Beach Party Sleepover Fun

Thinking beach party sleepover party? Need beach party for kids ideas (or even a grown up pajama party)? Here are fun summer themes for parties and summer slumber party ideas all ages will love! (You’ll even learn how to throw an indoor beach party for winter party ideas or even rainy day ideas for kids!)

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Beach Party Sleepover Ideas

Here’s how to have beach party at home, even if you don’t have a pool (or a beach) and even if you need indoor beach party decoration ideas!

These party ideas can be adapted for beach party ideas for adults or a children’s slumber party!

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What is a beach party?

A beach themed party is based around beach, sand, and surf. You don’t need to have a beach party at the beach! You can create a beach party pajama party at home with your pool or in the backyard (even if you don’t have a pool!).

A beach party is also fun as an indoor winter theme party when you’re tired of the snow or cold weather or wondering what can you do for a winter birthday party.

Before we get to how to do a beach party, let’s talk about what to call a beach party (or a theme for your beach sleepover party). Whether it’s a summer sleepover or beach party birthday slumber party, these theme names will work for planning a sleepover party and help you come up with some fun sleepover party activities!

KEEP SCROLLING for the full how do you throw a backyard beach party or indoor beach parties. Tons of beachy slumber party fun ideas! (Works for a luau party sleepover / Hawaiian slumber party or pool party sleepover, too!)

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20 Beach Party Theme Names

Looking for beach party theme names or island themed party names for your invitations or beach party birthday theme?

Try these catchy beach names:

  • Splish, Splash, Slumber Bash
  • Sandy Toes and Doze
  • Come Make a Splash at the Sleepover Beach Bash
  • Beach Beauty
  • California Dreamin’
  • Water and Wiped Out
  • Fun in the Sun and Snooze
  • California Girls Crash Club
  • Bubble n Beach
  • Live, Laugh, and Splash
  • Dip and Doze
  • Sun, Sand, and Snooze
  • Surf and Slumber
  • Life Is A Beach
  • Sea and Siesta
  • Surf Dudes and Doze
  • Sand and Snooze
  • Siesta and Sand
  • Sun and Sleep
  • Splish, Splash, and Sleep
  • Sand and Sleep
  • Surf and Siesta

You don’t really need catchy beach party slogans or beach party sleepover invitations names (if that’s not your thing). You can just use a simple phrase for beach party like “Come have fun in the sun!”

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How do you make a beach party at home? (DIY Sleepover Ideas)

Beach Party Songs

A beach sleepover wouldn’t be complete without fun pajama party music and good beach party songs!

Best beach party songs:

  • Summertime
  • Wipeout
  • Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay
  • Surfin’ USA
  • Vacation
  • School’s Out (For Summer)
  • Boys of Summer
  • California Girls
  • Rock Lobster
  • Toes in the Sand
  • Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini

Also try Kidz Bop Hits for kid parties!

Beach sleepover party foods red white and blue beach drink in mason jar

Beach Themed Party Food

Summer party theme ideas with summer party decorations

Also check out these fun summer parties names and awesome summer break parties for kids and adults.

Outdoor Beach Party Ideas

Warm weather is a great time to transform your backyard into a summer beach party. Try these ideas for a sleep over beach party!

Beach Party Ideas for Kids

  • Get a baby pool (because even getting your feet wet is fun!)
  • Play beach ball volleyball
  • Have squirt gun battles (use the baby pool for refilling!)
  • Play water balloon tag
  • Decorate seashells
  • Have a beach scavenger hunt
  • Compete in a bubble pop contest
  • Have a limbo dance contest
  • Tie dye t-shirts (or pillow cases since it’s a sleepover!)
  • Do sea sticker sheets
  • Set up a fun sprinkler system (try a palm tree sprinkler!)
  • Give out favor beach bags with beach towels, flip flops, leis, sunglasses and mini beach balls
  • Use a baby pool to “fish” for sea animals
  • Camp out at the beach (your backyard) — complete with a (supervised) sleepover bonfire and s’mores

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Outdoor Beach Party Decorations

Use this for your beach party checklist for beach decor!

Beach Sleepover Decorations DIY:

We’ve covered how to have an outdoor beach party, but how do you have an indoor beach at home?

You can have a sleepover or birthday party at the beach indoors. (It makes a super fun winter pajama party!)

HOW TO THROW AN INDOOR BEACH PARTY text over cartoon beach images for a beach party at home

Indoor Beach Party Ideas

How do you throw an indoor beach party?

An indoor beach party is a fun theme party, especially during the winter season or cold months when you’re dreaming of warmer weather!

To throw an indoor beach party and create an indoor beach:

  • Transform your party area into the beach with blow up palm trees and plants
  • Be sure to put on sunscreen so you get that beachy smell!
  • Fill the area with blow up beach balls
  • Include indoor beach party sand activities
  • Use beach chairs, pool blow up toys, and beach towels for seating
  • Fill a blow up baby pool with blue ball pit balls for “water”
  • Play beach music (try something with steel drums!)
  • Encourage everyone to wear their best beach attire — swimsuits, shorts, grass skirts, crazy Hawaiian shirts, etc.
  • Provide inexpensive sunglasses for everyone as party favors (we love these!)
  • Stream waves, beaches, and water sounds on a screen
  • Serve up drinks in fun glasses with drink umbrellas
  • Provide beach finger foods
  • Use big beach umbrellas strung with twinkle lights to sleep under or eat under

How do you have an indoor beach party with sand?

Having an indoor beach party with sand can be tricky. (I mean, you’re inside with sand. Yeah.) But, having a party with sand inside is possible if you get creative!

To have an indoor beach party with sand:

Indoor Beach Party Decoration Ideas

Your indoor beach party at home can be super fun with these decorations:


Christmas In July Activities Summer Theme Party Idea text over different July Christmas party images

Have fun with your beach party sleepover!

DISCLOSURE: Affiliate links are used on this site. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please refer to our DISCLOSURE.

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