37 Top Creative Promposal Ideas For Teen Proms

Best promposal ideas this year! Whether you’re looking for fun ways to ask a girl to prom / how to ask a guy to prom, how to ask your friends to go to prom with you, or even funny promposals, you’ll find something on this fun prom invitation list and trendy cute asks to prom for the big dance for high schoolers!

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Unique Promposal Ideas To Make Them Say Yes To Prom Night Asks!

Trendy & Popular Promposals For Prom Season (Top Promposal Idea List)

Instagram Story Countdown: Create a series of Instagram stories with a countdown leading up to the promposal. Build anticipation and reveal the promposal on the final story.

Customized Sneaker Proposal: Design a pair of custom sneakers with a promposal message and gift them the shoes in a stylish sneaker box.

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Virtual Reality Adventure: Create a virtual reality experience that takes them on an adventure, with the final destination being the promposal.

TikTok Duet Proposal: Film a TikTok duet with a popular sound, lip-syncing to a catchy song and incorporating the promposal message in a creative way.

Car Parade Proposal: Organize a car parade with friends and family, each car decorated with promposal signs, and your car at the end asking the question.

Virtual Band Serenade: Coordinate with a favorite local band to perform a virtual serenade, playing a song that leads into the promposal. (Or, you can always do the John Cusack old-school hold the boom box up outside their window with their favorite song playing. Look it up.)

Stargazing Proposal: Have a stargazing experience with fairy lights and cozy blankets, and reveal the promposal under the stars with glow in the dark stars on a blanket.

Social Media Meme-filled Invitation: Create a meme poster of popular memes with captions that all have some form of a prom invitation.

Customized Spotify Playlist: Create a playlist with songs that represent your relationship or friendship or with their favorite songs, and include a final track that pops the promposal question or cute message.

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Funny Promposal Ideas (Hilarious Prom Invitations)

And, OK, a little cheesy, too. We couldn’t help ourselves…

Pizza My Heart: Send a pizza with a note saying, “I know this is cheesy, but will you go to prom with me?” I love this silly pizza promposal, especially for a pizza lover. (You can even do a donut promposal which a “Don’t leave a hole in my heart. Go to prom with me?” attached to a box of donut holes.)

Gum Wrapper Proposal: Make a custom gum wrapper that says, “I ‘chews’ you to be my prom date. Will you stick with me?”

Lip Balm Proposal: Create a custom lip balm label with a message like, “Will you be the balm to my prom?”

Dino-Mite Proposal: Use toy dinosaurs and say, “Our love (friendship, whatever) is dino-mite! Say yes to prom?”

Waffle-y Cute Proposal: Give them a box of waffles with a note saying, “I’d be waffle-y happy if you went to prom with me!” (I think this is such one of the best cute promposal ideas!)

Funny Fortune Cookie: Slip a custom fortune into a fortune cookie saying, “Your fortune: Prom with me would be epic!”

Hilarious Banana Promposal Message: Write the promposal on a banana, saying, “I find you a-peeling. Will you go to prom with me?”

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Friend Promposal Ideas

Sweet Treat Nerds Candy Proposal: Attach a message saying, “We may be ‘Nerds,’ but let’s have a ‘smart’ time at prom together!” (I love this one for friends going to homecoming together and works as easy last-minute promposal ideas, too.)

Scavenger Hunt: Create a scavenger hunt leading to various locations around the school, each with a clue, and the final clue leading to you with a promposal sign. (I think this is a cute idea for any prom ask and a unique way to do promposals!)

Bookworm Proposal: Slip a note into their favorite book asking, “Prom Chapter: Will You Be My Date?”

Inside Joke Poster: Design a poster filled with inside jokes and favorite photos of memories and experiences you’ve shared, ending with the question, “Wanna make more memories at prom together?” (This is another of my favorite prom proposal for a best friend! Such a fun idea!)

Chalk Art Proposal: Show off your artistic skills and decorate their driveway or sidewalk with colorful chalk art, including the promposal message. (Secretly get their parents permission first!)

Mad Libs Proposal: Create a personalized mad libs sheet with humorous prompts, and have the final reveal be the promposal.

Girlfriend Promposal Ideas

Post-it Note Proposal: Cover their locker, car, room door, etc. with colorful post-it notes, with each of the sticky notes with a reason why they should say yes to prom.

