Thanksgiving Sleepover Ideas

Need Thanksgiving sleepover ideas for after your Thanksgiving party with family and friends? We have fun family Thanksgiving games, outdoor activities for Thanksgiving, and more fun ideas for your Thanksgiving holiday sleepover guests of all ages!

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Best Thanksgiving Sleepover Ideas

If you’re wondering how do you make a family Thanksgiving fun, a holiday pajama party is a great idea! We’ve included our best sleepover Thanksgiving ideas and tips!

How to Have a Thanksgiving Sleepover

Tips for the Best Sleepover on Thanksgiving:

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  • Remind everyone to bring their own pillow and sleeping bag/blanket.
  • Try to give everyone their own space to retreat to or relax in.
  • Plan Thanksgiving games and activities for all ages — from toddlers to adults — to make your your Thanksgiving get-together more memorable and fun.
  • Give out little favor packs to the guests with fuzzy holiday socks, toothbrush and toothpaste, glow sticks or mini flashlights, etc.
  • Have a relax room with quiet music and dim lights or area with a movie or football game for people who just want to chill or are feeling overstimulated.
  • Invite everyone to change into their pajamas or relaxed clothes after Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Head outside for some outdoor Thanksgiving activities (and help kids run off all that dessert sugar!).
  • Have everyone write in a holiday journal their favorite part of the day (and add to it every holiday each year!).
  • Make it the ultimate sleepover for the kids with a teepee tent sleepover or one room where they can build a fort or spread out their sleeping bags.
  • Plan some late night sleepover snacks or pull out the Thanksgiving leftovers later for those night owls who like to stay up.
  • Make an easy breakfast for the morning after, like a crockpot breakfast casserole and hot chocolate bar.

(See our full holiday slumber party ideas and things to do at sleepovers below!)


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What are some fun Thanksgiving games?

If you have fun at your Turkey Day party, add some hilarious thanksgiving games! These are Thanksgiving games for kids and adults!

Fun Thanksgiving Games To Play:

Fun Thanksgiving Games For High School Students, Teens, and Tweens

Your older kids and high schoolers are probably going to be the hardest to entertain at your party sleepover, which means you need some creative Thanksgiving sleepover ideas and activities.

Things for Tweens and Teens To Do At Thanksgiving:

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If you need Thanksgiving activities for preschoolers, younger kids, and toddlers, try these:

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What are your favorite Thanksgiving activities for families and Thanksgiving sleepover ideas?

DISCLOSURE: Affiliate links are used on this site. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please refer to our DISCLOSURE.

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