20 Best Friendsgiving Games

Fun Friendsgiving games and Thanksgiving activities. Funny Thanksgiving games to enjoy at your Friend-giving celebration for adults and kids!

Hilarious Thanksgiving Friendsgiving Games For Friendgiving Parties text over different pictures of Thanksgiving themed games for a Friendsgiving party

Hilarious DIY Friendsgiving Games and Activities

What games can you play at a Friendsgiving?

  • Cranberry Catch
  • Baster Relay Race
  • Friendsgiving Trivia
  • Thanksgiving Friend Feud (Like Family Feud)
  • Bob For Apples
  • Thanksgiving Charades
  • Pumpkin Bowling
  • Turkey Trot Relay Race
  • Apple On A String
  • Friendsgiving Party Chopped
  • Bottle Cap Turkey Shoot

Keep scrolling for all the group Friendsgiving games and how to play the games! (Hilarious Thanksgiving games everyone will love for kids and adults!)

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What To Do At A Friendsgiving Party

Fun list of Friendsgiving game ideas — fun for Friendsgiving games for adults and kids!

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Friendsgiving Trivia

How to Play: Create a list of trivia questions about your friends and about past Friendsgiving gatherings or parties.

Divide into teams or play individually.

The person or team with the most correct answers wins.


Thanksgiving Charades

How to Play: Write down Thanksgiving-related words or phrases on slips of paper.

Players take turns acting out the word or phrase without speaking, while others guess what it is.

Turkey Trot Relay Race

How to Play: Set up a relay race with turkey-themed obstacles like balancing a plastic turkey on a spoon, waddling like a turkey, tossing stuffing into a pot, or cranberry catch.

(The sillier the ideas, the better!)

Divide into teams and race against the clock.

Don’t forget to give fun turkey trophies or medals!

Thanksgiving Friend Feud (Family Feud)

If you have a big group, you can play the friend version of Thanksgiving Family Feud!

Divide the group into two teams, and designate one person from each team as the team captain.

Prepare a list of Thanksgiving-themed survey questions or statements.

Compete in answering them as teams.


Hilarious Thanksgiving Games For Groups And Friendsgiving Ideas - text over jellied cranberry sauce from a can

Cranberry Catch

How to Play: Set up a target or a series of targets or baskets and have guests toss cranberries to see who can score the most points.

Or, for a fun messy Friendsgiving game (backyard Friendsgiving games), give everyone Friendsgiving shirts to cover their clothes and then pair off.

One person tries to throw canned cranberry sauce (take it out of the can!) while the other person catches it in their hands or a bucket.

Baster Relay Race

Set up a relay race where players carry a turkey baster full of water and try to fill a container (like a turkey pan) at the other end without spilling it.

The first team to fill their turkey pan and return it to the “oven” (a designated spot) without spilling wins a prize.

PRO PARTY TIP: Grab a set of cheap turkey basters like this.

Apple Bobbing Games for Kids (Including Apple Bobbing Alternatives) - text over bobbing for apples pictures

Apple Bobbing

How to Play: Fill individual containers with water and apples.

Players try to grab an apple using only their mouths, without using their hands.



Chopped: Friendsgiving Game Edition

Organize a Chopped-style cooking competition where guests use funny and weird mystery ingredients to create unique (and edible!) Friendsgiving dishes.

Have a panel of judges to taste and score the creations.


Thanksgiving Saran Wrap Ball Game - hand playing the plastic wrap ball game shaped like a pumpkin ball

Thanksgiving Unwrap Ball Game

The Saran Wrap Ball game is usually played at Christmas, but we’ve had a lot of fun playing the hilarious plastic wrap ball game for different events and holidays.

This is one of the most requested group games every time we have a party.

Make it a Thanksgiving themed plastic wrap game by wrapping the complete ball in orange tissue paper to look like a pumpkin. (I just taped a rolled up piece of green construction paper to the top to look like a pumpkin stem!)

Have fun!


Friend Thanksgiving Board Game Night

If you have a group of game lovers (like our friend group!), host a Friendsgiving board game night!

Have different game tables where every 30 minutes to an hour people change tables and play different games and with different people.

Try these fun games for Friendsgiving ideas:

Thanksgiving Bingo

How to Play: Create Bingo cards with Thanksgiving-themed words or images.

Give out prizes for different Bingos.

Get Thanksgiving BINGO cards here

Pumpkin Pie in the Face Game

How to Play: Fill a paper plate or pie plate with whipped cream.

Take turns passing the paper plate around the table

Guests take turns answering easy trivia questions. If they get it wrong, they get a “pie” in the face.

The last person left without a pie in the face wins.

This Pie Face Game has also been a big hit at our parties!

Pumpkin Bowling

How to Play: Set up a bowling alley using small pumpkins as bowling balls and water bottles as pins.

Then, “bowl” with them!

MORE PUMPKIN FUN IDEA: Fun Games Using Pumpkins

Guess the Thanksgiving Dish Mystery Food Game

How to Play: Blindfold guests and have them taste a series of dishes, then guess what it is.

Award points for correct guesses and then prizes to winners.

Friendsgiving Puzzle Competition

Provide a selection of Thanksgiving-themed jigsaw puzzles, and see which team can complete theirs the fastest.

Give prizes to the winners.

At the end, glue the puzzles and have everyone sign them so you can frame them each year.


Friendsgiving Scavenger Hunt

How to Play: Create a list of Thanksgiving themed items and fun hints for people to find the items.

Divide the guests into teams.

First team to find the scavenger hunt items wins a good prize!

You can also do a fun “What’s On Your Phone?” scavenger hunt where party goers have to find a list of things on their phone pictures to wine.

Bottle Cap Turkey Shoot

How to Play: Attach funny turkeys to different (individual) pieces of paper or cardboard.

Guests take turns flicking bottle caps or wine corks to knock down the target.

Person who knocks down the most wins.

Pin the Feather on the Turkey

How to Play: Blindfolded players attempt to pin a feather on the turkey’s tail.

Use a fun turkey poster and some feathers with tape attached.

Turkey Trot Dance-Off

How to Play: Have a dance-off to see who can do the best turkey trot, fun dance moves, or make the best TikTok video.

This is fun if you’re having a Friendsgiving with adults and kids.

Host a Food-Themed Murder Mystery

Want a Friendsgiving themed party? Host a food-themed murder mystery game like this.

Have everyone dress up in character and provide foods based around the theme.

Keep The Laid-Back Friendsgiving Party Going!

Simple and Fun Friendsgiving Ideas:

  1. Make a Potluck Feast
  2. Have a Gratitude Circle
  3. Host a Thanksgiving Movie Marathon
  4. Have a DIY Pumpkin Decorating Station
  5. Host a Thanksgiving Game Night
  6. Have Fun With Thanksgiving Karaoke
  7. Have a Recipe Swap
  8. Talk A Walk Down Friendsgiving Memory Lane


Before you go, try this friend party for a great FRIENDSGIVING DINNER PARTY IDEA!

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Happy Friendsgiving! Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy these fun & easy Friendsgiving game ideas! Let us know if there are other activities to try at Friendsgiving.

Let us know if you have favorite Friendsgiving games for Thanksgiving!

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