9 Hilarious Co-Ed Baby Shower Games You Gotta Play!

Hysterical co-ed baby shower games that will have everyone laughing at your couples baby shower. These really are the best baby shower ideas and fun party activities that people will talk about even after the baby arrives! If you’re looking for non-traditional shower things to do, these make for a fun Jack and Jill shower!

Best Co-Ed Baby Shower Games different pictures of baby shower activities

The Best Co-Ed Baby Shower Games You Won’t See At Other Parties!

If your husband or partner is anything like mine, there’s a big groan whenever I tell him we got invited to a coed baby shower or a couples party of any kind. I think it’s mainly because most of them are really boring without a lot of things to do. And, eventually it ends up with the group splitting up (generally some form of gender divide of women in one room and guys in the other).

That’s why if you’re hosting something like a coed baby shower it’s important to give serious consideration to baby shower activities during your party planning.

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Funny Co Ed Baby Shower Games For Couples Shower text over pictures of baby shower games for Jack and Jill shower parties

These hilarious shower games will turn a boring party into a fun couples baby shower that people will talk about for years! These games are great for baby shower minute to win it games, too — which are always hits for games for parties!

PARTY TIPS: Many of these couples shower games can be adapted to play at a regular shower or baby shower luncheon without partners or teammates.

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Laugh-Out-Loud Funny Games To Play At A Couples Baby Shower

How To Play The Name The Baby Game For Baby Showers - text over Scrabble game tiles arranged in a heart shape for a baby shower party

Baby Name Brainstorm Battle: Get Ready to Name That Bundle of Joy!

How To Play Name That Baby:

  • Game Goal: Get the highest Scrabble score by creating the best baby names to win the game.
  • Materials Needed: Scrabble tiles, paper, pens.
  • How to Play: Each couple gets the same number of a set of random Scrabble tiles like these. They must use the tiles to create as many baby names as possible within a time limit (e.g., 5 minutes). They must write down their baby names and the corresponding score from the tiles. The couple with the highest score at the end wins.
  • Want a more challenging game? State that couples can only use each tile one time! (Make sure that each couple team gets vowels in their tiles.)

PRO PARTY TIP: Have each couple read their names. The group can vote to exclude a “cheater” name and have those points removed from the couples overall score.


Diaper Dash Game: The Ultimate Race to Diaper Duty

Ok, this shower game is one of my favorite games because it gets everyone up and moving around and LAUGHING!

Diaper Changing Relay Minute To Win It Game Directions:

  • Game Goal: Coach your blindfolded teammate to the changing table and to change the baby or stuffed animal correctly first to win.
  • Materials Needed: Dolls or stuffed animals, diapers, blindfolds.
  • How to Play: Set up a changing station table at one end of the room with dolls, large stuffed animals, and diapers. Have the teams stand at the other end of the room. One person from each couple team wears a blindfold and one person is the coach. On GO! the blindfolded person tries to make their way down to the changing table and diaper the “baby” (doll or stuffed animal) all the while their teammate is coaching them (yelling out directions on how to get to the table, where the diapers are, where the babies are, etc.).
  • The first team who successfully coaches their teammate to correctly diaper the baby and then makes it back (still blindfolded!) to their teammate wins the challenge!
  • Want to make it more challenging? Set up different obstacles (like pillows or stuffed animals) that blindfolded players also have to navigate (with coaching from a teammate) around before getting to the baby changing table area.

PRO PARTYTIP: Be sure to clear the area of any things that the blindfolded people can trip on!

How To Play Guess The Baby Food Baby Shower Game text over baby food jars with the food labels covered for baby shower games

Guess the Goo: Blindfolded Baby Food Challenge for Brave Couples

Instructions For To Play The Guess The Baby Food Game:

  • Game Goal: Take turns passing around baby food jars and tasting them. (No double dipping!) Team with most correct guesses wins.
  • Materials Needed: Various jars of baby food with labels covered and numbered, blindfolds, pens, paper.
  • How to Play: Blindfold one person in each couple team. The teammate without the blindfold feeds the blindfolded person and they guess the flavor of the baby food without any help from their teammate. The person without the blindfold writes down the guess next to the corresponding number on the paper.

MORE ADULT BABY SHOWER GAMES TO TRY: Funny Baby Shower Diaper Candy Bar Game (one of the funniest baby shower games ever!)

How to play the candy bar dirty diaper baby shower game NUMBERED DIAPERS FOR CANDY BAR DIAPER BABY SHOWER GAME

Priceless Parenting: Outsmart the Market in Baby Price is Right!

This is one of those really funny interactive baby shower games that gets everyone involved and arguing (for fun!). It’s one of those unique baby shower games that everyone always loves, so definitely add it to your party list.

Instructions For Playing At-Home Price Is Right – Baby Edition:

  • Goal of Game: Guess the price of each baby item. Lowest score at end of game wins.
  • Materials Needed: Various baby items, paper, pens.
  • How to Play: Display several baby items (e.g., diapers, baby wipes, pacifiers, toys, etc.) along with their prices. Couples must guess the price of each item by writing down their guesses. To get your score for each item, subtract your guessed price from the real price. After all items have been revealed, each couple totals their amounts. Couple with the lowest score at the end wins because they came closest to the prices overall.

