18 Ideas For Christmas Party Themes No One Else Is Doing!

Need ideas for Christmas party themes? Great how to throw a holiday party tips and Christmas party dress up themes to become part of your Christmas fun traditions! If you’re looking for ideas for the holidays, winter holiday party themes, Christmas theme ideas for work, and Christmas concept ideas, here are unique and fun holiday party themes and Christmas themed party ideas that all ages will love!

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Best Ideas for Christmas Party Themes (Unique Holiday Parties)

Christmas parties are a great time for you to get some time off and have fun with kids, family, and friends for holidays. You can even throw an adult Christmas party with fun dress up Christmas party themes. If you want to give your family a memorable holiday party this year, consider the following themes for holiday parties!

So, what is the best theme for Christmas party?

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What are good Christmas party themes?

Best Christmas Theme Ideas For All Ages:

  • Naughty or Nice White Lie Tshirt Party (Santa’s watching!)
  • The Office Christmas Party
  • Christmas Vacation Party
  • Holiday Glow Party
  • Back To Bethlehem Sheperd’s Party
  • Funny Holiday Hats
  • Recipe Swap Holiday Party
  • Christmas Movie Red Carpet
  • Christmas Caroling and Cookies Party
  • Winter Wonderland Masked Ball
  • Nutcracker Theme
  • Ugly Christmas Sweater With A Twist
  • White Elephant Gift Exchange
  • Funny Gag Gift Exchange
  • Cookie Swap Party
  • Christmas Potluck Pitch-in
  • Naughty Secret Santa Gift Exchange
  • Tree Trimming Party

See full list of Christmas party ideas / Christmas party theme ideas, Christmas Eve themes, Christmas party attire themes, and even work Christmas party themes — #6 is one of my favorite unique Christmas party ideas! (Let us know your favorite Christmas themes for parties and we’ll add them to our party list! Who doesn’t love a good party with theme, right?)

BEST Christmas Party Theme Ideas (Fun Christmas Holiday Party Themes) - DIFFERENT IMAGES OF HOLIDAY THEMED PARTIES


Festive Christmas Eve Sleepover Ideas

(Kids themed parties for Christmas and fun ideas for Christmas themes for kids!)

Fun Holiday Music for Kid Parties

(Great to go with your best themes for Christmas party for kids and tweens and setting a festive theme atmosphere!)

Movies For Holiday Kids Christmas Party Themes

Let’s get to our family Christmas theme ideas (including Christmas party costume themes / Christmas outfit theme ideas and Christmas movie party themes!)…

Best Christmas Party Ideas - text over image of Christmas tree in holiday decorated room

Best Christmas Party Themes (December Party Theme Ideas)

List Of Christmas Themes

Let go of the tired holiday party themes and try these unique theme ideas for Christmas party! You’ll find something for everyone — family Christmas themes ideas, festive season theme for Christmas Eve parties, fun Christmas party ideas for teens and college students, and even fun holiday party ideas just for kids!

1) Christmas Carols and Cookies Party Theme

This fun Christmas party theme will have your family members caroling their favorite Christmas songs with each other for the whole evening as they enjoy a buffet dinner and a few delicious seasonal cocktails.

You can Christmas carol indoors with karaoke or even carol at your neighbors or local friends’ houses!

End it with a hot chocolate bar at your house and cookies (or even a cookie decorating party!).

I love this as one of those traditional family Christmas party themes, church Christmas party themes, or an old school Christmas party ideas theme to revive!

Great for extended family themes for Christmas Eve, too!

Things to do in the snow for adults outside adults laughing in the snow around a campfire with text above snow images

ALSO CHECK OUT MORE WINTER FUN: Winter Snow Day Activities For Adults – how to have fun when you’re snowed in!

2) Nutcracker Party Theme

If you’re looking for a fun Christmas party theme that is sure to bring out everyone’s inner child, then this one may be perfect for you.

  • Dressing up as favorite Nutcracker Ballet characters.
  • Read The Nutcracker by the Christmas tree.
  • Watch The Nutcracker.
  • Play music from The Nutcracker during the party.
  • Decorate with Nutcrackers.

