Sleepover Games

Fun Things To Do At A Teenage Sleepover

fun things to do at a teenage sleepover diverse group of teen girls laughing at a slumber party

Need fun things to do at a teenage sleepover? Includes fun sleepover ideas, teen sleepover themes, fun games at sleepovers — including what to do at a high school sleepover to make fun party memories and keep teens from getting bored! If you’re wondering what do 15 year olds do … READ MORE

Fun Plastic Wrap Ball Game for Parties All Year!

dad unwrapping plastic wrap ball game with a child in his lap at a party

The plastic wrap ball game, also called the Saran Wrap game or Cling Wrap ball, it’s super fun for sleepover party game ideas, easy holiday party games, icebreaker for parties, or when you need small or large group party games for all ages! This is a great alternative to the … READ MORE