55+ Creative Summer Sleepover Ideas (Best Summer Slumber Party Tips for Kids)

These summer sleepover ideas help create one of the most fun summertime activities for kids and family and fun party activities for teens, tweens and younger kids — creative party tips for the most unforgettable and best summer sleepover fun kids will love!

Best summer sleepover ideas for kids - three girls in front of sleepover teepee tents playing a pink blocks games

Summer Sleepover Ideas for Kids

These summer sleepover ideas work whether you’re hosting a summer sleepover ideas for teenage girls with best friends (or wondering what do 11 year olds do at sleepovers or need tween party ideas), looking for unique summer sleepover activities, or even want end of summer sleepover ideas for kids! Here are fun things to do at a summer sleepover and great ideas for good times!

What can you do at a summer sleepover?

What to do at a summer sleepover:

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  • Have a water balloon fight or squirt gun games
  • Host a backyard carnival
  • Camp in your backyard
  • Play summer charades
  • Go indoor camping
  • Play oversized lawn games
  • Do a Toilet Paper fashion show or foil fashion runway
  • Create at DIY craft stations
  • Play spin the nail polish (popular sleepover ideas for girls!)
  • Sleep outside on the trampoline (add some twinkle lights and extra blankets!)
  • Play oversized lawn games or outdoor board games
  • Sing karaoke or do TikTok challenges
  • Go on a summer scavenger hunt
  • Play the blindfold makeup game (for creative games for sleepovers)
  • Have a bubble dance party (younger kids love this!)
  • Team up for backyard paintball
  • Make friendship bracelets
  • Play truth or dare (remember, the best part of sleepovers are the silly games!)
  • Host an outdoor chalk and talk
  • Have a pizza bar for a pizza party sleepover
  • Play Would You Rather with gross questions
  • Have a karaoke dance party (complete with glow sticks!)
  • Watch fun movies on big outdoor screens (ask kids for their best movies picks for your movie marathon!)
  • Have fun with a pool party (or baby pool party if you don’t have a pool)
  • Have a campfire and make s’mores and tell scary stories
  • Create an outdoor olympic games obstacle course
  • Do some TikTok challenges as a group (perfect time for teen girls to be on their phones!)
  • Have an old-fashioned pillow fight
  • Play Mad Libs (hilarious party games)
  • Make a blanket fort in the living room then sleep in the blanket forts! (Best way to have fun on rainy summer days!)
  • Do an At-home escape room (great way to keep teenagers busy at parties!)
  • Host a talent show as a fun way to showcase silly talents
  • Play old-school board games like Pictionary, Taboo, Trivial Pursuit, Sorry, CandyLand and more fun games (Also check out: Best Party Games With Questions) or even play video games

If you’re wondering how do I entertain my kids at a sleepover, add some of these fun sleepover activities to keep kids busy and stop them from getting bored! (KEEP SCROLLING for creative summer sleepover theme ideas for memory making kids’ parties!)


Our Favorite Fun Things To Do At A Sleepover

Gross Foods Sleepover Party Game roll a sundae game with weird toppings

Play Gross Out Food Games

Kids are all about gross food, so add gross-out food games to your summer slumber party.

Play the disgusting roll a sundae game that kids love or get some gross foods this. mystery food game list.

How To Play The Saran Wrap Ball Game for Parties - hands unwrapping the plastic wrap ball at a party

Play The Group Party Ball Game

Play the party ball game — one of the best favorite fun sleepover games in our house! It’s a hilarious game that moves fast and gets laughs.

The group of teens always ask for it when we’re having a party, so definitely add it to your summer party ideas.

(Be sure to use summer theme prizes!)

Have a foam dance party teen girl at party with foam around her for a fun foam party

Host a Foam Party Sleepover (Best Summer Slumber Party Idea EVER!)

Want the ultimate summer sleepover party idea? Have a foam dance party!

It’s perfect for summer because kids can get into their bathing suit and have a blast. Pair it with fun music or with a pool party theme!


Have A Glow Party Sleepover

A neon dance party or glowstick party is always a hit for all ages!

If you’re doing a teen slumber party, go all out with our tips for glow parties.

If your having a sleepover for younger kids, get some fun glowing packs like this, put on some music, and turn off the lights for a fun glowing dance party.

MORE SLEEPOVER PARTY TIPS: What To Bring To Sleepovers For Kids

25 Epic Summer Sleepover Themes for Kids

There are enough ideas here for many of your next slumber party themes, birthday celebration, or when you have a special event or you need fun slumber party ideas!