Another great traditional theme Christmas party ideas, but not many people are doing it!

Fun themed holiday party ideas for a kids dance class or student classroom Christmas party / theater class, too!

3) Funny Holiday Hats Party Theme

Another fun Christmas party theme that is sure to bring out the child in everyone is having everyone wear funny Christmas hats.

Give away prizes for Best Hat, Funniest, Most Festive, and more!

There’s nothing like a Christmas hat for making you feel silly and get you in the holiday spirit during a Christmas hat theme party!

Kids will have a lot of fun with this theme for Christmas party and it’s fun for adult Christmas party ideas for the office / Christmas team theme ideas, too!


Best Christmas holiday party themes for kids and adults (cartoon elf with text above) - themed party for Christmas ideas

4) Unique White Elephant Party Theme Ideas

You can’t have a Christmas party without the White Elephant game!

Have everyone bring a fun, inexpensive, wrapped Christmas gift. (Be sure to set a price limit.)

To play the game, give everyone a number.

The person with Number #1 goes first, chooses a gift, and unwraps the gift. The person with #2 can either steal the gift from #1 or choose a new gift to unwrap.

(If they steal from person #1, then person #1 goes again.)

Keep going until all gifts have been unwrapped!

Although this is one of those traditional adult Christmas party themes, there are ways to make this a unique holiday game!

CHECK THESE OUT FOR WHITE ELEPHANT GAME WITH A TWIST: Christmas Gift Exchange Bingo and Dice Games For Christmas Parties and also Unwrap Gift Game Exchange — especially if you’re looking for more Christmas gift exchange themes!

Having a holiday party for teenagers? Check out: Teen White Elephant Gift Ideas That Rock

5) Bad Gift Party Theme (For Funny Holiday Party Themes)

One thing you ‘ll never have enough of when you entertain is the bad gifts that your guests bring to any party.

This theme works just like the White Elephant Game, but instead of legit gifts you have guests bring gag gifts or awful gifts someone gave them and they don’t wan to keep.

If you really want to throw things for a loop, add in one cool gift (like a good gift card) and watch everyone scramble to end up with it!

If you’re looking for hilarious Christmas party themes, this is it!

Good Christmas themes if you want a twist on the regular holiday gift exchange parties everyone does!

6) Bethlehem Dinner Christmas Party

Bethlehem Christmas Party Theme (BEST Christmas themes ideas) - top down view of Bethlehem Shepherds Dinner / Christmas Eve Dinner Party

If you’re looking for unusual Christmas party ideas or great Christmas party themes with a Biblical theme, a Journey To Bethlehem party is it!

We actually did this holiday party theme last year and it’s DEFINITELY something we’ll do again.

We wanted to learn more about the culture, food, music, fashion, etc. during the time Jesus was born.

After our studies, we decided to host a Bethlehem dinner and serve only things that were available and common for that time.

You can read all about our Bethlehem Dinner and how to throw your own Bethlehem party here.

This was one of my favorite Christmas themes ideas and a fun for recurring Christmas theme ideas for party each year!

Great if you’re looking for faith based Christmas theme ideas for family, Christian Christmas family theme ideas and kids activities, or even Christmas party themes for kids youth groups / church Christmas party theme.

Fun for Christmas day theme ideas or Christmas dinner party themes for Christmas Eve, too!

Definitely file under unique Christmas party themes!

CHRISTMAS VACATION PARTY IDEAS - different cartoon images of Christmas Vacation movie props

7) Christmas Vacation Christmas Themed Parties

Relive a favorite Christmas movie with this party theme for Christmas with this classic movie.

Christmas Vacation Christmas Theme Party Ideas:

This is super fun for Christmas costume party ideas or if you’re looking for party Christmas dress up themes for family!

Fun for Christmas theme party ideas for adults and kids!

Get the Full Christmas Vacation Party Theme Details HERE

8) Nostalgic Grandma’s Best Recipe Potluck Party Theme (Fun Christmas Themes For Family!)

