DIY Summer Solstice Party Activities At Home

Need summer solstice party activities or an easy summer solstice dinner party menu? You’ll find fun party ideas it in this summer party guide for midsummer celebrations!

Summer Solstice Party Activities And Midsummer Celebration Ideas summer solstice party menu foods on a table with flowers in mason jars at a summer solstice celebration

Easy Summer Solstice Party Activities and Solstice Foods

Summer solstice parties can also be called estival solstice gatherings or a midsummer celebration, plus summer solstice traditions for your start of summer party! Here’s how to have your own summer solstice festival at home, including theme ideas for fresh delicious food!

Summer Solstice Outdoor Party Ideas:

  • Have a solstice scavenger hunt
  • Get creative at a flower crown craft table
  • Have a flower party with summer solstice celebration flowers (great for a summer solstice garden party)
  • Create a picnic from summer foods or summer-inspired recipes
  • Search for the magic fern flower at midnight (popular tradition – see below)
  • Craft sun catchers
  • Sing and dance around a fire
  • Have a summer solstice backyard campout
  • Weave with nature items
  • Where white attire and celebrate Mother Nature
  • Make sunflower crafts
  • Make a nature mandala, flower mandala, or sun-shaped mandala
  • Send your solstice wishes up with magic wishing paper (see below)
  • Make some Scandinavian-inspired recipes
  • Serve summer fruit desserts like a beautiful layered strawberry shortcake
  • Incorporate summer solstice celebration traditions from around the world into your party (see below)
  • Create a playlist of summer solstice celebration music
  • Have a summer solstice sundown festival with a summer solstice bonfire
  • Make summer solstice shadow drawings
  • Take a nature hike or enjoy other nature outdoor activities
  • Learn about symbolic midsummer herbs and use them in an activity or recipe

KEEP SCROLLING for the full list of summer solstice celebration food and activities — whether you want ideas for a summer solstice Stonehenge party theme, a summer solstice block party, summer solstice cocktail party, or you need fun summer solstice birthday party planning tips, you’ll find them here (including inspiration pictures for summer solstice parties)! Definitely add this theme party to your summer bucket list!

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SUMMER SOLSTICE FUN FACT: Did you know that the summer solstice celebration day varies? Summer solstice is usually on June 20th, June 21st or June 22nd each year, depending on the tilt of the earth and the time the sun reaches its highest peak. In the Southern Hemisphere, where the seasons are opposite, the summer solstice occurs between December 20th and December 23rd instead of the June solstice.

18 Fun Summer Solstice Party Names (Beginning Of Summer Party)

Awesome summer solstice names for a party to use on your party invitations:

  1. Sunshine Soirée
  2. Estivus For The Rest Of Us
  3. Midsummer Magic
  4. Solar Serenade
  5. Celestial Celebration
  6. Solstice Spectacular
  7. Summer Sun Soiree
  8. Sizzlin’ Solstice
  9. Glowing Gathering
  10. Fire and Ice Fiesta
  11. Mystical Midsummer Party
  12. Sunset Soiree
  13. Bonfire Bash
  14. Solar Dance Party
  15. Sunbeam Social
  16. Sunset Serenade
  17. Summer Solstice Soirée
  18. Eternal Sun Celebration

What is the theme of summer solstice?

Summer solstices revolve around the celebration of light, abundance, and the power of the sun. It is a time when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky, resulting in the longest day and shortest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. The summer solstice is often associated with joy, vitality, growth, and the fullness of life.

Common themes associated with the summer solstice include:

Light and Illumination

The summer solstice represents a time of abundant daylight. It symbolizes the triumph of light over darkness and is often celebrated with bonfires, lanterns, and other sources of illumination.

Life and Vitality

The solstice is all about the energy of the sun. It is a time to appreciate the warmth and life-giving properties of sunlight.

Nature’s Bounty and Abundance

The summer solstice aligns with the peak of the growing season when crops flourish, flowers bloom, and fruits ripen. It is a time to celebrate the abundance and fertility of the Earth!

Connection to Nature

The solstice encourages a deep connection with nature and the natural cycles. It is a time to appreciate the beauty of the natural world, spend time outdoors, and engage in rituals or ceremonies that honor the earth and sun.

Celebrating Community and Gathering

The summer solstice often brings people together in celebration. Community festivals, gatherings, and communal rituals are common during this time, fostering a sense of unity and shared joy.

Renewal and Transformation

The solstice marks a turning point in the year, with the days beginning to shorten afterward. It can symbolize a time of personal growth, self-reflection, and transformation as individuals embrace the changing seasons and harness the energy of the sun.

These elements of a summer solstice also make great themes for summer solstice parties!

Want to know more about summer solstice rituals, traditions, and solstice history? Check them out in this Summer Solstice Celebration post!

How To Throw A Summer Solstice Party Mid Summer Celebration different summer solstice pictures of summer solstice party ideas

Let’s get to our full list of summer solstice party ideas (aka: Longest Day Party) and popular midsummer tradition ideas!

