Galentines Games For Fun Friend Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

Fun list of Galentines Games for a girlfriend Valentine’s Day Party or Palentine’s Party for a best friends party! Hilariously fun Valentine’s Day games for adults and ideas for a Valentines girls night in with your closest friends!

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9 Best Galentines Day Games To Play With Girlfriends On VDay

If you’re planning a Galentines this year (or a No Bros Party), add these to your Galentines activities and Valentine’s Day games! (You can even use many of these for a virtual Valentine’s Day party!)

Creative Galentine’s Day Party Game Ideas That Aren’t Tired

  1. BFF Match The Besties Game Printables
  2. Boy Bash Bingo
  3. Valentine Themed Saran Wrap Ball Game
  4. Never Have I Ever Valentine’s Day Version
  5. Galentine’s Day Photo Scavenger Hunt
  6. Say No To Romance Photo Treasure Hunt
  7. Valentine’s Day Spin The Nail Polish Game
  8. Galentine’s Day Trivia Games
  9. Valentine’s Day Sticky Note Game

Galentine’s Day Celebration Note: Get the full game instructions and how to play Galentine’s Games below! Tons of fun ideas for a Galentine’s Day dinner party, GNO, or fun girls night in on February 13th or February 14th!

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How To Play Valentine’s Day Games For Galentine’s Parties

These are fun Galentine’s Day party games and party ideas everyone will love!

BFF Bestie Match

Print out individual pictures of famous besties and make your own game cards.

GAME TIP: Use one person per picture. You can glue them on sturdy cardstock paper.

Mix them up, and tape them to a big whiteboard or piece of cardboard. (We use glue dots because it’s easy to remove them and restick them.)

Set a timer for 2 minutes.

Each friend takes turns trying to match the besties. The first person to match them all correctly in 2 minutes wins a bestie trophy or bestie favor prize.

(Start over with turns until someone gets all of them correct.)

Boy Bash Bingo

Make custom bingo cards for sappy romantic movies. And then cue up your favorite romantic movies. (Romantic Hallmark movies or any sappy “chick flick” movies are perfect for this!)

Check off the items that you see while watching the movie.

First one to call “Boy Bash Bingo!” wins a prize.

Include Bingo Squares Like:

  1. Leading Man Gives a Lame Excuse
  2. Awkward Meet-Cute Moment
  3. Leading Man Hates Woman When First Meeting
  4. Unexpected Rainfall During a Romantic Scene
  5. Montage of Smiling and Laughing Together
  6. Mention of True Love or Soulmates
  7. Character Delivers a Cheesy Pick-up Line
  8. Romantic Gesture Involving Food (e.g., chocolates, cupcakes)
  9. Main Characters Have a Misunderstanding
  10. Love Triangle Drama Unfolds
  11. Cliché Romantic Setting (e.g., Candlelit Dinner, Beach Sunset)
  12. Magical Coincidence Brings Characters Together
  13. One of the Characters Has a Quirky Best Friend
  14. Impromptu Dance Scene
  15. Main Characters Share a First Kiss
  16. Character Receives or Writes a Love Letter
  17. Slow-Motion Running Towards Each Other
  18. Declaration of Love in a Public Place
  19. Use of Slow-Motion Hug
  20. Flashback to Childhood Sweethearts
  21. Awkward Love Confession
  22. Main Characters Lock Eyes Across the Room
  23. Cheesy Romantic Music Montage
  24. Unexpected, Over-the-Top Romantic Gesture (e.g., Serenade, Hot Air Balloon Ride)
  25. Someone Gives Relationship Advice

GALENTINE’S DAY GAMES TIP: Be sure to make several Bingo cards with the items mixed up so that all the cards are different.

Galentine’s Day Trivia

Create a trivia game with questions about friendship, famous female friendships, romantic comedies, Valentine’s Day fun facts, etc.

Break into teams and see who can answer the most questions for a fun prize.

81 Never Have I Ever Questions For Valentines Day Party Games text over a group of adult friends under a Valentine's heart banner laughing and playing a Valentine game

Never Have I Ever Valentine’s Day Version

A Valentine’s Day version of Never Have I Ever can add a fun and entertaining activity for your Galentine’s Day or anti-Valentine’s Day celebration!

If you’ve never played, players making statements about experiences they have never had. Then, the other players take a sip or a shot when they HAVE done the thing.

The play goes around group and you can play as long as you want.

Most people play this as a drinking game, but you can play it with mocktails, too.

If you have a group of lady friends that don’t know each other well, this is a great ice breaker game to get everyone relaxed and laughing with their new gal pals!


Galentine’s Day Photo Scavenger Hunt

Each person looks through their phone and see if they can find the photo that fits the scavenger hunt list.

Guests vote on pictures. One with most votes wins.

Ideas For A Galentines Game Phone Photo Hunt:

  • Messiest hair
  • Best no make-up selfie
  • Romantic sweet treat
  • Best red Taylor lip
  • Red and pink decorations (of any kind)
  • Heart shaped anything
Valentines Day Games For Adults and Teens text over girl holding a paper broken heart with hearts on a blue background

Say No To Romance Photo Treasure Hunt

Heading out on the town for Valentine’s Day with girlfriends?

Have a funny phone treasure hunt with an anti-romantic theme (or anti-relationship theme).

Get Full Game Instructions And Ideas for a Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt With Friends

Valentine’s Day Spin The Nail Polish Game

Do a Valentine’s Day themed spin the nail polish game where you spin the nail polish and follow the directions on the board for painting a friend’s nail (or toenail!).

Learn How To Play The Nail Polish Game

Valentine Themed Saran Wrap Ball Game

This is a popular game for parties that you’ve probably seen or played before.

Most people play the plastic wrap ball game for the Christmas holidays, but we’ve played it for different party themes and it would make a great Valentine’s Day party game for adults!

Wrap Valentine theme items (heart shaped chocolate, pink fuzzy socks, red nail polish, pink face masks / sleep masks, etc.) in a plastic wrap ball and then players take turns trying to unwrap the ball before the time runs out. All the prizes that they unwrap during their turn they get to keep!


Funny Valentine’s Day Sticky Note Game

The sticky note story game, also called the post it note story game, sticky note scramble, or the sticky note collaboration game, is a hilarious party game that can easily be adapted for Galentine’s Day.

Start the story with a Valentine’s Day theme. Then, make a rule that every part of the story that someone adds has to have something to do with Valentine’s Day.

It’s hilarious to read the story at the end, especially if you have dirty minds in your group for a funny adult party game!

This is one of my favorite fun games for any party!


ALSO LEARN HOW TO HOST A GALENTINES DAY PARTY – get all the tips and tricks for how do you host a Galentine’s Day party!

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Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Galentine’s Day!

We hope you have fun with these Galentine’s Day games and have an epic Galentine’s Day gathering!

Let us know your favorite Galentines Games and we’ll add them to our list of fun party games!

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