Baby Bottles & Bubbles Bonanza: Who Will Chug to Victory?

Instructions For Baby Bottle Chug:

  • Game Goal: Be the first team to drink all their baby bottles (like a baby!) to win.
  • Materials Needed: Various cheap baby bottles (I love this set with the baby shower sign!), beverages and liquids — some regular and some gross. (Juice, Water, Soda, Pickle Juice, Milk, Punch, Champagne, Sparkling Cider, etc.)
  • How to Play: Each couple team gets the same amount of baby bottles with the same liquids. Do not identify the liquids to them, but don’t make it too gross and don’t make it dangerous (like, don’t use hot sauce). Couples must race to drink the liquids (with the nipple, not by unscrewing the cap!) and see who can finish their bottles first. The first couple to finish all drinks wins the game.

PRO PARTY TIP: Although this is one of those funny coed baby shower games, not everyone may want to play this or be into drinking gross things (like pickle juice), so take that into consideration when planning shower games.

Lullaby Lyrics: Guess The Children’s Songs

Game Directions For The Fill-In-The-Blank Lullaby Lyrics Shower Game:

  • Game Objective: Couples must guess the titles of popular children’s songs based on their titles (with words missing). Couple who guesses the most titles within 5 minutes wins the game.
  • Materials Needed: Printed sheets with children’s song titles with some of the words missing on each title. Pens for each couple.
  • Setup: Before the baby shower, compile a list of popular children’s songs (at least 25, but 30-50 is better), remove some of the key words from each title, and print out the titles. (Each couple will get the same copy.)
  • How To Play: Give each couple team a copy of the lyrics (face down, clipped to a clipboard) and a pen. Set a timer for 5 minutes. On GO! the teams flip the sheet over and tries to fill in as many kids’ songs before time runs out. Team with the most correct answers at the end wins the game.

Mystery Diaper Bag Challenge: What’s In The Baby Bag?

How To Play Guess What’s In The Diaper Bag:

  • Goal of Game: Be the team who guesses the most baby items correctly to win.
  • Materials Needed: Diaper bag, various baby items (and some random items guests wouldn’t expect), paper and pens.
  • How to Play: Fill a diaper bag (or backpack) with various baby items like diapers, wipes, bottles, lotions, stuffed animal and pacifiers, but also weird, random items like a small alcohol bottle, 1 sock, pair of chopsticks, etc. Couples must feel inside the bag (without looking) and try to guess as many items as they can within a specific time (like 2 minutes). One person feels in the bag, whispers their guess to their partner, and the partner writes it down.

PRO PARTY TIP: If you have a large group, you can make 2-3 bags to have multiple guessing games going on at once and then pass the bag to the next team when they’re done. Just have guests number Bag 1: guesses, Bag 2: guesses, Bag 3: guesses, etc. on their paper.

FUN PARTY TIP: Bonus points if you put a couple of things in there that feels gross to touch, like this squishy eyeball! It gives the guests a funny surprise!

Name The Baby Picture Baby Shower Game - text over a NAME THE BABY game sign with a cute bunny rabbit baby toy at a baby shower party

Baby Guess Game: Who’s That Cutie Patootie?

To Play The Baby Photo Guessing Game:

  • Object Of The Game: Guess which baby photos belong to which guest.
  • Materials Needed: Baby photos of guests, numbered cards, pens, paper.
  • How to Play: Collect baby photos from each guest in advance and assign a number to each photo. Display the photos anonymously and provide guests with numbered cards and paper. They must guess which guest corresponds to each baby photo. The couple with the most correct guesses wins.

PRO PARTY TIP: Include some baby pictures of celebrities to throw things off!

FUN CO-ED BABY SHOWER GAME IDEAS - text over a diaper pail with dirty diapers for baby shower games

Dirty Diaper Toss: Pitch The Poo Pail Toss

This is a simple baby shower game that always gets everyone laughing and that they really want to play!

To Play Dirty Diaper Dash Minute To Win It Baby Shower Game:

  • Goal Of Game: To get the most “dirty” diapers in the diaper pail before time runs out.
  • Materials Needed: Buckets, a pile of dirty diapers – baby diapers with water pored in them and/or melted chocolate bars in them (to make them seem like dirty diapers).
  • How to Play: Set up a bucket for each team (far enough apart that it’s a challenge). Set a timer for 3 minutes. On go! One team member must run to the pile of dirty diapers (on a table a ways away from them), grab a “dirty diaper” and try to get it into their bucket. The couple with the most dirty diapers in the bucket when time runs out wins the game.

PRO PARTY TIP: If you don’t want to use real diapers, you can use sturdy paper towels or doll diapers like this.

HYSTERICAL GAME TWIST: For a laugh out loud good time, use these net hats instead and one team member has to get it into the net hat of the other team member (they can move around to try to catch it in their hat!).

Want to have a baby shower for dads? Try the dudes and diapers party theme!


I hope you have fun with these co-ed baby shower games for your party!

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