How To Throw A Summer Solstice Party (Midsummer Celebrations)

Summer Solstice Theme Party Ideas

Sunflower Picnic: Organize a picnic in a sunflower field, complete with sunflower-themed decorations, sunflower crafts, and sun-inspired dishes.

Solstice Bonfire: Arrange a bonfire gathering with marshmallow roasting / making campfire s’mores, storytelling, and stargazing.

Outdoor Movie Night: Host a backyard movie night under the stars, screening a summery film or a classic that celebrates the sun. LEARN HOW TO SET UP AN OUTDOOR MOVIE PARTY

Solstice Garden Party: Host a garden party surrounded by blooming flowers, with garden-themed games and activities. Have guests make their own solstice bouquet with current summer blooming flowers or flower crowns. Decorate with summer topiary balls.

Summer Solstice Invitations 2 Examples for DIY solstice invites

Summer Solstice Party Invitations

When designing Summer Solstice Party invitations, you can incorporate various images that represent the essence of summer and the solstice celebration.

Here are some ideas for themes or images you can use:

  • Sun
  • Flowers / floral prints
  • Outdoors
  • Nature prints and nature images
  • Fire or bonfire
Midsummer Celebration Party Invitations - summer solstice invitation example

Summer Solstice Dinner Party Menu Ideas

A summer solstice food party is usually a family style menu or even an outdoor picnic style

Fun Summer Solstice Party Food Ideas:

Solar Sun Tea: Make sun tea! (What better way to celebrate than sun than to cook with the sun?!)

Sun-Kissed Salsa: A vibrant salsa made with golden tomatoes, mangoes, onions, jalapeños, cilantro, and lime juice. Serve with tortilla chips, star-shape tortilla cutouts, or crackers.

Solar Salad: A refreshing salad featuring a mix of sunflower sprouts, roasted yellow peppers, cherry tomatoes, and citrus dressing or any of your summer garden favorites!

Sunny Side-Up Sandwiches: Put together roll-ups with meat and fresh lettuce, cucumber sandwiches or other fun sandwich sliders incorporating summer vegetables.

Solstice Skewers: Skewers with alternating layers of grilled pineapple, yellow bell peppers, and chicken or shrimp. Drizzle with a honey-lime glaze for extra flavor.

Golden Cornbread: Bake cornbread in sun-shaped molds or cut into sun shapes before serving or bake in a sun baking pan. Serve warm an easy cinnamon butter.

Fun Summer Solstice Party Food Ideas summer solstice cake blueberry topped cake with a sun made out of peaches and rasberries

Summer Flower Cakes: Make mini flower cakes (with these mini cake pans) using your favorite cake mix and fun icing colors. Or, make your favorite cake with a sun made out of fruit on top as a sun cake decoration.

Lunar Lemonade: Create a signature lemonade with a twist by adding blue butterfly pea flower tea, creating a vibrant blue color reminiscent of the night sky. Serve with lemon slices and edible flower garnish.

Twilight Tartlets: Mini tartlets filled with caramelized onions, goat cheese, and fresh herbs. These savory treats represent the transition from day to night.

Celestial Crudité Platter: Arrange a platter of fresh, colorful vegetables in a circular shape, representing the sun. Serve with a sunflower seed dip or a tangy yogurt dip.

Sunburst Fruit Salad: Create a dazzling fruit salad using seasonal fruits like oranges, pineapple, mangoes, and yellow melons. Arrange in a sunburst pattern on a large platter.

Cosmic Cocktails: Craft specialty cocktails featuring bright, citrus flavors and vibrant colors. Garnish with edible flowers or small skewers shaped like stars.

Solar S’mores: Offer a traditional s’mores station with golden toasted marshmallows, chocolate squares, and graham crackers. Provide star-shaped marshmallows for an extra celestial touch.

Summer Solstice Party Decorations Nature Garlands hanging from a tree for a solstice celebration

Summer Solstice Party Decorations

Sun-Themed Decorations: Think sun catchers, hanging garden suns, and sun wind chimes to bring your sun solstice party theme outside.

Nature-inspired Banners and Garlands: Create banners, wind chimes out of nature items, or garlands using paper or fabric in colors inspired by nature, such as shades of green, yellow, and orange. Incorporate leaf or flower shapes into the design for a whimsical touch. Or, make flower garland or other nature garland.

Flowers: Create beautiful floral arrangements using a variety of summer flowers like sunflowers, daisies, wildflowers, and colorful blooms. Place them in mason jars or even repurposed cans with raffia or burlap ribbon for a charming touch.

PRO PARTY TIP A WOOD LADDER STRUNG WITH LIGHTS IS GREAT FOR A RUSTIC OUTDOOR PARTY LIKE SUMMER SOLSTICE summer solstice outdoor dinner party with food and drink table menu and lights strung above with a cute wood ladder draped in fairy lights for a nighttime solstice celebration

Rustic Wood Accents: Incorporate natural wood elements such as wooden pallets, tree slices, or driftwood to add a rustic and organic feel to your decor. Use them as table centerpieces, signage, or as a backdrop for hanging lights or banners.