DIY Party Themes Kids Love:

  1. Summer Superheroes
  2. Under the Sea
  3. Wednesday Addams Theme (Nevermore Party Theme)
  4. Outer Space
  5. Fairy Tales & Campfire Stories
  6. Arts & Crafts Sleepover (different fun ideas at different craft stations)
  7. Scavenger Hunt Sleepover
  8. Backyard Movie Party Sleepover (complete with a popcorn bar, hot cocoa bar, and smores station!) – outside movie night is one of my favorite themes for slumber parties because it’s unique and not a lot of people are doing it!
  9. Camping Out in Your Backyard
  10. Trampoline Tent Party (ask kids to bring their own sleeping bag)
  11. Pizza & Pajama Party Sleepover
  12. Summer Olympic Games
  13. Wacky Water Sleepover (THINK: water games, water balloons, baby pools, squirt guns)
  14. Sports-Themed Sleepover
  15. Beach Party Sleepover
  16. Birthday Bash Sleepover
  17. Stargazing Sleepover
  18. Neon Dance Party
  19. Breakfast for Dinner Sleepover
  20. Summer Solstice Sleepover
  21. Christmas In July Sleepover
  22. Food Fiesta Around The World Sleepover
  23. Silent Dance Party (Silent Disco Sleepover)
  24. Spa Day Sleepover (spa night is a great teen sleepover theme – complete with face masks and the nail polish game!)
  25. Ice Cream Party

What’s your best sleepover theme idea? Let us know and we’ll add it to our list of fun sleepover ideas!

BEST SUMMER SLEEPOVER IDEAS FOR KIDS 3 girls on a bed in pajamas laughing

How to Host a Fun Summer Sleepover for Kids

Tips For Summer Sleepover and Sleepover Checklist:

1. Choose a sleepover theme.

This can be based on a favorite movie, character, activity, or just something fun and whimsical. For a summer sleep over party, it’s fun to go with a warm weather theme (like beach or camping) or even something extreme (like Christmas in July sleepover!).

Be sure to have all of the props and decorations ready to go. This can include anything from superhero masks and capes to Olympic medals and flags or a fun neon party for teens.

2. Send out invitations well in advance.

Summers are busy for families, so be sure to get sleepover invitations out ASAP and allow time for guests to plan around summer vacations and getaways.

Also, let guests know the party theme, what to bring, and specify firm drop-off and pick-up times.

3. Plan some fun activities for the night.

Plan some theme activities like playing games [WE LOVE THESE OVERSIZED LAWN GAMES], watching movies, making crafts, or going on a scavenger hunt (my favorite fun activity!).

However, don’t plan every moment. Allow time for the kids just to have fun together!

4. Serve snacks and drinks that fit with the theme.

If you have a party theme, create some fun theme snacks to go with it.

For example, for a pirate-themed sleepover serve pirate-themed snacks, or for a princess fairy-tale sleepover, have pink cupcakes and princess punch.

5. Have extra sleepover stuff.

Be sure to include on the invitation if kids need to bring their own sleeping bags, blankets, and pillows.

Make sure to have plenty of pillows, blankets, and sleeping bags on hand in case some kids forget or you need extra.

It can be a lot of fun to sleep under the stars or in a teepee made out of sheets and blankets, so let the kids get creative with their sleeping space!

6. Create a sleepover survival kit.

Give each kid a mini sleepover kit that includes things like toothbrushes, toothpaste, fun socks, mini flashlights, and mini waters or juices and snacks.

This is not only a fun sleepover favor, but is also practical in case kids forget some items at home.


7. Let the summer sleepover party fun continue into the morning!

Serve up a special breakfast in the morning to cap off the sleepover. This can be anything from a pancakes bar to an easy yogurt and cereal bar.

8. Prep for pick-up.

Give kids plenty of notice and time to gather up their things well in advance of the pick up time! This will help with a smooth pick-up transition and prevent last minute running around and looking for items.

PARTY PRO TIP: It’s a good idea to remind parents of the pick-up time on the next day during party drop-off. This small tip will prevent you from having some kids left late in the day after the slumber party!

Want to have a little kids sleepover, but wondering if young kids are too young for a sleepover? How about a SLEEP UNDER PARTY (especially if it’s the first sleepover!).

SLEEPUNDER PARTY IDEAS text with cartoon kids in pajamas

With these tips in mind, you’re sure to have a fun time and a memorable sleepover during summer with your children!

What are your great sleepover ideas?

Let us know your favorite summer sleepover ideas list fun!

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