Fun Tips for Princess Parties [Party For A Princess Theme]

Best princess parties ideas, whether you’re looking for a princess birthday party, Disney princess party theme like Frozen or Princess and the Frog, or an outdoor princess party, these party tips will work — no matter if your kids likes Sofia, Tiana, Jasmine, Belle, Princess Peach character, or just a general princesses theme!

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How To Throw The Best Princess Parties for Kids

How do you throw a princess party?

Fun Princess Party Ideas:

  • Send pretty princess invitations. You can find plenty of free printable princess party invitations online, or you can get creative and make your own.
  • Hire a princess party entertainer (search online for princess characters for parties near me or princess parties near me).
  • Think outside the pink party theme or pink princess party ideas! For some reason, when we visualize princess parties we often see pink decorations. Ask your kid their favorite color (or use princess Disney party colors) and go with those as your party colors!
  • Make it a princess ball and ask everyone to dress as their favorite princesses.
  • Need budget-friendly party ideas? Mix homemade princess party decoration ideas and princess party supplies from the store to keep costs down.
  • Don’t want to do just a princess party? Consider a princess and pirates party, knights and princesses parties, or a princess and superheroes party.

Don’t miss our full list of princess themed party activities and ideas below! KEEP SCROLLING!

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What do you do at a princess party?

Princess party at home ideas:

  • Play princess theme games: Cinderellas glass slipper scavenger hunt, Princess and the Frog hop race, princess crown ring toss, I Spy the Princess, etc.
  • Compete for the best princess costume
  • Play Princess pinata
  • Do princess crafts
  • Eat princess themed snacks
  • Have a quiet corner with princess coloring pages for kids who feel overwhelmed
  • Interact with hired party princesses
  • Decorate your own princess tiara
  • Have a royal jewels scavenger hunt
  • Play princess dress-up (we love these for a princess party activity and also this one!)

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What is a princess birthday party?

A princess birthday party or princess theme party is a fun party centered around — you guessed it! — princesses! Decorations are usually pink or bright colors and include decorations like tiara crowns, magic princess wands, favorite princess characters, castles, and themed princess party food. Some people even hire princess characters as entertainment.

BEST PRINCESS PARTY IDEAS AND PRINCESS PARTY GAMES pink festive princess decorations and princess foods on a table

Princess Party Decorations and Ideas for Princess Parties

Princess Party Invitations

Send out enchanting invitations to set the tone for your party. You can find ready-made kits at your local party store, or get creative and make your own using construction paper, glitter, and other craft supplies. Be sure to include all of the important details like the date, time, and location of the party.

Try these theme invitations for princess parties:

Princess Party Supplies

Decorate your party area with lots of pink—the color of princesses— or your party theme colors! Use satin ribbons, balloons, princess banners, fairy lights, and flowers to create a whimsical and magical look for your princess aesthetic.

Don’t forget to create a princess party package (princess goodie bags) to give to each of your guests!

Princess Party Menu

A princess party theme menus is made of playful party food. Use your imagination and add to these fun snack ideas!

Princess Party Snack Ideas:

Princess Party Game Ideas and Princess Activities

Princess party entertainment can include hired characters, princess craft tables, and fun princess game activities! These are fun for a mix of a princess party with boy guests and girl guests!

What can kids do at a princess party?

We hope these party planning tips help with throw the best princess parties ever and make your kids feel like royalty!

DISCLOSURE: Affiliate links are used on this site. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please refer to our DISCLOSURE.

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