Fairy Lights and Lanterns: Hang strings of twinkling fairy lights or place lanterns around your outdoor space to create a magical and enchanting atmosphere. I love these solar sun lanterns for a nighttime solstice party.

Summer Solstice Earthy Table Settings pro party tip cut a piece of burlap fabric for a cheap and easy placemat rustic place setting for a summer solstice celebration

Earthy Table Settings: Use natural and earthy materials for your table settings. Consider using burlap table runners, woven placemats, or leaf-shaped place cards. Add a touch of greenery with small potted plants or summer fresh herbs as table decorations and centerpieces. Use cut burlap from a roll for an beautiful but cheap table decoration.

Outdoor Canopy: Set up a canopy or teepee with flowing white fabric or light-colored linens to create a cozy and inviting space for guests to relax and socialize. Adorn it with garlands of flowers or draped greenery for an ethereal touch.


Solstice Flower Crown Crafts For Summer Solstice Parties small child with a fresh flower crown with leaves for a summer solstice celebration

Summer Party Solstice Activity Ideas

Solstice Scavenger Hunt: Create a solstice-themed scavenger hunt for your guests, incorporating sun-related clues and hidden treasures in nature.

Do Nature Weaving: Collect natural materials like twigs, leaves, and flowers to weave into intricate patterns on small looms or wire frames.

Make Sun Catchers: Make colorful sun catchers using translucent paper or beads to hang in the garden or windows.

Make Floral Crowns: Create beautiful floral crowns using fresh flowers or artificial blooms, symbolizing the abundance of summer.

Do Sun Print Art: Try making sun prints by arranging objects or plants on light-sensitive paper and exposing it to sunlight for unique and beautiful designs.

Search For The Magic Fern Flower At Midnight: Take a midnight hike to search for The Magic Fern Flower. According to the myth, it is said that a rare and magical flower, known as the fern flower, blooms only once a year on the night of the summer solstice in hidden places such as deep forests or enchanted meadows. It is believed that this flower possesses special powers and brings good luck and prosperity to those who find it. Go on a search for it! (If you’re looking for creative summer solstice party ideas, this is it!)

Fun Summer Solstice Party Idea Have A Solstice Wishing Ceremony With This Magic Wish Paper cover of purple wish paper package

Have A Solstice Wishing Ceremony: Write down your wishes or intentions on colorful paper and release them into a bonfire or a body of water during a solstice ceremony. Or, use this magic wishing paper that you can send your wishes up into the air!

Create Your Own Family Solstice Ritual: Create a family solstice ritual by gathering in a circle around the solstice bon fire, sharing gratitude, and setting intentions for the summer season and the rest of the year.

Have Fresh DIY Herb and Flower Stations: Create DIY stations where guests can create their own floral crowns, herbal sachets, or pot their own plants. Provide an assortment of flowers, herbs, ribbons, and decorative materials for guests to get creative. Give guests party favors like packets of sunflower seeds.


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Reviewing rituals and traditions for summer solstice can help you create a theme for your summer gathering!

What are some ancient summer solstice rituals?

Summer solstice, which marks the longest day of the year (most sunshine), has deep roots in different cultures and time periods.

Here are various rituals and traditions associated with the summer solstice around the world:

Stonehenge Celebration

One of the most famous ancient sites associated with the summer solstice is Stonehenge in England and probably the solstice celebration you’re most familiar with.

People would gather to witness the sunrise aligning with specific stones, and it is believed that rituals, dances, and ceremonies took place to celebrate the solstice.

Summer Solstice Bonfires

Lighting bonfires is a common tradition in many cultures during the summer solstice.

People would gather around the fires, dance, and sometimes even jump over them as a symbolic purification or to bring good luck and protection.

Summer solstice bonfires are still part of many midsummer celebrations today

Sun Worship Celebrations

In civilizations like the ancient Egyptians, Aztecs, and Incas, the summer solstice held great importance as a celebration of the sun.

Elaborate rituals and ceremonies were conducted to honor and pay homage to the sun god or deities associated with the sun.

Floral Crowns and Wreaths Activities

In many European cultures, especially during the Midsummer celebrations, people would create and wear floral crowns and wreaths.

These were often made with herbs, wildflowers, and other plants symbolizing fertility, abundance, and the beauty of nature.

This is still a fun summer solstice activity to do with kids! (Adults will love this summer solstice celebrations, too! It’s a fun way to celebrate the first day of summer!)

Solstice Water Ceremonies

In some ancient cultures, such as the Celts, the summer solstice was associated with water rituals.

People would visit sacred wells, springs, or rivers to perform cleansing rituals, make offerings, and seek blessings for the coming season.

Solstice Sacred Gatherings and Festivals

Gatherings and festivals are still part of a summer solstice day all over the world.

These events bring communities together for communal rituals, performances, games, feasts, and cultural activities (including pagan activities) that celebrate the abundance of the season.

PRO PARTY TIP: Try searching solstice festivals near me and attend the festival before heading back to your house party to continue the festivities!

You can try adding in some of these into your summer solstice party theme!

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We hope you have enjoy these fun ways to enjoy this special day for this time of year!

Have fun with your summer solstice party activities!

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