If you’re looking for an excuse to get all of your family members together so everyone can help cook the holiday dinner or a nice theme for Christmas party to celebrate family traditions, this fun Christmas party theme is a great way to do it!

Have everyone pitch-in their favorite recipe that they remember from childhood.

If it’s family, have them also bring old photos and place photo boards around the room where they can stick their photos for everyone to see.

We love this clip-on photo hanger for fun Christmas party themes!

This is one of those super sweet Christmas family themes and Christmas dinner themes that people will be asking to repeat the next holiday!

If you have a close family, definitely add this to your Christmas family party themes list!

9) Secret Santa Party Theme

Here’s another fun Christmas party theme that will make sure all of your family members are included and have a good time.

Everyone loves the White Elephant game, but it’s even more fun when everyone has to bring a secret Santa gift!

Secret Santa parties are popular Christmas party themes, but you can add a twist like getting gag gifts people will hate or weird gifts.

It takes a little more planning and coordination, but everyone “draws” a name before the party.

Then, they wrap a gift for that person.

Make it even more fun by leaving off the giver’s name and see if people can guess who their Secret Santa is!

(You can even give prizes for people who guess right!)

Great for any group, including church Christmas party ideas for adults or senior homes holiday themes.

The BEST Christmas Story Party Ideas - cartoon images of party props from the Christmas Story movie

10) Christmas Story Party Theme

This is a fun Christmas party theme that works well for everyone, especially if you’re looking to go all out with decorations.

Watch the Christmas Story, have Christmas Story movie theme menu (like funny edible Ralphie Soap candy!), and even have guests dress up like their favorite characters from the movie (like the Ralphie Bunny costume, which I think we can all agree is the best Christmas party theme costume)!

Also, go all out on vintage decorations like tree tinsel, bubble Christmas lights, and even a FRAGILE leg lamp!

This is one of those funny Christmas party themes that all ages will love (and another vote for favorite themed Christmas parties!).


11) Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Theme With A Twist

An ugly holiday sweater party is fun for all ages for Christmas party dress up ideas. (It’s not just Christmas party dress up themes for adults!)

You could also throw in a fun Christmas party theme like this one to make it feel more funny and festive and get everyone in the holiday spirit.

Everyone has their own idea of what an ugly Christmas sweater looks like, so there is no telling who will come in with the tackiest one!

Be sure to have a vote and give away prizes for categories like Ugliest of All Sweaters, Prettiest Ugly Sweater, Most Colorful Ugly Sweater, etc.

One year, we also had an ugly sweater cookie decorating contest and it made one of the cool Christmas party themes we’ve ever done.

We decorated sweater cookies at the party.

Then, we put out voting “boxes” and everyone voted with money for different categories.

We then gave the money raised to charity!

(It was a huge success!)

Just grab some sweater cookie cutters and make the cookies ahead of time. Then, provide all the decorating items!

Be sure you let everyone know about the horrible sweater Christmas party dress themes!

Definitely try this as a ugly holiday sweater party with a twist (and freshen up this tired costume Christmas party themes!).


12) Christmas Lights Party Theme

I love this as last minute Christmas party ideas for families and even a Christmas Eve activity!

Have everyone dress up in twinkly lights, twinkle light hats, and even light up sweaters.

Then, load up in the car and drive around to look at Christmas lights in neighborhoods.

Once back at your house, have a hot chocolate bar and some Christmas snacks and snuggle down for a Christmas holiday sleepover or fun holiday family movie night!

13) The Office Holiday Party Party Theme

If you have a group who loves The Office, put on an Office Christmas Party. (Or you need funny office Christmas party themes!)

This makes one of the most fun Christmas party themes dress up ideas! Dress as your favorite Office characters and watch some of The Office Christmas episodes like:

  • Christmas Party Season 2, Episode 10
  • A Benihana Christmas Season 3, Episode 10
  • Moroccan Christmas Season 5, Episode 11
  • Secret Santa Season 6, Episode 13
  • Classy Christmas Season 7, Episodes 11-12
  • Christmas Wishes Season 8, Episode 10

You can even play Christmas games like:

(And, you’ll DEFINITELY want to get this decoration!)

