31 Buzzworthy Mom To Bee Baby Shower Ideas & Picture Inspo

This bee baby shower theme (aka: Mother To Bee) is one of my favorite party themes for new moms! It’s a cute party idea for mothers as a casual outdoor garden party that can also be elevated to elegant baby showers, too!

Buzzworthy Mom To Bee Baby Shower Ideas & Picture Inspo - text over a bee themed baby shower table with yellow decorations and bee them foods

Cute Ideas For The Trending Mommy To Bee Baby Shower Party (or Dad To Bee!)

17 Bee Party Titles And Invitation Ideas For a Bee-Themed Baby Shower

  1. Buzzing with Joy: A Baby Shower!
  2. Sweet as Honey Baby Shower Bash!
  3. Welcome to Our Hive: A Baby Shower Celebration!
  4. A Little Honey is on the Way!
  5. Bee Ready to Celebrate Our New Arrival!
  6. Mommy to Bee is Expecting!
  7. What’s the Buzz? A Ba-Bee Shower!
  8. Bee Our Guest at a Baby Shower!
  9. Join the Buzz: We’re Celebrating a New Baby Bee!
  10. Bee-lieve it! A Baby is on the Way!
  11. Honey, They’re Having a Baby!
  12. Buzz On Over for a Sweet Celebration!
  13. Flowers, Honey, and a Baby Bee: Oh My!
  14. A Buzz-Worthy Baby Shower!
  15. Celebrate Our Queen Bee and Her Little Honey!
  16. Baby Buzz: Showering The Newest Little Bee With Love!
  17. It’s a Bee-autiful Day for a Baby Shower!
Bee Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Bee Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

1. Color Palette And Bee Aesthetic: Take your inspiration from bees and stick to a cheerful palette of yellows, black, and white. It’s beautiful and elegant, while also giving a little playfulness!

2. Welcome Sign: Greet guests with a custom “Welcome to the Hive” sign. Consider a chalkboard with hand-painted bees and flowers.

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3. Balloon Arch: Create a stunning focal point with a black and yellow balloon arch. Add a few bee-shaped balloons for fun photo opps.

PRO PARTY TIP: Not into balloons? Create an area with lots of natural flowers around a seat where guests can snap selfies with the mama to be!

4. Floral Arrangements: Use sunflowers and daisies (which naturally attract bees) and other flowers and greenery in your color scheme. Place them in mason jars tied with black and yellow ribbons or simple jute twine for a more rustic look.

5. Table Settings: Use yellow tablecloths and beautiful bee napkins like these. Instead of name cards, place small jars of honey like these (fill the jars with local honey if you can!) on each plate with guest names written on thank you tags. You can also give out honey comb soap favors like this for guest gifts.

BUDGET PARTY TIP: Whole lemons in a jar make a beautiful, cheap, and easy table decoration.

6. Table Centerpieces: Simple centerpieces of fresh flowers in mason jars with small honey hive dipper pots, honey sticks like this that guests can use for drinks or to take home, and jars of honey in different sizes make beautiful baby shower centerpieces for this bumble bee theme / honey bee theme.

PRO PARTY TIP: I also love these little table bees that you could affix different signs to for the food table!

BEE BABY SHOWER IDEAS - different pictures of baby shower bee theme party

Fun Bee Baby Shower Game Ideas

1. What’s the Buzz Word?: Have a word of the hour (e.g., “Baby” or “Honey”). Give guests fun stickers like this. Anyone who says the word gets a sticker. The person with the fewest stickers at the end wins a prize.

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2. Baby Word Pollination: Give guests a sheet of paper with the letters from the phrase “Mommy to Bee.” Guests create as many baby-related words as possible within a given time frame (like 5 or 10 minutes).

3. Guess the Number of Bees In The Honeycombs: Fill a jar with yellow and black candies (like M&Ms) and have guests guess how many are in there. Closest guess wins the jar and another fun prize.

4. Pollen Toss: If you’re having a casual baby shower, set up a cornhole-style game where players throw yellow bean bags (pollen) into holes on a board decorated like a flower or hive.

5. Bee Bingo: Play baby bee bingo for using these cards where guests can win bee-themed prizes.

PRO PARTY TIP: This set makes a really cute bee party giveaway!

6. Create a Bee Mobile: Not really a game, but a cute bee-themed activity for a baby shower. Set up a craft station where guests can create elements of a bee-themed mobile for the baby’s nursery. Use a DIY mobile kit like this and provide materials for making small bees, flowers, and hives to hang from the mobile.

Bee Cake Ideas For Bee Themed Parties different pictures of bee cakes for bee showers

What To Serve At A Bee Themed Baby Shower

Bee Baby Shower Food Ideas

  1. Mini Honey Mustard Sandwiches: Prepare small sandwiches using honey mustard as a spread with ham, turkey, or chicken to keep the theme. YOU CAN ALSO USE HONEY MUSTARD ON THESE SLIDERS
  2. Honeycomb Cheese Platter: Arrange a selection of cheeses and crackers on a platter in the shape of a bee and serve it with fresh honey and honey comb.
  3. Buzz-worthy Veggie Tray: Create a veggie tray with cherry tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, and carrots served with a honey yogurt dip.
  4. Bee-stinger Poppers: Serve jalapeño poppers as “Bee-stingers” for a spicy treat that gives a little zing.
Bee Baby Shower Cake Idea - different images of bee cakes for bee baby showers or bee parties

Bee Baby Shower Desserts

  1. Beehive Cake: A tiered beehive cake makes a beautiful centerpiece for your main table or baby shower dessert table. Decorate with edible sugar bees and edible flowers.
  2. Beehive Cupcakes: Decorate cupcakes by topping each with a tiny edible bee like this.
  3. Honeycomb Treats: Use cereal to make honeycomb-shaped treats bound together with honey-flavored marshmallow cream.
  4. Honey Lemon Tarts: Small lemon tarts with a hint of honey offer a refreshing and tangy sweet treat.
  5. Bumblebee Macarons: Yellow and black striped macarons filled with a light honey-infused cream.
  6. Honey Dip Fruit Platter: Serve an array of fresh fruit slices with a honey-infused yogurt or cream cheese dip. Don’t forget to place a real piece of honey and honeycomb on the platter that guests can spread on crusty piece of bread!
  7. Honey-Themed Buffet: Offer various types of honey for tasting. Include honeycomb pieces, and pair with cheeses and fresh bread.
  8. Pollen Puffs: Serve cheese puffs or yellow macarons labeled as “Pollen Puffs” for a fun, themed treat. Or, make a macaron beehive (see pic!).
  9. Flower Brownies: Stick with the flower theme and make brownies with edible flowers! GET THE BROWNIE RECIPE HERE
31 BEE BABY SHOWER IDEAS FOR MOM TO BEE PARTY - text over pictures of baby shower bee theme food and baby shower decorations

Bee Themed Drinks For Baby Showers

  1. Honey Sweetened Iced Tea: A refreshing beverage option sweetened naturally with honey. I LOVE this beehive drink dispenser for tea or fruit waters!
  2. Sun Tea: Make a big batch of sun tea and let each guest sweeten their drink with local honey.
  3. Bumblebee Smoothie: Blend up a mango and banana smoothie, using a touch of honey for sweetness, garnished with a stripe of activated charcoal to add the black stripes.
  4. Nectar Drinks: Offer a selection of “nectar” juices, like orange, apple, and lemonade, served in mason jars with edible flowers as garnish.
  5. Fruit Waters: You can never go wrong with these fruit and veggie waters at a party. Garnish with edible flowers .



I hope you have fun with these bee baby shower theme ideas!

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