Fun Ideas For Winter Solstice Parties To Celebrate The Shortest Day Of The Year

Winter solstice parties are great for gathering everyone for a December party. We’ll cover what do you serve at a winter solstice party, tips for hosting a winter solstice party, and more! Definitely add this to your winter parties ideas!

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How To Throw The Best Winter Solstice Parties (Fun Winter Solstice Party Theme)

Party rituals for winter solstice (or shortest day of year party) — they even work for winter solstice birthday party ideas! Fun winter solstice activities for adults and kids (and even for great parties in winter anytime)!

What do you do at a winter solstice party?

Things to do for winter solstice parties:

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  • Have an outdoor bonfire / winter solstice fire to emphasize the theme of light and dark.
  • Burn Yule logs in your fireplace.
  • Make a winter solstice soup recipe over the fire.
  • Bake bread from scratch with your family and share it with friends and family members.
  • Make and share a family meal / winter solstice feast, especially made with recipes passed down from ancestors.
  • Decorate the party space with festive decorations like pinecones, evergreen branches, candles, winter berries, and ribbons.
  • Light paper lanterns.
  • Create handmade ornaments of sun, moon, and stars and give them as traditional winter solstice gifts.
  • Hang candles (or twinkle lights) and homemade ornaments on an outdoor Yule tree. (Beautiful winter solstice outdoor decorations!)
  • Make orange pomanders. (These make great winter solstice gift ideas, too!)
  • Make an edible garland and hang it in the tree for animals.
  • Dip wax candles or make beeswax ornaments like this as a winter solstice craft.
  • Make an evergreen Yule wreath (a community Yule wreath that everyone works on).
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  • Have a pitch in for food for winter solstice party.
  • Spend the evening by the light of candles.
  • Make ice lanterns.
  • Create evergreen and winter berry crowns to wear.
  • Go on an evening winter solstice hike by the light of the moon (aka: solstice stroll).
  • Make a solstice spiral outdoors with nature finds to honor symbols of winter solstice.
  • Use sparklers to light up the evening.
  • Play winter solstice party games by candlelight. (Winter solstice games can be any family game you love!)
  • Make handmade nature gifts to exchange with friends and family.
  • Make handmade crafts for winter solstice.
  • Tell stories passed down through families around a fire or candles.
  • Make a winter solstice playlist of magical and relaxing songs.
  • Write a winter solstice blessing poem or read poems aloud around the fire.
  • Watch the sunset.
  • Set intentions and goals for the upcoming year.
  • Be intentional and stay present in the moment celebrating with family and friends.
  • Allow quiet time for reflection and meditation.
  • Create a new winter solstice tradition that you do with your family and friends each year for how to celebrate solstice!

See the full list of winter solstice celebration ideas (aka: yule party ideas) and traditions of winter solstice below. KEEP SCROLLING for winter solstice party food / winter solstice dinner menu ideas and winter solstice party decorations!

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If you’re not familiar, you may be wondering what is a solstice party?

What is a winter solstice party?

A winter solstice party is a festive gathering to celebrate and acknowledge the year’s longest night (aka: the year’s shortest day). The event typically lasts from sunset on December 21st to sunrise on December 22nd, although some people may celebrate for several days before and after the solstice.

Many people think of winter solstice as pagan. Anyone can celebrate solstice!

It is especially important for people who like to acknowledge the connection between humans and nature and the changing of the seasons.

Some people have specific rituals for winter solstice that they perform each year.

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What To Wear To A Winter Solstice Party

Your winter solstice party outfit should be comfortable and warm. Many wear sweaters and scarves, while others honor the colors of Yule and may wear a white solstice dress and evergreen crowns.

Check with the solstice party host about winter solstice costumes or specific winter solstice party attire and take their lead on how to dress for the party.

Everyone has a little different idea about a winter solstice themed party or winter solstice celebration traditions, so don’t be embarrassed to ask!

Check with the party host on how to honor winter solstice.

What To Bring To Winter Solstice Party

The best thing to bring to a winter solstice party is a winter-themed recipe or dish to share. Or, you can make a small handmade gift (like a sun or moon ornament) to give to each party guest.

If you’re unsure, it’s best to check with the winter solstice party host!

Fun Summer Solstice Party Idea Have A Solstice Wishing Ceremony With This Magic Wish Paper cover of purple wish paper package


Send up solstice wishes using this magic wish paper for a fun party in winter activity!

(Fun for how to celebrate winter solstice for all ages!) It’s one of my favorite solstice ceremony ideas!

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So, how do you do a solstice party? Here’s what to do on winter solstice, including winter solstice recipes to make…

How do you throw a solstice party?

Here are solstice theme party ideas to add to your winter parties!

Let’s start with winter solstice theme recipes ideas…

What do you eat for a winter solstice party?

Your winter solstice dinner can be anything you like, but it is usually filled with homemade comfort foods and baked goods that stay consistent with what is available for winter season.

Here are some ideas for winter solstice food and drink (and even things you can make for appetizers for winter solstice party).

Serve your dinner for solstice family style around a candlelit table or by the bonfire outside with these winter solstice dinner ideas!

Here’s what to do in the winter solstice for food…

What is a traditional winter solstice meal?

Wheat Berry Salad with text over the image
  • Freshly baked rolls or fried biscuits
  • Yule log cake (must-have for winter solstice dessert recipes!)
  • Fresh baked cookies / winter solstice cookies with nuts and berries
  • Winter solstice cake
  • Nuts (nuts and berries are great winter solstice snacks!)
  • Winter Berries (like cranberries)
  • Dates
  • Figs
  • Homemade hot chocolate
  • Mulled cider
  • Wassail
  • S’mores to go with a bonfire
How to make campfire smores for winter solstice - two hands making smores in front of a campfire

There really are no rules for your winter solstice menu or for winter solstice meals.

Have a pitch-in and have everyone bring a favorite recipe passed down through generations!


Make winter solstice soup over a bonfire outdoors and then serve all your winter solstice meal ideas outside near the fire.

(Have blankets and scarves and gloves available, too!)

Let us know what you make for your winter solstice party menu and traditional winter solstice celebration foods and we’ll add it to our list!

Solstice in winter makes fun winter dinner party ideas or fun winter food themes!

winter solstice party ideas (winter solstice decor) hand with sun solstice craft with paper moon in it on a table with candles and evergreen limbs

Winter Solstice Decorations

Decorating for winter solstice (aka: yule decorations) should be most all-natural decorations and even things you collected from nature. Use solstice theme colors in browns, evergreen greens, and also Yule colors of  white, green, red, gold, and silver to help celebrate wintertime!

Winter solstice ideas for easy DIY winter solstice decorations:

Let us know your solstice party ideas winter decorations / winter solstice decor and other winter solstice party ideas so we can add them to our list!

Solstice is perfect for party ideas for the winter! Whether you’re looking for solstice traditions or want a more modern solstice party, we hope these help answer what to do for winter solstice.

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Have fun with these winter solstice parties tips and winter party theme ideas!

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