13 Simple Taylor Swift Party Food Ideas Based On Songs

Need Taylor Swift party food Ideas and Swifties inspired snacks for a theme party? Whether you’re having a teen Swift birthday party, throwing a fun pop star sleepover theme, or need foods for a listening party, you’ll love these themed foods, party drinks mocktails, and Taylor themed snacks! Great for Swiftie themed birthday parties and more!

Taylor Swift Party Food Ideas Based On Songs Swifties Snacks - text over a pink and blue background with seagulls outlined in background and an outline of a pink pop singer

13 Swifties Snacks For Taylor Swift Inspired Parties

FUN PARTY FAVOR: Grab these candy bracelets for Swifties inspired friendship bracelets to exchange (and eat!) at your Taylor Swift party!

"Shake It Off" Milkshake Bar for Taylor Swift party food - picture of a strawberry milkshake on a table

“Shake It Off” Milkshake Bar

Inspired by: “I shake it off, I shake it off.”

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Offer milkshake bar with various flavors (like this awesome strawberry milkshake) and different fun toppings so guests can shake up their own delicious concoctions.

Taylor Swift Party Look What You Made Me Do Spicy Revenge Chili Cups - chili in mini bowls on a table next to cornbread

“Look What You Made Me Do” Spicy Revenge Chili Cups

Inspired by: Look What You Made Me Do

Elevate spicy “revenge” chili by using mini chili cups or mini bread bowls with a spoon and cracker garnish.

Or, offer up a chili bar with different toppings.

Swifties Party Red Velvet Cupcakes - text over red velvet cupcakes with white icing on a table

“Red” Velvet Cupcakes

Inspired by: “Red”

Classic red velvet cupcakes topped with luxurious cream cheese frosting and red sprinkles are easy party foods for the song “Red.”

PRO PARTY TIP: Use Swiftie-inspired decorations like this on top of your cupcakes.

Swifties Style Sparkling Soda Bar - 3 different sparkling fruit waters drinks on a table at a Taylor Swift party theme

“Style” Sparkling Soda Bar

Inspired by: “Style”

A soda bar where guests can mix their own stylish drinks with different syrups, fruits, and sparkling water.

Provide things like stylish cups, fun straws, and fruit garnishes.


Bad Blood Swiftie Mocktails For Taylor Swift Party - non-alcoholic drinks Bloody Mary drinks sitting on a party table outdoors

“Bad Blood” Bloody Mary Mocktails

Inspired by: “Bad Blood”

A non-alcoholic version of the classic Bloody Mary, spiced up just right for those who love a bit of drama and want to shake off some bad blood.

        “Shake It Off” Popcorn Shakers

        Inspired by: “Shake It Off”

        Have a popcorn bar with individual popcorn bags that guests can “shake” with a variety of seasonings like this.

        PRO PARTY TIP: These popcorn containers are always a huge hit at our parties! (Plus, they’re reusable! You can just wash them and reuse them again at other parties!)

        Swiftie Bye-Bye Berry Lemonade For We're Never Getting Back Together Taylor Swift party - raspberry lemonade party drink sitting on table

        Bye-Bye Berry Lemonade

        Inspired By: “We Are Never Getting Back Together”

        Make these fizzy raspberry lemonades and call them Bye Bye Berry drinks.

        “The Archer” Sharp Shooter Sliders

        Inspired by: “The Archer”

        Try these mini ham sliders and call them Sharp Shooter Sliders as a nod to Swift’s The Archer.

        PARTY TIP: You can also call these “Single And Satisfied Sliders” based on “We Are Never Getting Back Together.”


        “We Are Never Getting Back Together” Break-Up Bites

        Inspired By: “We Are Never Getting Back Together”

        Use your favorite mini appetizer bites like mini bruschetta, these fiesta rollups, or even mini eclairs and call them “break up bites.”

        “Fearless” Fizz Cocktails

        Inspired by: “Fearless”

        A selection of fizzy, sparkling mocktails with fun and weird beverage flavorings that encourage everyone to be fearless in their flavor choices.

        Taylor Swift Theme Party Food Ideas Swifties Snacks outline of a popstar cutout with text over it

        “Anti-Hero” Hero Sandwiches

        Inspired by: “Anti-Hero”

        Serve up a traditional Hero sandwich with sandwich picks like this with “Anti Hero” written on them.

        Cardigan” Cocoa

        Inspired by: “Cardigan”

        Serve homemade hot chocolate as warm and comforting as everyone’s favorite cardigan.

        Offer up a fun cocoa toppings board with sprinkles, marshmallows, cookies and more to top off your warm drinks.

        How To Arrange The Ice Cream Toppings For A Sundae Party different sundae bar toppings on a table arranged around a tray of ice cream cartons sitting in ice

          “Cruel Summer” Ice Cream Sundaes

          Inspired by: “It’s a cruel summer with you.”

          A cool treat for a themed Swiftie summer party, let guests build their own ice cream sundaes with a variety of toppings and call them Cruel Summer Sundaes.


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          Mean Girls Themed Food Ideas And Mean Girls Drinks Ideas different images of pink foods for Mean Girl themed parties

          I hope you enjoy these Taylor Swift song inspired party foods and Swftie snacks, desserts, and party drinks!

              DISCLOSURE: Affiliate links are used on this site. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please refer to our DISCLOSURE.

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