How To Play The Senior Assassin Game (And Win!)

The Senior Assassin Game is a popular water game for graduating seniors. Also called Senior Tag or Catch Games, we’ll cover everything you need to play Senior Assassin (including funny team names!). It’s a fun group game for high schoolers or college student to play before graduation.

How To Play The Senior Assassin Game WATER TAG GAMES (female high schooler or college student wearing sunglasses and smiling holding water blasters in each hand for the water tag game with targets behind her)

Everything You Need To Know About Senior Assassin Game Play

Let’s talk about how to become the ultimate champion of the high-stakes, adrenaline-pumping, and utterly drenched world of the Senior Assassin Game — the popular high school game / college game for graduating seniors to play.

Before we get into the splashy depths of strategy and subterfuge, let’s lay out the groundwork…

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What Is Senior Assassins Game?

High School Senior Assassin (or College Assassins Game) is essentially the love child of hide-and-seek combined with modern warfare play, but with a twist — everyone’s armed with water-based weaponry. (You know, water blasters, water balloons, water squirters etc.)

Players are divided into teams and assigned targets to “assassinate” with waterguns, balloons, or any aquatic armament they can get their hands on.

The catch? It all happens off school grounds, in the real world, where strategy, stealth, and a bit of mischief reign supreme.

Each week, you’re hunting and being hunted, with every thrilling “assassin” captured on video and gloriously showcased on Instagram or TikTok, until one soggy victor emerges as the ultimate Senior Assassin.

Imagine this: you’re finishing up your senior year, ready to take on the world, but first, you’ve got to navigate the treacherous waters of a senior prank game where your classmates become friendly foes on a battlefield that spans the entirety of your local hangouts and neighborhoods.

What’s more fun than that?

Senior Assassin Game Setup (SENIOR TAG CATCH GAME) - text over images of senior students using water blasters during the tag game

Senior Assassin Game Setup And Step-by-Step Instructions For Playing The Game

Goal Of The Senior Assassin Game

The goal of the Senior Assassins game is for players to eliminate their assigned targets using water-based weapons, like waterguns or water balloons, while avoiding being hit by water and eliminated themselves. The game continues until there’s only one player left standing, who is then declared the winner. It’s a competitive, social game that encourages strategy, stealth, and fun among senior students.

Rules For Staying Safe During the Assassin Game

  1. Establish Clear Rules: Clearly outline what is acceptable in terms of gameplay, including weapon types and gameplay areas.
  2. Use Non-Threatening Props: Only use waterguns or items that cannot be mistaken for real weapons to avoid alarming the public.
  3. Create Safe Zones: Designate areas where players are safe from being “assassinated” to ensure their safety at sensitive locations.
  4. No Play in Dangerous Areas: Ban gameplay near roads, in parking lots, or any places where players’ safety might be compromised.
  5. Respect Privacy and Property: No entering private property without explicit permission to avoid trespassing concerns.
  6. Stay Informed of Local Laws: Make sure all players are aware of and abide by local laws and ordinances to prevent legal issues.
  7. Monitor Social Media Usage: Be cautious about posting gameplay that could be misinterpreted by those not familiar with the game.
  8. Have a Point of Contact: Beyond the game host, designate game helpers or moderators to address concerns or issues that arise during play.

1. Name A Game Host

At the heart of every Senior Assassin game there’s a Game Host, the mastermind behind the chaos, who kicks things off by rallying the troops (aka: players) with a call to arms (or, more accurately, call to waterguns).

These hosts don’t get involved in the water wars themselves, but rather steer the ship from the safety of dry land, acting as the grand overseer and the final word on all squabbles.

In other words: They’re the person players can go to with questions or issues.

PRO GAME TIP: Have the host make announcements about the game, start date, and end date on social media platforms (including Facebook and NextDoor) so that neighbors in the area will be aware of what’s going on. THIS WILL HELP KEEP PLAYERS SAFE!

2. Post Game Rules

Now, let’s talk gameplay…

Each school’s game is as unique as a snowflake, crafted with its own set of quirky rules, so you can make your own rules — from using innocuous items like soaked squishy water balls to drenching water pistols, and ensuring nobody’s mistaking playtime for real-life danger.

Just be sure the game rules are posted and everyone is aware of them.

3. Set Up Safe Zones

Does the game have “timeouts” or safe havens?


Set up designated “Safe Zones” where players can catch their breath, free from the peril of sudden “assassination.”

For example, safe zones might be the person’s workplace, church, busy streets, children’s playgrounds, private property where trespassing is an issue, inside school buildings, etc.

