37 Festive Christmas Eve Sleepover Ideas

Need Christmas Eve sleepover ideas or holiday slumber party themes? We’ll give you ideas for family Christmas gift exchange, hot cocoa bar ideas, Christmas party games, and sleepover fun that will add to your family Christmas ideas traditions for this fun indoor camping party for winter!

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A holiday sleepover party is a popular event for adults and children of all ages and will provide a memorable holiday experience they will remember for years to come.

If you have plans to have a Christmas sleepover party, these tips can help you create the best possible event.

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ULTIMATE HOLIDAY SLEEPOVER GUIDE: Christmas Eve Sleepover Tips and Christmas Sleepover Ideas

What do you do at Christmas sleepovers?

  1. Give your guests their own stocking! Fill them with small treats or candy to put in by their bedside or under the tree when Santa comes. Have a holiday scavenger hunt where guests have to find their own stocking. (Or, give out holiday matching PJs with their stockings!)
  2. Serve an easy Christmas morning breakfast! For breakfast, serve breakfast pizza (or let them do a fruit DIY pizza, a cereal and yogurt bar, or a make-ahead crockpot Christmas casserole and hot chocolate bar.
  3. Have a gingerbread house decorating contest. Provide gingerbread houses for teams to decorate within a certain amount of time. Give out funny and fun gifts for Best House, Funniest, Messiest, etc.
  4. Have a tree trimming party! A Christmas Eve sleepover is the perfect time to decorate your home for Christmas. Get your guests in the festive spirit by including a tree trimming party as part of the festivities. You can even get everyone involved in making their own popcorn garland for the tree!
  5. Create a memorable ornament. A Christmas tree ornament craft is not only fun for all ages, but is also something that will give your guests memories for years to come! (We love this DIY Christmas ornament idea!)
  6. Wear Christmas pajamas. Make sure everyone wears their most festive holiday pajamas. You can give away favor bags with Christmas socks to all your guests.
  7. Do Christmas crafts. Christmas crafts are another way to get guests of all ages involved in activities. (Try these.)
  8. Play holiday games. The Christmas Saran Wrap Ball Game is our favorite because kids and adults have fun with it! Also add in other fun games like Christmas MadLibs and Christmas charades.
  9. Make reindeer food! (And then leave it out for Santa’s reindeer!) Grab cute free printable reindeer mix bag toppers here.
  10. Read Twas The Night Before Christmas. Then, make a Not A Creature Was Stirring craft.
  11. Put together easy craft bags for kids. We love these Do You Want to Build a Snowman gift bags to get crafty!
  13. Don’t forget the Christmas music! Christmas music is another way to add fun to the party. Include a playlist of favorite Christmas tunes. GET CHRISTMAS MUSIC IDEAS HERE

Christmas day is usually a busy, so do not plan too many activities on Christmas Day. Other than the meal, you can plan some games that your guests can play such as Christmas Bingo, or just let them chill after opening stockings.

Keep scrolling for fun themes for a slumber party during the holidays and games for a sleepover party at Christmas!

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Christmas Sleepover Themes

There are many different ways you can do a Christmas themed slumber party! You can do
traditional Christmas themes or even Christmas party dress up themes.

Here are some ideas for Christmas Eve sleepovers that will create everlasting memories for everyone involved!

(You can also use these as fun holiday pajama party theme names for invitations for your themed sleepovers, too!)

PRO PARTY TIP / SLEEPOVER SETUP IDEAS: Check a sleepover rentals company for fun sleepover tent (and sleepover party supplies) to add to your party! Add some Christmas lights for easy sleepover decoration ideas!

24 Fun Christmas Theme Ideas (Slumber Parties Ideas)

Creative Themes For Sleepovers During Holidays:

  1. Winter Wonderland
  2. Gingerbread House
  3. North Pole-Themed Party
  4. A Christmas Story Party (a favorite theme for sleepover of mine!)
  5. Christmas Around The World
  6. Create Your Own Christmas Storybook (dress up as characters)
  7. Worst Christmas Present Party
  8. White Christmas
  9. 12 Days of Christmas Theme
  10. Christmas Barbie Sleepover Party Ideas
  11. Ugly Christmas Pajama Sleepover
  12. Favorite Christmas Movie Character Dress-up
  13. Christmas Movie Marathon (CHRISTMAS FILM IDEAS: watch these holiday movies for a fun family movie night that really capture the holiday spirit!)
  14. Winter Bonfire
  15. Christmas Candyland
  16. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Party
  17. Polar Express
  18. Christmas Beach Luau (get fun indoor beach party ideas)
  19. Buddy Elf Movie Theme Party
  20. Charlie Brown Christmas Party
  21. Christmas Tree Trimming
  22. Glow Christmas Party (get glow in the dark sleepover ideas here)
  23. Hot Chocolate and Caroling Christmas Party
  24. Christmas Cookie Decorating Party

CHRISTMAS PARTY PLANNING TIP: Think about your favorite children’s Christmas book or movie and turn that into one of your Christmas party themes or catchy slumber party names for the holidays!

Let us know if you have fun sleepover theme ideas and we’ll add them to our holiday party list and sleepover party theme ideas!

Printable Christmas Party Games

Christmas Sleepover Activities: What To Do At A Christmas Sleepover

Here are fun things to do at a Christmas sleepover and Christmas slumber party…

Ideas for Family Christmas Gift Exchange

Gift Exchange Theme Ideas:

  • White Elephant Gift Exchange
  • Stocking Exchange (or sock exchange game – hilarious games at sleepovers and one of our favorites!)
  • Christmas Gift Scavenger Hunt
  • Musical Chairs Gift Grab
  • Christmas Trivia
  • Christmas Bingo
  • Spin the Candy Cane (make a board that includes take a gift, gift a gift, pick a new gift and spin the candy cane!)
  • Play Christmas dice games like this
  • Play the Bow Game for funny games for sleepovers for all ages

Let us know your favorite Christmas slumber party ideas or exchange games for sleepover and we’ll add them to our list!


Christmas Party Theme Ideas / Secret Santa Themes

Christmas Tree Campout Ideas (sleep under the Christmas tree!)

Sleepover Ideas Teenage Holiday Party (tons of teenage sleepover activities and ideas for a sleepover!)

Christmas Sleepover Food Ideas

HOW TO HOST A CHRISTMAS EVE SLEEPOVER (Christmas pajama party ideas) - text over Christmas tree with a child's sleepover teddy bear

Christmas Sleepover Games Ideas

What is a fun Christmas party game?

Don’t forget to give funny gifts or treats to give away for prizes!

Some kids prefer playing board games to group games, so plan for the different activities that your guests might enjoy. (At my sleepover party, I like to provide quiet areas for guests who don’t want to participate!)

Also, remember that it’s easy to give overstimulated during the holidays (with all the excitement and extra sugar!).

Make sure that you create a quiet corner (or room) with low lighting, soft music and that there are some quiet games, coloring books, or art supplies available for time outs or escapes.

Prepare in advance and keep things simple.

Your Christmas sleepover party is sure to be fun and memorable for everyone who attends, whether they are young or old at your Christmas themed sleepover!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

All ages will have fun with these Christmas sleepover ideas (even great for teenage pajama party ideas!) — fun Christmas sleepover ideas for adults and kids!

Hope you enjoy these Christmas Eve sleepover ideas!

DISCLOSURE: Affiliate links are used on this site. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please refer to our DISCLOSURE.

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