Candlelit Path: Use LED candles to create a path leading to a sign that says, “Light up my night and go to prom with me?”

Coffee Cup Message: Have a barista write “Prom?” on their coffee cup when you take them out for their favorite coffee place.

T-shirt Message: Have custom T-shirts made for both of you, with your shirt revealing the promposal when you take off a jacket or sweater.

Star Naming Proposal: “Name” a star after her and present her with a certificate, saying, “Now that there’s a star named after you, will you shine bright at the prom with me?”

Boyfriend Promposal Ideas

Puzzle Piece Proposal: Give them a short puzzle with a piece missing. When they say a piece is missing tell them, “You’re the missing piece to my prom puzzle.”

Fishy Business Proposal: Attach a note to a bag of Goldfish crackers saying, “Of all the fish in the sea, you’re the one for me. Wanna swim to prom with me?”

Glow-in-the-Dark Proposal: Use glow-in-the-dark paint to write the promposal on a poster board and leave it in their room or attach it to their window.

Photo Collage Invitation: Create a photo collage of your favorite memories together and include a note saying, “More memories await at prom. Wanna go?”

Message on His Mirror: Write a sweet message on his bathroom mirror with removable markers asking him to prom.

Candy Bar Proposal: Attach candy bars to a poster and say, “You’re so sweet I want to go to prom with you!”

Group Promposals

Zoom Surprise Proposal: Organize a virtual event on Zoom with friends, and surprise them with the promposal during the call.

Escape Room Kit Proposal: Create a DIY escape room kit with clues and puzzles leading to the final question, making the promposal an engaging experience.

DIY Friendship Bracelet: Make friendship bracelets that say, “Prom Posse” and give it to them as a surprise with your invitation to prom.

Candy Buffet Invitation: Invite everyone over and have a mini candy buffet with favorite sweets with a sign saying, “Let’s have a sweet time at prom together!”

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Promposal Questions And About Asking Someone To Prom

Should I do a promposal?

You don’t necessarily have to do a promposal and make it a big deal. Whether you do a promposal (or just a plain ask to prom) will depend on factors like the dynamics of your relationship, personal preferences, school culture (and if almost everyone else is doing it), and your own personal style and preference. Grand gesture prom invitations can be a daunting task. Don’t do it if it doesn’t feel comfortable!

PROM TIP: If your potential date is talking a lot about other promposals, that might be a clue to do one from them! They may want a fun or romantic gesture like this!

What should a promposal include?

A promposal can be as creative or unique as you want it to be and it’s completely up to you. Here are some ideas of what a promposal might include for a special person, friend, or group.

How do you make a promposal special?

  1. Personalization: Tailor the promposal to the interests, hobbies, and preferences of the person you’re asking. A personalized touch shows thoughtfulness.
  2. Clear Invitation: Ensure that the invitation to prom is clear and unmistakable. Use phrases like “Will you go to prom with me?”
  3. Creative Presentation: Consider incorporating creativity into your promposal. The more creative you can be the more exciting the prom invitation may be!
  4. Humor or Wit: If appropriate for your relationship, add a touch of humor or wit to make the promposal lighthearted and enjoyable.
  5. Surprise Element: Include an element of surprise to make the moment memorable. This could be unexpected, like incorporating a surprise location or a unique twist when they’re least expecting it.
  6. Incorporate Shared Memories: If you have shared memories or inside jokes, consider incorporating them into the promposal. It adds a sentimental and meaningful touch.
  7. Respectful and Considerate: Ensure that your promposal is respectful and considerate of the other person’s feelings. Avoid anything that could make them uncomfortable or embarrass them. (A public promposal or over-the-top grand gesture may not be something your potential date appreciates!)
  8. Capture the Moment: If possible, capture the moment on camera or video. This way, you both have a keepsake to remember the special occasion.
  9. Timing: Choose an appropriate time and place for the promposal. Consider the other person’s schedule and make sure it aligns with their comfort level. Sometimes a private and simple promposal wins out over a big statement.
  10. Customization: Customize the promposal to fit the overall vibe and atmosphere you want and with something that will make your potential date realize you put time and thought into it.


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Have fun at prom!

Let us know if there are any cute ways to ask dates to prom or fun ways that we left off our prom ideas list!

Good luck! We hope you enjoy these fun promposal ideas!

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