33 Easy Teddy Bear Picnic Party Ideas

Fun teddy bear picnic party ideas for cute birthday parties for kids, creative spring kids activities outside, or outdoor summer party ideas for family and friends. Great fall activity for preschool and up, too!

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Creative And Fun Teddy Bear Picnic Party Ideas For Kids

Whether you use these for teddy bear’s birthday picnic ideas, a fun preschool bear party, or to celebrate Teddy Bear Picnic Day in July, you’ll find fun party ideas on this party list! So you get your favorite bear loving kids together to celebrate their furry friends with a fun picnic!

How do you host a teddy bear picnic?

  1. Pick the Perfect Place: Choose a fun location like a park, backyard, or even your living room if weather isn’t ideal or you get rained out. A teddy bear picnic can be as simple or elaborate as you want!
  2. Set the Scene: Spread a cozy blanket, decorate with a picnic themed bunting banner, and arrange seating for kids and their bears.
  3. Make Beary Fun Food: Pack a picnic basket with easy-to-eat finger foods like sandwiches cut into bear shapes, teddy bear graham crackers and yogurt dipping sauce, gummy bear treats, fruits & vegetables cut into a bear shape, and bear-y special kid drinks or juice.
  4. Plan Bear-Themed Games: Plan fun and simple games like Pin the Honeycomb on the Bear, Teddy Bear Scavenger Hunt, Teddy Bear Parade, or Musical Teddy Bears (musical chairs with your stuffed animals). SEE THE FULL LIST OF BEAR GAME IDEAS BELOW.
  5. Bear Story Time: Curl up together and read a heartwarming story about teddy bears or picnics, encouraging participation and imagination.
  6. Capture the Memories: Take pictures of the children and their teddy bears enjoying their picnic or set up a selfie station for bear pictures.
  7. Craft Corner: Set up a designated area with bear-themed crafts.
  8. Favor Fun: If you’re making this a party with guests, make small treats or goodie bags filled with teddy bear-themed items like bear stickers and mini stuffed animals.

Don’t miss the full list of picnic bear tips and tricks below!

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What day is the teddy bear picnic?

Did you know that there’s a designated Teddy Bear Picnic Day? Teddy Bear Picnic Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated on July 10th every year. It’s a day dedicated to spending time outdoors with kids and their beloved teddy bears.

How cute is that?

However, you don’t have to wait until July 10 for teddy bear picnics! You can have a picnic with teddy bears any time of year (even a rainy day activity with an indoor picnic or bear birthday party)!

Creative Teddy Bear Picnic Party Names For Invitations

  • Bear Bonanza Bash
  • Bear Necessities Picnic
  • Teddy Bear Picnic Paw-rade
  • Teddy Tales Picnic
  • Furry Friends Fiesta
  • Bear Hug Picnic Party
  • Cuddly Critter Carnival
  • Teddy Bear Jubilee
  • Fluffy Friends Frolic
  • Paw-some Picnic Palooza
  • Teddy Bear Wonderland
  • Beary Bliss Bash
  • Teddy Bear Tea Party
  • Picnic with Paws
  • Teddy Bear Picnic Parade
  • Snugglefest Spectacular
  • Teddy Bear Picnic Playdate
  • Bear-y Special Picnic
  • Fluffy Fiesta Frolics

How To Host A Teddy Bear Picnic Your Kids Will Talk About For Years!

One of the best parts about these teddy bear picnic party ideas is that they won’t bust the budget! A bear party picnic is a frugal party idea and packs a lot of fun into kids’ activities without spending a lot of money!

Food For Teddy Bear Picnic Party - different images of teddy bear picnic party food ideas

What do you serve at a teddy bear picnic?

Fun Teddy Bear Picnic Food Ideas:

  • Teddy Bear Sandwiches: Make sandwiches in the shape of teddy bears using bear cookie cutters like this to cut the bread and meat.
  • Bear Track Cupcakes: Use store-bought cupcakes with vanilla icing. Push a chocolate cookie into the top and use three brown M&Ms or black jelly beans for the toes.
  • Bear Paw Cookies: Bake cookies shaped like bear paws with these cool (realistic!) cookie cutters.
  • Fruit Kabobs: Thread strawberries, grapes, and other fruits onto skewers to create fruit kabobs and serve it with an easy fruit dip drizzled with honey.
  • Honey Sandwiches: Serve honey sandwiches (or peanut butter and honey or Nutella and honey) or honey-themed treats in honor of bears’ love for honey. Make the sandwiches open-faced and use fruit to make a bear face on sandwiches.
  • Bear-Shaped Cheese and Vegetables: Use a bear-shaped cookie cutter to cut cheese slices and vegetables.
  • Teddy Bear Cupcakes: Decorate cupcakes with teddy bear faces using icing and edible decorations.
  • Bear Trail Mix: Create a DIY trail mix station with various nuts, dried fruits, and chocolate chips. Let kids make their own custom bags of trail mix for party snacks on or take home as a party favor.
  • Bear-y Punch: Serve a refreshing fruit punch, sparkling apple cider, or berry lemonade in bear-themed cups. (I love these that look like honey bears and, bonus! They have lids and straws!)
  • Bear Snacks: Add in other bear-themed snacks like gummy bears and Teddy Grahams.