Post the safe zones so everyone knows them. Anyone breaching a safe zone is automatically out of the game.

4. Document Your Takedowns

And for those moments of triumph, having a buddy to witness your glorious victory (or a trusty video record) is more than just a bragging right; it’s a rule.

Post your “assassination” on social media with your own custom social hashtag set up by the game host.

Senior Party Games - text over male senior student making a funny face with waterguns

Tips For Playing The Senior Assassins Game

Step 1: Assemble Your Arsenal

First things first, let’s talk weaponry. You’re going to need water balloons, water blasters, super soakers, and if you’re feeling particularly diabolical, a hose (for those up-close and personal ambushes).


PRO GAME TIP: Diversify your arsenal! Everyone expects a watergun; no one expects a water balloon launcher crafted from an old slingshot and your dad’s workout bands. (Or, you know, you could buy this for team sneak attacks.)

Using unexpected water weaponry increases your unpredictability!

Step 2: Know Your Battlefield

This game isn’t played on school grounds (we’re all about that responsible fun), so get familiar with your neighborhood, local parks, and any other potential battle zones.

PRO GAME TIP: Understanding your area and great hiding spots are key to winning!

Knowledge of shortcuts, hiding spots, and no-splash zones (like that sweet old lady’s front porch that gives you a toothbrush at Halloween each year) gives you strategic advantages.

Your targets won’t see you coming if you emerge from the least expected places.

Step 3: Master the Art of Stealth and Camouflage

Dressing like a local jogger or blending in can make you virtually invisible to other players.

However, you want to make sure that you stay safe! Wearing dark clothes that will make you hard to see to regular people not playing the game probably isn’t the best idea.

Pro Game Tip: Use decoys! Ever thought of using a mannequin dressed like you as a decoy while you flank your unsuspecting victim from behind to reach master game status?

Step 4: The Element of Surprise

Surprise is your best friend.

Coordinate attacks when your target least expects it—like right after they’ve posted a totally unrelated story to Instagram, thinking they’re off everyone’s radar.

PRO GAME PLAY TIP TO PROVE YOU’VE LEVELED UP: Spread rumors about your location or next move. It messes with your opponents’ decision-making, keeping your true intentions obscured.

Step 5: Document Your Glory

Every “assassination” must be captured on video and posted to Instagram.

This isn’t just for the laughs; it’s your proof of conquest.

But here’s where you can truly excel beyond your peers: narrative storytelling. Don’t just post a takedown; post a saga.

Build up the suspense with pre-attack stories, add dramatic music, use slow-mo for the final splash.

Engage other players to that it not only entertains but elevates your status as a legend of the game. You’re welcome.

Winning The Senior Assassin Tag Game

The key to dominating a Senior Assassin game isn’t just about being stealthy and soaking your friends. It’s about thinking steps ahead, using online information and intel to make decisions that are not only unpredictable but also strategically superior.


  1. Blend stealth with strategy.
  2. Form alliances for shared intel.
  3. Use social media cautiously to avoid giving away your location.
  4. Stay unpredictable in your routines.
  5. Safe zones are crucial. Know them and use them to your advantage!
  6. Invest in a reliable water blaster for precision and range.
  7. Always have an escape plan during confrontations, and remember, patience and timing are key.
  8. Your goal is to remain vigilant, adaptable, and always one step ahead of your opponents.

Whether it’s through your choice of weapons, your knowledge of the “battlefield” area, or the way you manipulate information (aka: rumors), you can become a top player at the game so that your moves can’t be easily classified or countered and be a winner.

REMEMBER: The goal of the game is fun, camaraderie, and creating epic senior year memories (that are safely dry-land based).

Funny Senior Assassins Team Names - list of teams for the assassin tag game

The Best Senior Assassin Team Names

25 Funny Team Names For The Senior Assassins Game:

  1. The Aquatic Assassins
  2. Splash Squad
  3. H2Woah Warriors
  4. Drenched Dynasty
  5. The Soaked Snipers
  6. Hydro Hitters
  7. Sneak Soak Squad
  8. Wet Bandits
  9. The Drip Droppers
  10. Liquidators League
  11. The Soggy Bottoms
  12. Aqua Avengers
  13. The Spritzers
  14. Puddle Punks
  15. The Moist Marauders
  16. Stream Dream Team
  17. The Dew Crew
  18. Soak ‘n’ Destroy
  19. Waterlogged Warriors
  20. The Squirting Squids
  21. Damp Desperados
  22. Splash Mob
  23. The Rainmakers
  24. Mist-fit Marauders
  25. The Quench Questers

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Have fun with the Senior Assassin Game! Let us know how it goes!

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