Daytime Noon Years Eve Party Ideas With Kids

Need Noon Years Eve party ideas? These children’s New Years Eve family party tips are great for toddler New Years Eve, preschool new year party, an alternative to a midnight countdown party, a classroom countdown, or even New Year’s Eve activities for seniors who don’t stay up late.

Noon Years Eve party ideas (New Years Party with younger kids)

Best Noon Years Eve Party Ideas For Younger Kids

If you have young kids, you may be looking for at home New Years Eve ideas that won’t interrupt schedules too much and will allow the kids to still get to bed early. ENTER: A NOON YEAR EVE PARTY! One of the best New Year’s Eve party ideas for families!

How To Have a New Year Countdown At Noon

12 O’Clock New Year’s Eve Countdown Ideas and Party Kids Activities:

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  • Set a timer (or a huge noon year’s eve countdown clock) and have a noon year’s eve countdown (just like you would for a midnight count down!).
  • Play noon years eve games.
  • Read picture books about new years around the world.
  • Have a stay in your pajamas party for your noon new year party at home.
  • Make a new years countdown clock craft to help you countdown to noon.
  • Have a new year art and craft table or open New Years Eve bags for fun new years countdown ideas.
  • Have a Noon New Year Party Piñata.
  • Create a time capsule with drawings or resolutions that gets opened at the next Noon Year Eve party.
  • Have a special breakfast bar or brunch bar for a daytime New Years party.
  • Use themes of new year noon day stations, where kids enjoy a different craft or food theme.
  • Want to include seniors, grandparents, or friends who couldn’t make the party? Include them with a virtual New Year’s Eve party at noon!
  • Search online for noon year’s eve near me or noon year’s eve party near me (or even toddler New Year’s Eve events near me) and visit an event! You may be surprised how local businesses or the library will host NYE activities for toddlers, preschoolers, and younger kids.

See the full list of noon year’s eve party ideas below. KEEP SCROLLING for more noon New Year’s Eve countdown activities! Seriously, the best theme for a New Year celebration for littles! (You can even have a noon new year’s eve birthday party!)

What is a Noon Year Eve Party?

What is Noon Year’s Eve?

A Noon Years Eve party is a party that celebrates the new year during the day. Party guests countdown to noon instead of counting down to midnight on New Year’s Eve. Noon Year Eve parties are perfect for families with younger children, toddler party ideas, or New Year’s Eve party for families who want to stay home or not stay up too late.

Think of a Noon Years Eve as a New Year’s Eve early countdown, which is perfect for new year’s activities for preschoolers and new year’s activities for toddlers (or if you just want to do New Years with kids!

You can count down to 12 p.m. instead of 12 a.m and no one gets tired or grumpy!

It’s a super fun trend for New Years Eve party ideas for kids or simple activities for a family New Years Eve!

This is one of my favorite creative family and kid friendly New Year’s Eve events for little kids!

Great for daytime new year’s eve activities or if you’re wondering what can you do on New Years Eve besides the party at night!

What time should a New Years party start?

You may be wondering what time should New Years Eve party start for a noon countdown. The answer depends on if you’re having the NYE party with just immediate family or if you’re having a full kids New Year party. If it’s just family, you can start when everyone gets up and gets ready. For a Noon Year’s Eve party, start at around 10:30 or 11, countdown to noon, and then end the party around 1.

Great for kid-friendly New Years Eve parties ideas!


How do you throw a Kids New Years Eve party?

How To Host a Teenage New Years Eve Party

(More family friendly new years eve events ideas!)

Throwing a noon year's eve party for kids (stay at home nye ideas)

Let’s get to how to throw a NYE party at noon!

Noon New Years Eve Countdown Activities for Toddlers, Party for Preschoolers, and Family at Home Ideas

Have fun with these noon NYE party ideas and New Years countdown activities with your kids! Here’s how to have an awesome New Years at home during the day and throw a New Year’s Day party instead of a night time party!

How to Throw a Noon Year’s Eve Party for Kids

Daytime Activities for New Years Eve:

1. Plan activities leading up to noon, such as a countdown with balloons or confetti poppers.

2. Serve brunch instead of a traditional dinner to fit the daytime theme.

3. Play daytime party games like musical chairs, New Year’s scavenger hunt, Minute To Win It games, and more.

4. Don’t forget to have a mock midnight countdown and celebration at noon with noisemakers, DIY balloon drop, and confetti poppers.

5. Encourage kids to dress up in festive outfits by having a dress-up trunk full of hats, feather boas, shirts and dresses, and more!

6. Let kids create their own party hats with this NYE party hats craft.

7. Have a toast to the new year at noon with sparkling juice, a fun mocktail, and fancy cups.

8. Have a designated area for kids to write down their goals and resolutions for the new year. If kids are younger, ask them to draw a picture or color. Add the resolutions and pictures to a time capsule like this to be opened at next year’s Noon Year Eve party. (I love the New Year time capsule for activities for at home new years eve party!)

9. Use photo backdrops or fun photo props like this and different selfie stations (or TikTok stations) for kids to record their Happy Noon Year party.

10. Have a fun craft station where kids can make their own noisemakers to use when the clock strikes noon. (I love these as something kids can decorate with markers and then take home!)

11. Watch a fun kids new years movie after the noon countdown… complete with a popcorn bar and/or movie candy bar!

12. Play party music like this and have a dance party to get everyone in a festive and celebratory mood with a rockin’ NYE at noon.

13. Keep a noon new years set up simple! Decorate with streamers and balloons to create a festive atmosphere and that’s it.

14. Watch a New Years Eve count down that you can do anytime! (You can also use a free early new years countdown like this.)

15. Don’t forget to have everyone yell Happy noon year! at noon!

Who knew one of the fun places to go on new year’s eve would be your house during the day?!

What did we miss in our noon New Year countdown activities? Let us know so we can add them to our list!

Happy Noon Year and have fun with a unique celebration of Noon Year’s Eve with your family!

We hope you have fun with these Noon Years Eve party ideas and kids activities to celebrate NYE at home!

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