17 Festive Dice Games For Christmas Parties To Help You Roll Into The Holidays

Dice games for Christmas parties are fun for holiday gift exchange games or fun games to play for holidays! We have pass the present game ideas and other fun holiday dice game lists!

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Best Dice Games for Christmas Party Groups

Whether you’re looking for a Christmas gift exchange dice game or fun dice games to play for the holidays, you’ll find something on this group game list (including more than just present exchange game ideas!). Fun to play at family holiday get togethers or Christmas parties!

What are some fun dice games during Christmas Party?

Hilarious dice games for Christmas exchange:

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  • Christmas Left Right Center Game with Dice
  • White Elephant Dice Game
  • Swap and Steal
  • Dirty Santa (Dirty Dice Christmas Gift Grab Game)
  • Roll A Christmas Tree Dice Game
  • Naughty or Nice Christmas Dice
  • Yankee Swap Dice Game
  • Rob Your Neighbor Dice Game
  • Roll The Dice Yes or No
  • Switch Steal Unwrap Gift Exchange Dice Game
  • Jingle Bell Dice Game

KEEP SCROLLING for pass the present game rules and different kinds of die game for the holidays.

Fun Christmas Group Games For Holiday Parties text over a pair of red dice for holiday games

How do you play the dice game at Christmas?

The most popular Christmas dice game is a fun holiday party game where the person rolling the dice follows the rules for to swap and steal gifts from others. Dice game actions may vary slightly, but have a general instructions of roll a die (or dice) and perform the corresponding action.

Dice Game Rules

Roll a 1: Switch gifts

Roll a 2: Steal a gift

Roll a 3: Steal a gift and unwrap it

Roll a 4: Everyone passes to right

Roll a 5: Put a gift back

Roll a 6: Pick 2 people to swap a gift

You don’t really need a Christmas dice game printable download.

You can make up any rules you want for the dice swap game that have players doing any gift action you want!

Create your own Christmas dice game rules!

This is one of the most popular Christmas dice games exchanging gifts. You’ll see some variation of this dice Christmas game floating around during the holiday season.


How do you play white elephant with dice?

The white elephant dice game is another name for the dice games for Christmas gift exchange (aka: dice present game). Players roll the dice to determine if they choose a gift, swap a gift (steal a gift), or unwrap a gift. There are many variations on the white elephant exchange game and this Christmas game with dice (dice games gift exchange).

You can have fun making up your own white elephant dice game rules that are different from others for a unique Christmas dice gift exchange!

Create your own white elephant dice rules and have fun with white elephant rules with a twist!

Gift Ideas For Dice Game For Christmas

If you’re playing dice games for Christmas gifts, the Christmas party host should set a gift limit amount (like $10, $20, etc.), give party guests examples of gifts for the dice game, and tell guests if they should be gag gifts or real gifts (or it doesn’t matter).

Dice Games Christmas Presents Ideas:

Any items within the gift budget work for Christmas gift dice game presents!

What did we miss on our Christmas dice game gift exchange ideas? Let us know and we’ll add it to the Christmas present dice game gifts list!

Best dice game for Christmas party

Here are fun double dice gift game ideas, single dice games, and other dice games without gifts that are also fun Christmas games!

Best Games During Christmas Party To Play With Dice

Don’t miss ‎more holiday group game ideas and party game ideas at the bottom of the post!

Here’s how to play Christmas dice game different ways and fun December dice game ideas…

1. Left Right Center Game For Christmas Party

The left right center game for Christmas party is a popular holiday party game and isn’t always played as a dice gift exchange game.

It is usually played with a story where players exchange gifts whenever they hear left, right, or center in the story, but you can also play with dice as a gift dice game / pass the present dice game with dice.

You can make any rules you like, but here’s an example of roll the dice gift exchange game…

How to Play the LRC Game for Christmas with Dice (left right center game rules):

  1. Set a number of rounds. (For example, everyone will roll twice before the game ends.)
  2. Everyone starts with one random gift.
  3. Roll a 1 or 2, everyone passes a gift right.
  4. Roll a 3 or 4, everyone passes a gift left.
  5. Roll a 5, the roller picks a gift from the center (if no gifts in center, they lose a turn).
  6. Roll a 6, the roller puts their gift in the center.
  7. Game ends when everyone has rolled through complete rounds. If there is still a gift in the center at the end of the rounds, the person who doesn’t have a gift gets that one.

Again, you can make any pass play left center right rules that you want!

Printable Christmas Party Games


2. White Elephant Dice Game

The White Elephant Dice Game for Christmas can be played multiple ways as a pass the present game.

How To Play The White Elephant Dice Game:

  1. Each player brings a wrapped gift.
  2. Each player starts with a random gift.
  3. Assign directions to dice and players have to follow those directions. For example, roll a 1 and choose a person to exchange a gift with, roll a 2 everyone swaps gifts to the left, etc.

3. Crazy Dice Gift Exchange

This is a funny take on a dice gift exchange.