Hysterical Christmas Eve theme ideas or great for Christmas party themes for adults who truly appreciate the television show!

This is also fun if you need Christmas party themes for adults dress up because everyone can come as their favorite TV character from the show!

(You can even give out a Dundie Award Trophy for best costume!)

I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is one of those super unique Christmas category ideas that no one else will choose for a holiday theme party!

Love this as Christmas show theme ideas for home, but would also makes hysterical Christmas party ideas for work!

I think this is one of the best Christmas themes, but I’m a HUGE Office TV show fan!

ELF MOVIE PARTY IDEAS (fun elves Christmas movie holiday party) with image of Excited Buddy Elf

14) Elf Movie Holiday Party Theme

An Elf theme party (‎Elf Watch Party Theme) is another one you need to consider if you’re looking for funny Christmas themes.

Based on the Elf movie, there are so many fun ways you can incorporate this into Christmas theme parties (including making these Buddy Elf Breakfast Spaghetti Treats!).

It’s also fun for Christmas costume themes where you have everyone channel their best Buddy Elf character.


Beautiful themes of Christmas: Winter Wonderland Party (Fun holiday theme for party)

15) Winter Wonderland Christmas Party Theme

A winter wonder land themed Christmas party is fun because you can make it one of those formal themes for Christmas or super casual themed Christmas party ideas with sweaters, mittens and smore fire pits outside.

If you’re looking one of the best Christmas theme ideas outdoors, this is it!

My vote for best Christmas theme party ideas because it’s versatile for an indoor holiday party or outdoor Christmas party — beautiful motif for Christmas party / elegant Christmas party themes, ladies Christmas party ideas, white Christmas party theme ideas, Christmas dance themes, formal Christmas gala theme ideas (or formal Christmas party dress code ideas), or even a New Year’s Eve party theme!

Really captures the theme of Christmas!

Winter Wonderland Theme Party Tips HERE

HOW TO HAVE A CHRISTMAS TREE SLEEPOVER (Sleeping Under the Christmas Tree) - text over image of smiling child sleeping under Christmas tree

16) Indoor Christmas Tree Campout

Looking for a magic of Christmas party for kids and family?

Try a Christmas tree campout, where the family has an indoor campout around the Christmas tree!

(There’s something magical about falling asleep with Christmas lights.)

Check out family Christmas pajamas like this for Christmas theme dress up ideas for this party.

This is one of those super sweet Christmas party themes for families, holiday kids sleepover parties, cousin Christmas party ideas, or Christmas Eve kids activities.


17) Christmas Glow Party

If you’re looking for a trendy Christmas party theme (or ideas for a teen Christmas party), try a glow party for Christmas party themes ideas!

Decorate with holiday items that will glow, put on some holiday music, and have fun!

You can also easily make this into Christmas costume party themes, too. (Glow Christmas party themes outfit ideas are a lot of fun!)

(White masks like this for Christmas dress up themes would be really cool with this and then make it a glow masked ball Christmas eve party themes!)

You can easily adapt this for Christmas party ideas for adults, Christmas theme party ideas for family, creative Christmas birthday party themes, or teen holiday parties / kids holiday parties.

Super unique Christmas party idea and best holiday party themes if you’re looking for something no one else is doing and one of the coolest Christmas party themes to create fun memories!


18) Naughty or Nice White Lie Tshirt Party

If you have teens or college students or adults that love to laugh and need a funny alternative to dress up Christmas party themes, try a naughty or nice white lie party.

(Plus, it’s a really easy Christmas party theme outfit so you don’t have to worry about coming up with Christmas attire theme ideas!)

These are fun Christmas themes where people write one of their little white lies on a white tee and wear it to the party.

Super funny alternative to dress up themes for Christmas parties to get everyone talking and interacting and funny Christmas party themes for adults, too!

Great for Christmas party theme ideas for work!


What are your favorite fun Christmas theme party ideas, Christmas party motif ideas, or Christmas party themes for work and home? Let us know and we’ll add them to our list!

We hope you have fun with these themes for Christmas parties and holiday theme party ideas!



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What are your favorite ideas for Christmas party themes?

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