PRO PARTY TIP: Don’t forget to have extra cups and dishes for the teddy bears! This will be important for kids!

Bear Picnic Games And Bear-Themed Kids Activities

  • Teddy Bear Parade: Have a teddy bear parade where kids can march around with their favorite teddy bears.
  • Teddy Bear Picnic Storytime: Gather the kids for a storytelling session featuring teddy bear-themed books.
  • Bear Hunt: Hide small teddy bears like this or bear-themed items around the party area for a scavenger hunt.
  • Teddy Bear Crafts: Set up a crafting station where kids can decorate their own teddy bear ears, masks, or color teddy bear coloring pages.
  • Musical Teddy Bears: Play musical chairs but with teddy bears instead of chairs. When the music stops, kids must find a teddy bear to hug.
  • Bear Picnic Photo Booth: Set up a photo booth with bear-themed props like ears, noses, and paws for kids to dress up and take memorable pictures with their bear friends.

PRO PARTY TIP: Get a giant teddy bear like this for fun photo ops! You can even give it away as a party prize at the end of the picnic party!

Bear Picnic Party Decorations

Bear picnic party decorations are really easy because it’s mostly centered around the picnic blankets, picnic basket, and teddy bears.

  • Picnic Blankets: Use waterproof picnic blankets like this (bonus points because they easily roll up and are easy to transport!) to spread around the picnic area.
  • Themed Signage: Create cute signs or banners with messages like “Welcome to the Teddy Bear Picnic,” “Stuffins’ Picnic Place,” or even your child’s bear’s name (like “Welcome To BooBoo’s Bear Party.) You can use poster boards, fabric, or even these cute write-on banners. (We use those for everything!)
  • Picnic Basket: What’s a great picnic without a picnic basket? I love this old-school picnic basket, but if you need more room (and want convenience), try this insulated cooler picnic backpack (especially if you’re walking to a place in a park).
  • Picnic Banners: Use picnic themed banners or gingham bunting to stream around the area.

PRO PARTY TIP: Skip the balloons, especially if you’re having your picnic party in a park. They’re really bad for animals if they blow away or the popped balloons get left behind.

Bear Picnics FAQs

What do you wear to a teddy bear picnic?

Most teddy bear picnics are casual and you wear the same thing that you wear to other outdoor or casual backyard bbq parties. However, if you’re unsure, ask the host! (Or, if you’re the host, put in on the invitation.)

You can have fun and have guests wear bear-themed or picnic outfits:

  • Match Your Bear: Have kids match the bear they’re bringing.
  • Teddy Bear-themed T-shirt: Choose a cute T-shirt featuring teddy bear graphics or prints.
  • Denim Overalls: Pair your teddy bear T-shirt with denim overalls for a nostalgic touch to the outfit. And, kids will still be comfortable enough for outdoor activities.
  • Bear Ears Headband: Your party costume can be as simple as wearing headband featuring fuzzy bear ears. You can even give out bear headbands like this for party favors!
  • Comfortable Shoes: Opt for comfortable canvas sneakers or shoes for your kids because they’ll be running around outside. (Leave the flip flops at home!)

Pro Party Tip: Provide Sun Protection! Don’t forget to protect kids from the sun if the picnic is outdoors by bringing extra sunscreen for parents who may have forgotten! You can also give out party favors like these cute bear sunglasses to help protect kids’ eyes.

If you’re new to this, you may be wondering what are bear picnic parties?

What is a bear picnic party?

A bear picnic party, also known as a teddy bear picnic, is a playful party theme for kids because they get to use their imagination! It’s generally for young children, but you can have a bear picnic for all ages who love teddybears. A teddy bear picnic means setting up a picnic-style meal outdoors and bringing your favorite teddy bear along for the fun. (So, don’t forget to tell guests to bring their favorite teddy bear!)

Having a bear picnic party is fun because it:

  • Encourages Imagination: Children use their creativity as they play with their teddy bears and participate in themed activities.
  • Promotes Social Interaction: Provides an opportunity for children to interact with friends and family in a fun and relaxed setting.
  • Connects Kids With Nature: Holding the picnic outdoors allows children to experience nature and get some outside time!
  • Creates Lasting Memories: Engaging activities and a unique atmosphere lead to cherished memories for children and adults alike.

Use these teddy bear picnic party ideas for a fun and engaging way to celebrate childhood (and their stuffed furry friends!), encourage creativity, and create lasting memories for children. It’s just a really wholesome and fun party theme that kids love!

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I hope you have fun with these teddy bear picnic party ideas!

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