63 Snow Day Activities For Adults To Warm Up In Winter

These snow day activities for adults and snow party ideas for grown-ups are a fun way to spend an adult snow day — from what to do on a snow day inside, to hosting a snow day party with friends, and even fun outdoor snow activity ideas! Awesome list of things to do when you’re  snowed-in and what to do in the snow in the winter!

snow day activities for adults - snow sled with blankets and coffee thermos on a snowy outdoors hill

Most Fun Snow Day Activities for Adults During Winter Storms

Here’s what to do on snow days when you’re stuck at home alone or with friends! Fun things to do on snowy day — what to do on a snow day outside and inside things to do inside on a snowy day and even what to do when youre bored in winter!

What do you do on a snow day?

  • Make a winter nature garland
  • Binge a popular show you haven’t had time to watch
  • Make a pot of tea and snuggle down in bed to read a good book
  • Hand write letters or cards to friends and families
  • Have an at-home spa day
  • Go on a winter hike
  • Set up a tent inside and camp indoors (one of the most fun things to do when its snowing, even as a grown up!)
  • Make snow s’mores outdoors over a fire pit
  • Host a board game party
  • Work on making a bucket list for the year or a snow day traditions list
  • Make a meal for friend or neighbor in need and drop it off
  • Have a soup swap or best recipes for snow days swap with friends (or other snow storm food ideas)
  • Create art … in the snow!
  • Go sledding
  • Bake something from scratch
  • Make snow angels
  • Go ice skating — indoors or outdoors!
  • Sit by the window with a relaxing snow fall
  • Search snow activities near me and head out for some fun!

See the full list of indoor winter activities for adults and top snow day activities for adults outdoors! KEEP SCROLLING for what to do on snowy day, things to do in the snow at home, and how to have a snow day as a grown-up!

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Things to do for a snow day (snowed in activities for adults) - text on an outdoor snow scene with a blue sky


What can you do on a snow day with your boyfriend?

One of the good things about snow is that it gives you an excuse to snuggle up with your sweetie! Here’s how to enjoy the snow day with your S.O., including things to do on a snowy day inside and outside (whether it’s a snowy weekend or a you’re stuck at home during a winter storm!).

Winter Date Ideas – Fun Snow Day Ideas With Girlfriend Or Boyfriend:

  • Go for a romantic walk in the snow.
  • See if any restaurants near you have snow igloo dinners and go!
  • Play a sexy board game.
  • Set up an indoor picnic with decadent appetizers and candles.
  • Take a relaxing bubble bath together, complete with candles and soft winter music.
  • Go online and follow a chef and cook a meal together.
  • Head to a cozy coffee shop and enjoy your favorite mugs of hot chocolate, coffee, or tea.
  • Connect by slow dancing.
  • Have a board game or video game tournament.
  • Build a blanket fort and binge a show together in there.
  • Build a snowman together.
  • Give each other a relaxing massage.
  • Go sledding or snow tubing.
  • Search online for winter couple activities near me.

Whether you’re looking for fun things to do on a cold day with your girlfriend or what to do on a cold day with your boyfriend, you and your significant other will love these ideas!

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Here’s how to make a snow day fun for grown ups, including what to do in a snowstorm / things to do when it snows!


Let’s start with things to do on a cold day inside with friends, on a winter snow day alone, and fun things to do when it’s snowing outside!

Things to do when snowed in inside text over hot chocolate on a snowy table

Indoor Snowy Day Activities For Adults

Things to do inside on a snow day:

  • Host a cozy movie night with hot chocolate, popcorn, and plenty of snuggly blankets. (The best idea for what to do on a cold day inside, right?)
  • Bake cookies… from scratch!
  • Rearrange your books by author.
  • Have a wine and cheese tasting around the fire with friends.
  • Host a friend slumber party.
  • Make mulled wine.
  • Take a hot bath by candlelight.
  • Make simple bird feeder.
  • Host an online movie watch party with friends.
  • Download and organize the photos from your phone.
  • Make snow taffy and snow ice cream.
  • Have an indoor snowball fight with these.
  • Cut out snowflakes and hang them in your window. (Yes, still fun snow crafts for adults!)
  • Make hot chocolate gift jars and deliver them to your friends.
  • Make indoor smores.
  • Make a warm and cozy comfort food meal.
  • Catch up on your reading list.
  • Email friends you haven’t talked to for a long time.

Let us know your favorite fun things to do on a snow day inside and we’ll add them to our list!


(Fun things to do to get a snow day – snow day essentials and what to do on a snowy day inside and outside!)

Here’s what to do when it’s snowing outside and you still want to get out in the snow!

Things to do in the snow for adults outside adults laughing in the snow around a campfire with text above snow images

Outdoor Snow Activities For Adults

Here’s how to enjoy snow day outside and a list of snow day fun ideas. Channel your inner child and have fun with these activities games to play in the snow for adults!

What to do when snowed in outdoor ideas:

  • Host a snowman building contest with neighbors or friends.
  • Have an outdoor snowball fight.
  • Host an outdoor winter dinner. (Favorite fun things to do in the snow with friends! If you’re looking for creative and cool things to do in the snow, this is it!)
  • Make an outdoor bonfire complete with coffee made on the fire and s’mores.
  • Below freezing? Blow bubbles and watch them freeze!
  • Shovel snow for a neighbor.
  • Pack up a thermos of mulled wine or hot chocolate, some food, and have a snow picnic.
  • Do a winter photoshoot with a beautiful snowy backdrop.
  • Have an outdoor winter scavenger hunt. (Fun snow day games for all ages!)
  • Try snowshoeing. (It may become one of your favorite fun things to do with snow!)
  • Make chili over a fire.
  • Play flag football in the snow.
  • Camp outdoors in the snow!

Let us know fun things to do on a snowy day outside and we’ll add them to our list.


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We hope this helped with what to do on a snowy day when bored! Happy winter and enjoy your snow day!

Have fun with these snow day activities for adults for a grown up snow party!

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