Each each player brings 2-3 inexpensive wrapped gifts (bonus points if they’re funny).

Each player takes turns rolling the dice.

The number on the dice corresponds to how many gifts they can choose to take from the gift pile and/or other steal from other players.

You can set a time limit for the game or set a number of rounds. (For example, each person will roll three times total.)

When the rounds end, the people keep the gifts they have.

(Yes! Some people may end up with no gifts!)

4. Santa Says Dice Game

For this game you only need one good present. (Or several if you’re going to play the game multiple times.)

Have one player be the designated Santa Reader.

Make a directions sheet like roll a 1 pass a present, roll a 2 steal a present, etc. that Santa will use to read from during the party game.

Make rule that players have to roll fast. (The Santa Reader can help with this by calling the directions fast and then telling the next player to “Hurry! Roll!”)

The first player rolls the dice and Santa reads the directions from the sheet of player, mixing in “Santa Says” or just reading the direction.

Similar to the childhood game of “Simon Says,” the player designated as Santa and gives commands like “Santa says steal a gift” or “give your gift to the person on your left.”

If the player follows a direction when the Santa Reader doesn’t say “Santa Says,” they are out of the game.

The player who makes a mistake is out of the game until only one player remains and wins the round.

I love this awesome idea for holiday kids activities!

5. Dice Gift Scavenger Holiday Hunt

Hide small gifts around the party space and assign each gift a number corresponding to a roll on the dice.

Players take turns rolling the dice and have to find the corresponding gift in the scavenger hunt.

(If they find a gift with a different number, they have to put it back!)

Game ends when all the gifts have been found.

This is a really fun idea for Christmas kids activities.

Exchange santa dice game and dice present game ideas text on graphics of Christmas gifts and game dice

6. Christmas Dice Stocking Stuffers Game

Each player brings a stocking and small, inexpensive gifts to contribute to a gift pile.

Players take turns rolling the dice and whatever number they roll corresponds to how many gifts they can choose from the pile to stuff in their stocking.

Assign dice roll rules like:

  • Roll a 1: pick 1 gift
  • Roll a 2: pick 2 gifts
  • Roll a 3: pick 3 gifts
  • Roll a 4: put back 1 gift
  • Roll a 5: give one gift to the person on your left
  • Roll a 6: put back all your gifts

The player with the most filled stocking when all the gifts are taken wins the game.

(And everyone gets to keep the stocking presents!).

This is one of my favorite holiday dice games.

7. Dice Gift Wrapping Challenge Game

This is a fun Christmas gift wrapping challenge game.

Each roll of the dice corresponds to a wrap item.

For example:

  • Roll a 1, place the wrapping paper on
  • Roll a 2, add a bow
  • Roll a 3, place ribbon around the gift
  • Roll a 4, place a name tag on
  • Roll a 5, unwrap someone else’s gift
  • Roll a 6, unwrap your gift and start over

The first person to use all their wrapping items ends the game.

Give out prizes like best wrapped, worst wrapped, funniest gift wrapping, etc.

Players can wrap fake or real gifts.

It’s a fun alternative to the traditional gift exchange Christmas dice game.

You can also play this as a gift exchange unwrapping game with dice where you unwrap a piece of your present (or wrap something back) depending on what you roll on die.

8. Dice Gift Exchange Bingo

Each player brings a wrapped gift to contribute to a gift pile.

Each player is given a Bingo card with holiday-themed words or phrases, and they take turns rolling the dice to determine which square on their Bingo card they can mark off.

For example, roll a 1, mark off the Christmas trees on the Bingo card; roll a 2, mark off the Santa hats, etc.

The first player to get five squares in a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) wins and gets to choose a gift from the pile.

Keep playing until all gifts are gone.

9. Dice Christmas Carol Game

Players take turns rolling the dice, and whatever number they roll corresponds to how many verses of a Christmas carol they have to sing or fill in the blank.

For example, if a player rolls a 2, the player has to sing 2 verses of a carol or fill in the first 2 words of a carol.

10. Christmas Candy Dice Game

The Christmas candy dice game is played with — you guessed it! — Christmas candy!

Start with a pile of Christmas candy in the center.

Create Candy Dice Game Rules like:

  • Role a 1, take 1 piece of candy
  • Role a 2, take 2 pieces of candy
  • Role a 3, put a piece of candy back
  • Role a 4, steal a piece of candy from another person
  • Role a 5, everyone shifts their pile of candy to the left
  • Role a 6, lose all your candy! (Put it back in the center.)

If you’ve played the Halloween candy dice game, this holiday dice game is the same.

It’s a fun holiday game for children and adults to play together and great option if you’re looking for Christmas games using dice were you don’t exchange expensive gifts.

More Christmas Family Dice Games (Other Fun Christmas Party Game Ideas)

Christmas games ideas with dice:


dad unwrapping plastic wrap ball game with a child in his lap at a party

What did we miss? Let us know your favorite Christmas party dice games!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Have fun with these dice games for Christmas parties!

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