worse than thinking you’re grabbing some fake body parts for guess what you’re touching game ideas and these are perfect teenager Halloween games!

Spooky boxes ideas for a teen Halloween creepy guessing game:

  • Bloody worms (spaghetti in tomato sauce)
  • Eyeballs (grapes)
  • Spider legs (grape vine stems)
  • Zombie brains (steamed cauliflower with ketchup for blood)
  • Hearts (canned stewed whole tomatoes)
  • Witches fingers (mini pickles)
  • Guts (pumpkin guts and seeds)
  • Tongue (wet fruit leather / fruit by the foot)
  • Boogers (cooked rice in honey)
  • Brains (wet sponge)

With a little imagination, you can really make this a guess what Halloween game gross food game if you want!

PRO PARTY TIP FOR HALLOWEEN GUESSING GAME FOOD: If you want spooky box ideas, you can also make a food feel box for Halloween (aka: food Halloween blind boxes), where you put gross foods in different boxes and kids put their hands in to feel Halloween guts (spaghetti), monster eyeballs (grapes), etc. You can get really disgusting with food mystery box ideas for Halloween and kids will love it! (Good if you’re looking for blindfolded Halloween games, too!) You can learn how to make a mystery Halloween gross food box game here.

Want Halloween body part games? Check out these recipes for Halloween gross food guessing game ideas. Food makes for great Halloween sensory boxes / Halloween surprise box game!

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But what about a guess what’s in the box adults Halloween game or touch and feel box ideas for adults?

What’s In The Box Ideas For Adults (Mystery Box Ideas For Adults)

You can get really fun and funny with adult Halloween mystery bags! (You can even make a naughty Halloween mystery bag!)

And, it’s great for easy adult Halloween games and hilarious ideas for Halloween games that will get everyone laughing!

Here are some mystery box game ideas for adults…

What in the box game for adults:

If you have any good Halloween feely boxes ideas that your Halloween party guests loved (even What’s In The Box game ideas for adults), let us know and we’ll add it to our list!

Need more fun halloween guessing games or Halloween activities?

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Witchy Poo Candy Guessing Game

Also, get ideas for a Halloween game guess the gross foods here!

HOW TO PLAY THE WHATS IN THE BAG HALLOWEEN GAME text over Halloween teen game play

Let’s get to the What’s It’s In The Bag Game how to play (and the game rules for Halloween touch and feel boxes or bags or the Halloween guessing game)…

What’s In The Bag Halloween Game Rules and Game Play Basics

If you’ve ever played this fun children’s game, then you get the general idea of how to play the Halloween sensory box, mystery box Halloween, or bag game!

How To Play Guess Game For Halloween

There are different ways to play what is in the box games, but here are the general game instructions in how we play (which is a little different than other games):

To play the Halloween mystery box ideas and clues, you’ll have a list of objects (or clues) that you read out (or that people draw from the clue deck). You can read the clues or make your own printable guess what’s inside the box game objects list or clues.

You can either have the guests wear blindfolds or just make your Halloween bag or Halloween box so that you can’t see into it.

The player takes a clue card or object card (or the reader reads the clue) and then they try to find the object from the clue by reaching into the mystery bag or mystery box.

If they find the item, they get to keep that prize (or get a point).

Play continues until all clues or objects have been found.

Be sure to give a prize to the winner who guesses the most correctly!

1. Fill a box or bag with Halloween theme items.

This halloween sensory game can be played with a box or bag for Halloween. (We used a cute cheap Halloween bag, but the feel box game ideas don’t change.)

You can even use an empty tissue box for a preschool Halloween sensory box with smaller items!

Be sure to write down the list of items that you’re adding to the Halloween game. (Keep them private from the players!)

2. Make sure that kids can’t see inside the Halloween bag or box.

You may need to close the top of a box and cut a hand hole in the side for players to stick their hands into.

If you’re playing this boxes game with a bag instead, staple half of the top of the bag or use tissue paper.

You can also use funny blindfolds like this (and let everyone keep their blindfold as a party favor!)

3. Play the mystery sensory box game!

You can either make Halloween feel box printables cards or have a designated reader (like the parent at a kids’ Halloween party).

You can play either where you read a clue about an object (like for an eyeball squishy ball you might say “All the better to see you with!” or just name the object (“Find an eyeball.”).

4. Alternate way to play the DIY halloween boxes / bags game.

Some people play the Halloween touch box game by having each player feel around in the box try to identify each item. Have the players write down their guesses for each item.

Then, reveal each item from the box at the end.

The player with the most game guesses wins the prize!

Making mystery boxes Halloween: Read on for more tips spooky Halloween sensory boxes to make your game more fun than other what is in the box game!

Halloween Touch and Feel Game teen laughing at a Halloween party watching someone play the Halloween guessing game

Touch And Guess Halloween Game Tips

Fun Mystery Bag Halloween Game Ideas / What’s In The Box Ideas For Better Halloween Party Games

Keep the items Halloween themed!

Don’t be too obscure and make sure they can name something you can see in Halloween. (No need to put mini Christmas trees in your Halloween box of mysteries and Halloween games ideas.)

PRO PARTY TIP: Make free mystery boxes with stuff you have around the house!

Want fun halloween box ideas? Wrap your Halloween guessing box in toilet paper for a mummy box or Halloween paper like this for a festive party game.

Get creative with your mystery Halloween bag mystery box game for Halloween!

Put a mix of easy to identify Halloween items (mini pumpkin) and also items that are more challenging (ghost marshmallow).

Also, get creative with your clues and items. If you say “find a bat” most people won’t be expecting it to be a marshmallow shaped bat. This makes it a little more challenging.

For your halloween sensory guessing game, include items that feel weird to touch in your Halloween feel and guess game.

A guess what you re touching game for Halloween is always great if you include things that are gross to touch or feel weird. For example, you can put candy corn and slime in a bag and tell players to try to find the monster teeth in spit. Wet sponges are always a hit too because it’s unexpected.

Have you ever played the guessing game for Halloween? We’d love to hear your favorite Halloween boxes ideas / guessing Halloween bag ideas, too!


HALLOWEEN GAMES TO PLAY AT NIGHT WITH FRIENDS different Halloween games images

Have fun with the Halloween Bag Guessing Game at your Halloween party!

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