13 Hilarious Football Minute To Win It Games For All Ages

Football Minute To Win It games that are fun for funny super bowl party games, football themed birthday parties, tailgating party activities, and ideas for sports theme parties. Really fun group games for kids and adults!

Best Football Minute To Win It Games For Family Games text over different minute-to-win-it party games and football themed games

Best Football Minute To Win It Games To Get Everyone Laughing

Skip the football game bingo and Super Bowl trivia or boring tailgate activities this year and try these sports party minute-to-win-it game ideas instead! Our favorite list of football family fun games and football challenge games! (Great for football themed birthday parties, too!)

Fun Minute To Win It Football Themed Game Ideas

  • Football Injury Wrap Challenge
  • Foam Finger Football Flick
  • Penalty Flag Frenzy
  • Sports Concession Stand Food Challenge
  • Crazy Cone Catch Minute-To-Win-It Challenge
  • Quarterback Toss Game
  • End Zone Dash Race
  • Football Flick Frenzy Challenges
  • Helmet Hurdle Race
  • Race To The End Zone
  • Flag Football Frenzy
  • Snap And Sack Challenge
  • Hysterical Helmet Hop Challenge

GAME PLAY TIP: Details on each game below. Also, don’t miss our game supplies list after the games!

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Funny Minute To Win It Football Games And Super Bowl Party Games Activities For Groups - TEXT OVER DIFFERENT FOOTBALL PARTY GAMES AND MINUTE-TO-WIN-IT SUPER BOWL GAMES

13 Of Our Favorite Funny Football Minute To Win It Party Games For Kids and Adults

Whether you want some football party minute to win it games indoor ideas or outdoor family football game ideas, you’ll find something fun on this group games list! These are our favorite minute to winit games!

Football Injury Wrap

  • Setup: Divide players into teams of two and give them 2-3 large rolls of toilet paper or multiple rolls of gauze tape. One player is the “injured” football player and the other player is the “wrapper” to wrap the “injuries.”
  • How To Play: When the timer starts, the “wrapper” tries to completely wrap the “injured player” with toilet paper or gauze within one minute. Team who wraps all their toilet paper or gauze wins or who has the most completed when the timer hits one minute wins.
Group Games For Football Parties - adult male wrapped in toiled paper for a minute to win it football party game

Foam Finger Flick

  • Setup: Provide each player with a foam finger and a mini football. Set up a “goal post” for each player (like a bucket, bowl, mini trash can, etc.).
  • How To Play: Have each player put on a foam finger and balance a mini football on the end of the foam finger. Standing a few feet from the “goal,” players try to flick their football into the basket/bowl/bucket within one minute.

Penalty Flag Frenzy

  • Setup: Set up distance lines on the floor with masking tape or paper marking the distance. Provide players with penalty flags (see below).
  • How To Play: Players try to throw their penalty flags the farthest within one minute. (They may retrieve their flags and try to throw then longer if there’s still time.) Player who throws the farthest in 1 minute wins.

Sports Concession Stand Challenge

  • Setup: Provide different football themed snacks and concession treats on a tray that players don’t see until start of game. (One tray of the same snacks for each team of two.)
  • How to Play: Divide players into teams of two. One will be the “feeder” and other will be the “eater.” Blindfold the “eater” player. When the timer starts, the “feeder” feeds the blindfolded “eater” a snack and the “eater” tries to guess it. Team who guesses most in 1 minute wins.

Crazy Cone Catch

  • Setup: Divide players into two teams. One player is the cone holder and the other player is the football thrower.
  • How to Play: When the timer starters, the thrower tries to get as mini mini footballs into the upside down cone (where the hole is) into the teammates cone within one minute to win it.
DIY Mouth Guard Game Materials

You’ll also have fun with the DIY Football Mouth Guard Game!

Quarterback Toss

  • Setup: Set up a target (like a trash can, bucket, or hoola hoop).
  • How to Play: Players have one minute to throw as many mini footballs as possible into the target. Player with the most in the 1 minute challenge wins the game.

End Zone Dash

  • Setup: Mark two end zones on either side of a room or in the yard. Place footballs (or mini footballs) at one end.
  • How to Play: Players (or teams) have one minute to back and forth between the end zones, collecting and running the footballs back to the other “end zone” in 1 minute.
  • Players or teams who retrieve the most in one minute wins the game.

Football Flick Frenzy

  • Setup: Create a tabletop football field with mini goals at each end. (You can make them with straws or even use masking tape to tape off an area on the table.) Fold mini paper footballs.
  • How to Play: Players use their fingers to flick a paper football (or mini footballs) into the opponent’s goal within one minute.
  • Player who gets the most through the goal posts in 1 minute wins.


Helmet Hurdles

  • Setup: Arrange football helmets or mini helmets in an obstacle course.
  • How to Play: Players must jump over the helmet hurdles and get around the football obstacle course within one minute to win.

Race To The End Zone

  • Setup: Provide each player with spoons and mini footballs.
  • How to Play: Players must balance footballs on spoons and race to the end zone without dropping them. Player who gets the most footballs into the end zone within one minute wins

Flag Football Frenzy

  • Setup: Attach football flags to players’ belts or stick them into the top of their pants.
  • How to Play: Players try to grab as many opponents’ flags as possible within one minute to win.

Stack And Snap Challenge

  • Setup: Provide players with a stack of cups (like Solo cups) and mini footballs.
  • How to Play: On go, players must quickly stack their cups into a tall pyramid on one end of the table, run around to the other end, and then try to knock them down from the other end of the table in 1 minute. Player who knocks down most cups in a minute wins the game.

Helmet Hop

  • Setup: Provide players with football helmets and a designated hopping area. (PARTY TIP: Great if you can take this outdoors to the yard or have a large basement space.)
  • How to Play: Players must place the football helmets between their knees and hop to the finish line without dropping the helmet. If they drop, they have to start over over at the beginning. First person to reach the finish line within one minute wins.
  • GAME PLAY TIP: You can also play this with footballs instead of helmets.

Football Minute To Win It Game Supplies

PARTY TIP: Football Game Supply Recommendations

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football themed party ideas - different football party foods on a party table

We hope you have fun with these football Minute To Win It games! Let us know your favorites!

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