Fun Spring Cleaning Party Ideas (How To Have A House Cleaning Party With Your Kids)

A spring cleaning party is a great way declutter for spring and have fun! Add this fun cleaning spring party theme to your effective cleaning and organizing ideas this year. Great way to celebrate springtime!

How To Have A Spring Cleaning Party

Family Spring Cleaning Party Theme

I know what you’re thinking: A house cleaning party? Pa-lease. My family will NEVER go for it. But you can actually have FUN cleaning your house, decluttering, and reducing the chaos with these spring cleaning ideas.

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How do you make spring cleaning fun?

To host a spring cleaning event:

  • Create a fun house cleaning party invitation attached to rubber cleaning gloves or another funny cleaning supply item.
  • Let kids decorate their own cleaning bucket or cleaning caddy with stickers, markers, etc. before the party day.
  • Play fun spring cleaning games and give away spring cleaning gifts and prizes.
  • Have a spring clean dance party while cleaning.
  • Team up for common areas and keep scores on whiteboards while competing on different tasks. Give prizes at the end!
  • Give each person a cleaning basket party favor with fun and funny cleaning items.
  • Award ribbons to each person or team who wins specific tasks.
  • Have a post cleaning party at a favorite pizza place, park, ice cream parlor, etc. to celebrate hard work and a clean house!

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If you’ve never heard of a clean party, you may be wondering what is the house cleaning party meaning…

What is house cleaning party?

A cleaning party is trending party where friends and family get together to declutter and clean a house. There are usually special spring cleaning activities. It’s a fun way to tackle spring cleaning and organizing!

Fun Games to Get Your Children Involved in Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Activities Ideas For Kids

These are great for spring cleaning preschool activities and up!

Fun Cleaning Games To Get Your Kids Involved In Springtime Cleaning:

  • Play dust bunny skating rink. Have kids wear these, turn up the music, and let them dust all the floors.
  • Have a toy decluttering race. Sort into boxes labeled: keep, donate, trash. When time ends, shut the donate and trash boxes and immediately take them to the garage or car. Race to put the KEEP toys back where they belong.
  • Play color sort your sock drawer. Set a timer and have them match socks and put them back in the drawer in specific color order.
  • Have a dance party. Play loud music while cleaning. Have dance challenges for breaks.
  • Play Find My Stuff. Give each kid a laundry basket, box, or bucket. On GO! kids race to see who can find most of their things that they left around the house instead of putting away. (Not including their own room.) Person who finds the most items to put away wins. Then, do a Part 2 of the game and race to put items away.
  • Play Weirdest Item. At the end of the day of cleaning, each person gets to put a “weirdest thing I found during cleaning” item up for voting. Each person votes (not for their own!) and then give a prize for weirdest thing found.
  • Have a cleaning treasure hunt. Give each child a list of scavenger hunt items to find in their room while cleaning. The first child to clean their room and find all the treasure hunt items wins a special prize.
  • Roll a chore. Assign numbers to specific tasks. Each child gets to roll a big foam dice to determine what they clean, organize, or declutter.
What Is a Spring Cleaning Party

Here’s how to throw a family spring cleaning party and how do you make spring cleaning fun for kids…

How To Do A Spring Clean Party With Your Family

How do you make cleaning fun for adults and kids?

Have a short cleaning for spring family meeting.

Give gives a brief spring cleaning 101 where you give everyone a spring clean up description and discuss what does spring cleaning consist of for your family.

Prepare everyone a few days ahead of time.

Talk it up in fun ways. (Tell them about the competition, prizes, after cleaning party, etc.!)

Don’t try to tackle too much!

Decide if you’re decluttering or cleaning (or both), but don’t try to do everything in one day.

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Get everyone involved in the planning.

As the family for ideas on how to start spring cleaning your home.

Ask the kids to come up with fun and unique ideas about how to make cleaning more enjoyable for everyone.

Have everyone vote on fun spring cleaning party names for the event.

Come up with a spring cleaning checklist.

Everyone should get a list of their spring cleaning projects.

Ask kids what they think needs to be cleaned out the most and then let them work on it! (Kids are more likely to be involved if they think it’s their idea.)

If you’re having a cleaning party with younger kids, use REBUS pictures to help them understand what they need to do or partner them up with older kids.

Create a new cleaning tools bucket for everyone.

Give everyone a cleaning party favor like a mop bucket with a handle or cleaning caddy like this filled with fun cleaning items like:

How To Create A Fun Cleaning Bucket:

Not only will this help them carry around all their cleaning supplies during the spring cleaning event, but they can have their own cleaning supplies whenever they need to clean!

Set a timer and keep things moving quickly.

Segment spring cleaning tasks.

For example, “Task 1 is to clean out under the bed. You have 30 minutes. GO!”

You don’t want your cleaning party to last forever, so giving everyone a time limit can help keep the motivation going and things move quickly so there’s less time for whining or getting bored.

Make it competitive!

Divide the common spaces (living room, kitchen, etc.) into sections and have teams compete to see who can finish their area first.

Assign points to each task. For example,

Keep a leaderboard on a whiteboard so everyone can see who is ahead.

Offer a reward, such as an extra hour of free time on devices or a special treat for the winner(s).

Keep it fun!

Turn up music that kids and adults love and encourage everyone to sing and dance while they work.

Joke around.


Take breaks, but keep them short. (Set a timer for breaks!)

Sometimes it’s hard to get going again after you rest for a while.

Have a post-party celebration.

After all of your hard work, treat everyone to something special like a pizza party or trip to get ice cream (or something else that your family really enjoys!).


Happy spring cleaning!

Have fun at your spring cleaning party!

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