Slumber Party Theme Names and Sleepover Ideas That Rock

Looking for slumber party theme names for your sleepover? You can adapt these fun slumber party themes for all ages of kids and even for teen sleepover ideas. Everyone will love these creative
sleepover names for your celebration!

slumber party theme names and three young children dressed in different zoo animal theme pajamas

Slumber Party Theme Names for Kids Sleepovers

What are good sleepover ideas?

15 Fun Sleepover Ideas:

  1. Gamer Girl / Gamer Guy (Video Game Sleepover)
  2. Rock and Roll
  3. Slumber Party Game Night (with different board games)
  4. Glow Dance Party
  5. Spa Night
  6. Sports Theme Sleepover
  7. Halloween Sleepover Party (complete with costumes!)
  8. Minecraft Sleepover
  9. Indoor Fort Pajama Party
  10. Trampoline Tent Sleepover
  11. Backyard Camping Sleepover
  12. Nailed It! Baking Competition
  13. Craft Campover
  14. Movie Night
  15. Scrapbook Sleepover

Don’t miss the cool sleepover themes below!

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Unique Slumber Party Theme Names For Children’s Sleepovers

These cool sleepover party themes can be adapted for any age from preschool sleepovers to teens sleepover (and ages in between!).

Sleepover themes ideas:

Fun Sleepover Themes #1: Fort & Fun

Who doesn’t love a good blanket fort?

The best part about using this as one of your sleepover ideas is that the kids get to build the fort together (which is part of the fun)!

Provide the kids with a stack of blankets, sheets, cushions, and pillows. Clear a space and let them get creative with a fort!

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Try these for your blanket fort sleepover:

  • Blanket fort kits (great for little ones!)
  • Glow-in-dark fort construction kit
  • Fort lights
  • Floor loungers

Want to up your sleepover game? Try this amazing inflatable air fort for your slumber party idea!

Fun Sleepover Themes #2: Rock & Rest

Center this pajama party theme around — you guessed it! — rock n roll and a music party.

You can even give out trophies or ribbons for different fun rocking categories (best lip sync, best dance moves, etc.).

Here’s what you need for a Rock-n-Rest Sleepover:

Fun Sleepover Themes #3: Pajamas & Pizza

Pizza and PJs is a fun pajama party theme, especially if you have a kids who loves to cook.

The key to a fun Pizza and PJs slumber party is providing all the things to make DIY pizzas. Provide pizza crust (including gluten-free pizza crusts), toppings, and different pizza sauces and let them create their own pizzas!

TRY THIS: No-Cook Pizza Sauce Kids Can Make

You can also make dessert pizzas, too.

(Just be sure you’re aware of any food allergies.)

Then, kids can eat their own pizzas while they watch movies!

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Add these to your Pajamas and Pizza Slumber Party:

Fun Sleepover Themes #4: Sleepover Beauty

Do you have princess or Disney loving kids? Or, even a child who loves all things make-up, spa, manicures and pedicures? You can do a fun play on Sleeping Beauty with a spa sleepover!

Spa slumber party ideas:

Fun Sleepover Themes #5: Sun and Slumber

This theme is fun if you have a pool and combine a pool party with a sleep over. However, you don’t need a pool or even the outdoors! Transform your indoor space to a beach party sleepover!

Beach party sleepover ideas:

If it’s warm weather and you have a backyard, have a water balloon fight!

This is a great for a winter sleepover theme, too, when everyone is over the cold weather and you want something fun for kids to do!


Fun Sleepover Themes #6: TikTok Sleepy Clock

With a TikTok Sleepy Clock sleepover, kids dress up as their favorite celebrities or influencers. They can make TikTok videos and have different photo op stations to create pics to share on their social media accounts.

TikTok Sleepover Ideas:

You can even get cool TikTok favors for your favor or gift bags to give out!

This is perfect for a tween slumber party or teen sleepover ideas!


Fun Sleepover Themes #7: Recline & Mine

Recline & Mine is the ultimate Minecraft sleepover theme and is perfect for all your gamer gals and guys of all ages!

For your Minecraft sleepover theme:

If your kids love Minecraft, then this is the sleepover theme for them!

Fun Sleepover Themes #8: SnooZoo

If you have kids who love animals, try a Snooze Zoo slumber party!

For an animal sleepover theme:

Sleepover Ideas That Rock

Let us know your slumber party theme names that you’ve used!

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