Child Sleepovers

Best Sleepunder Party Tips [Alternatives To Sleepovers For Kids]

Sleepunder Party cartoon kids walking holding sleepover party items like pillows and party bags

A sleepunder party, sometimes called a daytime sleepover party, faux sleepover, half sleepover, or un-slumber party, is just like any slumber party events, except no actual sleeping over happens. (It’s a no-slumber party!) If you’re looking for ideas for 8 year old sleep under party (or sleepover ideas for younger … READ MORE

Fun Christmas Tree Campout Ideas

Christmas tree campout with blankets pillows and popcorn for a Christmas sleepover party

A Christmas tree campout is one of the most fun holiday family activities! Make it a new addition to your list of holiday traditions, Christmas sleepover ideas, or even a fun winter slumber party. If you’re wondering how to make Christmas magical, this is one of those ways! How To … READ MORE