DIY Mouthguard Football Party Game

Crazy mouthguard football party game for kids and adults! If you’re looking for super bowl party games, football themed activities, college party games, or funny football birthday party ideas, try this hilarious group game!

Mouthguard Football Party Game - kids with a football mouthguard in laughing over a football party field background

How To Play The Mouthguard Football Party Game

The mouthguard game is fun for all ages (as long as kids can read the cards!). Use it for tailgating games at tailgate parties, party games for adults, or kids’ birthday parties!

Game Summary

The purpose of the funny Mouthguard Word Game is to be the team who collects the most football-themed words before time runs out. You accomplish this by having readers describe a word while wearing a football mouthguard piece.

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Game Materials

To play the mouthguard game, you’ll need:

  • Football mouth guards for each player*
  • Timer (your phone or a game sand timer for 30 or 60 seconds)**
  • 3×5 cards with different football themed words and phrases written on them
DIY Mouth Guard Game Materials

Game Instructions

  1. Before the party, write football related words on index cards, one word per card. They can be any word or phrase that has to do with football (like football, referee, superbowl commercials, team, etc.).
  2. Divide players into teams. 
  3. Designate a timer judge who keeps the time and judges if there are any issues during the game.
  4. Give each player their own mouthguard.
  5. On the team’s turn, have the READER draw one card and silently read the word to themselves. (Don’t say it out loud!)
  6. On Go! The player puts in their mouthguard and has 60 seconds** (use your phone timer or a gamer timer) to try to describe the word with the mouthguard in without saying the word. For example, if the word is “football” the reader may say “thrown in the game.” If a teammate gets it, the READER draws another cards and describes the new word to see how many cards they can get through in 60 seconds. 
  7. When a team guesses the word on the card, that team gets to keep the card.
  8. If at any time the READER accidentally says the word on the card, the turn ends for that team and the other team has a chance to steal.
  9. If a teammate doesn’t guess a word in 60 seconds, the other team can “steal” the word if they correctly guess it.
  10. If no one guesses or steals the word card, the card goes back into the word card pile. Shuffle the cards and continue play with the next team in rotation.
  11. Play rotates back and forth between teams until all cards are used.
  12. The goal of the game is to get the most word/phrase cards. Team with most cards at the end wins!


Mouthguard Game Cards for Football Parties (GAME PLAY TIP) - note game cards with football words on an orange background

Game Play Tips

  • *IMPORTANT: Each player must have their own mouthguard. (No sharing mouth guards!) You can buy packs of sports mouthguards like these.
  • If you have mostly kids, use 60 seconds as the timer because younger players may need more time.
  • **For a large group game, use 30 seconds as the timer. This will make the game go faster with more people.
  • Don’t use marker to write the words on the cards or you may be able to see them through the back!

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We hope you have fun with the mouthguard football party game for your football themes!

DISCLOSURE: Affiliate links are used on this site. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please refer to our DISCLOSURE.

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